Where did Chopin study music?

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This renowned pianist and professor at the Warsaw Conservatory gave Chopin valuable (although irregular) lessons in playing organ (music), and possibly piano. From 1823 to 1826, Chopin attended the Warsaw Lyceum, where his father was a professor. In the autumn of 1826, Chopin began studying music theory, figured bass, and composition with the composer Józef Elsner (b. 1769 in Silesia) at the Warsaw Conservatory.

Who did Frederic Chopin write his music for?

I believe that he wrote it for his country and for the things he saw around him. Musicians take what they have in their environment and they use it as a means of inspiration.

Did Frederic Chopin teach music?

no coz he didnt have time well i dont really know actually so i dont know if this is true ask him he he

Why is Chopins music hard to learn?

It can be very complex music to learn. Practice, practice and practice lots more is the key to learning his music. After you are done practicing, then practice some more - som

Chopin Music for horn and Piano?

There are no Chopin's works originally written for horn and piano. There are some transcriptions as well as pieces using an horn in orchestral part (piano concertos and other

What forms of piano music did Chopin write?

Chopin was the composer who brought the piano one step higher. His compositions were highly deviated from the galant style. Among his compositions are: nocturnes, preludes, wa
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How did Frederic Chopin influence future music?

He deviated his music from the classical galant style. His music were with free flowing melodies with strict accompaniment. Elastic tempi (rubato) was highly used in his music
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Was Frederick Chopins family musical?

Yes, his father played the violin and flute, his mother sang and played the piano a bit and his sisters played the piano. Frederick Chopin's sister Ludvika taught Frederick ho
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What style of music did Chopin prefer?

There were not as many genres of music in Chopin's time as there is today, or should I say that there weren't many styles of music by today's methods of classification. Such s