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The Pas de Calais, about 100 miles (160Km) to the north-east.

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What would have happened if Adolf Hitler had been assassinated?

He would have been dead

Who would win in a fight adolf Hitler or Chuck Norris?

Adolf Hitler

What if Adolf Hitler had been killed during World War 1?

The Holocaust would have never happened.

Who would Adolf Hitler like to meet?

AnswerAdolf Hitler would want to meet someone who also had the experience of being a dictator. If it was the time when Hitler was still a dictator, he would seek advice from other on how to improve his German reign.AnswerAdolf Hitler did know his contemporary dictators, Joseph Stalin and Benito Mussolini. His interest in them was not to learn from them but to enhance his knowledge of how to gain advantage.Since Adolf Hitler became a megalomaniac, I believe he would be interested in people who would admire and praise him. Since I don't know of anyone who does, I am not able to name anyone specific.

What did Adolf Hitler do on D day?

adolf Hitler killed himself so the American troops would not come after him

If Dahak is fake is his child Adolf Hitler also fake?

If Dahak, who is a fictional character, did indeed have a child called Adolf Hitler, then yes, Adolf Hitler would have been fake, but since Dahak is fake and never had a child called Adolf Hitler, Adolf Hitler could not be fake, since Adolf Hitler really existed, therefore the only conclusion that can be drawn is that Dahak is a fictional character which does not exist in real life, but Adolf Hitler is not Dahak's child and therefore Adolf Hitler existed and is not fake.

A German war time leader named adolf?

That would be Adolf Hitler.

How do you use Adolf Hitler?

Hitler was a person who is now dead and was responsible for the extermination of many Jewish people. You can not and I do not see why you would want to use Adolf Hitler.

What happened before the holocuast?

adolf hitler ordered that special laws would apply to them then they got picked up to get killed boohooo

How would you assess Adolf Hitler?

Their is many ways you could assess Adolf Hitler. You could assess Adolf Hitler by getting some info about him like:His behaviorWhat he done and How he do itWhat He's known forHis ChildhoodHis ancestors and see if anything in the family tree line is linked to Adolf Hitler.This is only the main parts, you can go more in to depth such as : How he rised to power in early 1930s, His life before 1920, People Hitler liked/supported.You can go proper in to depth to assess Adolf Hitler.Once you got the information you would sum it all up and weigh about what is true fact and what is not. Also, you could include a bit of your personal opinion about Adolf Hitler.Note: Look at both sides of Adolf Hitler, the people who liked him, the German people in 20th Century and members from both SS and Nazis, also people still believe in Adolf Hitler. then you can see how everyone else see Adolf Hitler. This is crucial to weigh about the Bias in the assess.

What did Adolf Hitler do in his childhood?

Adolf Hitler always wanted to become an artist. when he was young he tried to publish his work, but the institute would not let him.

What country did Adolf Hitler represent?

At the time of his peak, Adolf Hitler would have been seen as a representative of Germany(though he was Austrian by birth).

Who would win in a fight adolf Hitler or goku?

Hitler is scum, so defiantly not him.

How old would adolf Hitler be in 2012?

Adolf Hitler would be 123 years old since he was born on 1889. So subtract 2012-1889 and it gives you 123

What circumstances at this time would eventually lead many Germans to support Adolf Hitler?

What circumstances at this time would evevntually lead many Germans to support adolf Hitler?

How old is Adolf Hitler?

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 and died on April 30, 1945. Adolf Hitler would have been 56 years old at the time of death or 126 years old today.

Where would one be able to see videos of Adolf Hitler?

There are many places where one can see videos of Adolf Hitler, the German Nazi dictator. One can see videos of Adolf Hitler at popular on the web sources such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Why Adolf Adolph Hitler sucide?

so he would not get captured

Who would win in a fight adolf Hitler or vegeta?


Why did Hitler believe that Britain must be defeated?

Adolf Hitler knew that Britain was a strong and formidable enemy. He also knew that they would stand in the way of his power, and therefore went to war against them.

How old would Adolf Hitler be if he was not dead?

He would be 121 years old.

What war did Adolf Hitler cause?

Most would say that Adolf Hitler causes WW2 as he invaded Poland and broke various parts of the Treaty of Versailles.

What if Adolf Hitler died at the start of World War 2?

If Hitler would of died in the begining of WW2 then all the suffering, torture, and concentration probably wouldn't have happened. It also wouldn't even excist.

How old is Adolf Hitler today?

If Hitler was alive he would be 121 years old

What connection did Adolf Hitler have with the Holocaust?

he started the holocaust, from the idea that Jews were to blame for the hardships that germany was going through.