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From A Market Or A Shop, Where Else Would She Get It...Mongoo xxx

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Which is the healthiest butter to buy?

Olivio Spreadable Butter with Canola & Olive Oil is the healthiest butter to buy.

Why does the butter taste better in the restaurant than what you buy at the store?

Personally I belive it is psychological. When at a restaraunt, your taste buds are probably perked awaiting food and your taste becomes more acute. That or the restaraunt uses a better brand of butter.

What do you do after eating rancid butter?

Go buy fresh butter

Where can you buy veggie butter?

Butter is made from the cream of mammalian milk. There is no such thing as "veggie" butter.

What is better for you peanuts or peanut butter?

Peanuts are better than peanut butter because peanut butter has sugar added to it, but it you can buy a healthier version without the sugar and palm oil and all of the hydrogenated oils. Try to look on the ingredient list and see if there is anything other than peanuts and salt in there. If not that is the healthiest version.

What do Italians buy?

they only buy butter... and only on the weekends.

Can you buy kosher butter?

Yes, there are several brands of butter that are certified kosher.

How do you get butter?

you go to the store and buy it...

How much does 4 tablespoons of butter cost?

You cant buy tablespoons of butter lol

Where can you buy cocoa butter in Chicago?

You can buy cocoa butter in Chicago at Walgreens. You can also purchase it at other drugs stores and retail stores.

Can you buy peanut butter in Chile?

no you can't

Where can you buy individual portions of butter?


Can you buy berty and Betty costumes?

no you can't impossible, so no

Can you buy you a peanut butter cookie?

Yes, you can buy them at most supermarkets and bakeries.

Can you buy clarified butter at a supermarket?

Yes you can, but in most supermarkets it will be called Ghee, or Pure Butter Ghee, this is the Indian name for clarrified butter.

Where can you buy butter brickle ice cream?

Where can I get butter brickle ice cream in martinsburg wv usa

Can you buy jars of the peanut butter used to make Reese's peanut butter cups?

supriseingly yes!!!

What is peanut butter?

Ground peanuts that are made into a paste. Salt is also added to peanut butter. You can also buy sweet peanut butter if you prefer that.

Can you buy butter on harvest moon tree of tranquility?


Can you still buy Cadbury rum and butter bar?


Where to buy butter flavor shortening?

grocery stores :)

Where can you buy kraft peanut butter in the UK?


Where can you buy Betty Crocker fluffy white frosting?

at target or albertsons

Where can you buy Betty Spaghetti doll toys?

How about a toy shop or ebay.

Where can you buy butter stick type?

Most USA grocers will sell butter by the stick. In the UK, a US stick of butter is 113 grams, or 8 tablespoons.

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