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After playing 6 years with the Boston Red Sox, and 15 years with the New York Yankees, Babe Ruth retired from playing baseball after playing for the Boston Braves in 1935.

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Babe Ruth retired at about the age of forty.

Babe Ruth retired from playing Major League Baseball in 1935 after playing a short season with the Boston Braves.

Babe Ruth played his last game on May 30, 1935

He was getting older and was not playing very well anymore.

Babe Ruth wanted to retire. All of his fans where upset so they asked him questions and stuff like that. So, Babe Ruth gave his speech to say goodbye to his fans and fellow Yankees players.

He's called Babe Ruth because Babe stands for rookies and Ruth was his last name.

"The Babe" Babe Ruth was born George Herman Ruth.

Bambino is Italian for baby, as in Babe, Babe Ruth.

yes babe Ruth was real

George Herman Ruth (a.k.a. Babe Ruth)

Babe Ruth was born in Baltimore, Maryland.

Babe Ruth was a baseball star.

As a player, he retired in 1935.Babe Ruth played his last game on May 30, 1935 after playing 28 games for the Boston Braves. In June of 1938 Babe Ruth took a coaching job with the Brooklyn Dodgers. This was the last job he had in Major League Baseball.

Click on the 'Babe Ruth Photos' link below to go to the Babe Ruth website and see photos of him.

Babe Ruth 'The Babe'Babe Ruth was born George Herman Ruth. Some of his nicknames while he was playing baseball included The Bambino, The Sultan Of Swat, and The Babe, which is the origin of the name Babe Ruth. First called "Babe" by his teammates on the Baltimore Orioles, his first professional team because of his youth.

Babe Ruth was a baseball player.

Babe Ruth played baseball

Babe Ruth has two girls

babe Ruth was related to cal ripken

Babe Ruth died of Cancer.

Babe Ruth did not attend college

Babe Ruth never played for the Orioles

babe ruth was a cristian he followed god

No, Babe Ruth never served in the military.

no babe Ruth played baseball