Where did Chopper Reid shoot criminal Siam Ozerkam whom Read allegedly killed?

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BoJangles nightclub in st kilda suburb of Melbourne
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What Is a Chopper?

A Chopper can be any of several items: . A cutting instrument used by a butcher . A stone tool for butchering . A heavy axe . A type of motorcycle that has been modified with a long frontfork and low rear end. . A slang term for a helicopter. . An AK-47 (by extension any machie gun) . A devi ( Full Answer )

With whom did Hitler kill himself?

In 1945 Hitler married his long-time companion, Eva Braun, in his Berlin bunker, and then committed suicide. Along with him, Eva Braun also comitted suicide.

Who was killed in kent state shooting?

The four students killed were: Jeffrey Miller Allison Krause William Schroeder Sandra Scheuer Wounded were: Joseph Lewis John Cleary Thomas Grace Alan Canfora Dean Kahler Douglas Wrentmore James Russell Robert Stamp Donald MacKenzie For the best eye witness accounts ( Full Answer )

Whom did Macbeth kill?

He kills... -King Duncan -Banquo -Macduff's family and in act 5 Macbeth fights young siward and eventually kills him..

Whom did Okonkwo kill?

Okonkwo kills 5 warriors while in war with other villages. He later kills his 'adopted' son, Ikemefuna. He accidentally kills Ekeudu's son at Ekeudu's funeral. Near the end of the book, he kills a messenger who demanded the village stop their meeting. Finally, he kills himself.

How many crimes did chopper read committed?

Quoted from Mark Brandon 'Chopper' Read's official site: "Killed 19, hurt many, caused much property damage - I have never hurt any innocent characters. This should be remembered." Source: http://www.chopperread.com/

How many criminals did Hitler kill?

Don't know for sure but I read once in a article about him from the archives of a very famous historian that he in order to establish law and order during his rule did have criminals killed by the SS and Gestapo for even the slightest of crimes and that too without any proper judicial trials.

If you shoot a criminal do you go to jail?

Depending on the law in your country/state/province. . I would say in my opinion that you would not go to jail if you could prove your did it in self defense. . Also, this depends on what type of weapon you shot the person with. You could get in trouble for a illegal firearm.

Criminal Minds who does dr reid date?

Spencer Reid has dated many through out the show. (it's usually Morgan who pushes him to do it) Even though he's never had a serious relationship, he has dated a movie star and random girl he met at the bar (and saved from a rapist). But Reid suprises girls with his cool magic tricks which add charm ( Full Answer )

Why was Julius Caesar killed and by whom?

Julius Caesar was killed because people thought he was too obsessed with himself. He was killed by 60 senatorial conspirators including: Decimus Brutus, Tillius Cimber, and many many others. He finally died after being stabbed 23 times. :)

Whom does Antigone kill?

Herself is whom Antigone kills. She respects a divine law that's contradicted by a recent royal law. The punishment is death. Antigone is supposed to die from Thebans hitting her with large stones. But her uncle, Theban King Creon, commutes the sentence. He has his own niece, and future daughter-i ( Full Answer )

How did OJ Simpson allegedly kill his wife?

I believe that before I read that "Simpson" stabbed them. Not 100% sure, but that is what I believe it to be. Later, he said that he killed her out of self defence.

Is Spencer reid from criminal minds gay?

Spencer was originally envisioned as bisexual by his creator. Thenetwork, however, refused to allow it. He has, thus far, only showninterest in women. That does not entirely eliminate the posibilityfor him to also be interested in men.

Whom does Oedipus learn that he will kill?

His father is the person whom subsequent Theban King Oedipus learns that he'll kill. He thinks that his father is King Polybus of Corinth. But unbeknownst to him, the Corinthian monarch is his foster father. In reaction to the horrendous prophecy, Oedipus runs away from home. He thinks that Thebes ( Full Answer )

Whom did Lord Krishna kill?

Krishna kill Demons like putana disguised as a wet nurse send by kansa for krishna life.

How many Jews were killed by shooting?

About 1 million were shot by the Einsatzgruppen, but this was discontinued because it was obviously inefficient and was having a negative effect on the morale of the soldiers.

What episodes of Criminal Minds are Reid or Prentiss in danger?

Prentiss isn't in danger quite as often as Reid... Season 4, Episode 3, "Minimal Loss" Reid and Prentiss are held hostage while going undercover. Season 6, Episode 12, "Corazon" Reid is held at gunpoint for a mere few minutes. Season 4, Episode 24, "Amplification" Reid is infected with anthrax. ( Full Answer )

How many people did Al Capone allegedly kill?

Al Capone was never convicted of killing anyone. He is alleged tohave ordered the Valentine's Day Massacre, where 7 rival gangsterswere gunned down, as well as being implicated in 2 or 3 otherChicago "Hits". It is said that Capone was planning this for a very long time.

Is Mark Brandon Chopper Read Jewish?

No, Mark Brandon Read was not Jewish, although he had a close friend who he had grown up with and spent his teenage years with by the name of 'Dave the Jew', his identity to this day is still unknown as Read feels that he does not want to reveal his identity due to his friends involvement in unresol ( Full Answer )

Why does dr Spencer reid use a cane on criminal minds?

Because Matthew hurt his knee during the promotion for the movie 500 Days of Summer specifically an impromptu late night dance contest with his 500 Days costars. He had to have surgery to repair the knee and was first on crutches then a cane

Did Eminem kill or shoot anyone?

I dont think anyone knows if eminem really killed anyone. He does sing about some dark stuff about death and his bad up bringing, but I really doubt he has ever killed someone! I really like eminem allot and I've never heard of him killing ANYONE! I'm not completely sure, but I really think people w ( Full Answer )

Do chopper guns kill?

Someone could potentially kill themselves or others with a chopper if they're negligent, whether you're referring to a fibreglass chopper gun, or an AK-series rifle ("chopper" is a slang term for it).

Which season of criminal minds does Spencer reid feature most in?

He shows up the most in the episode "Memorium" because it's practically based in him finding the murderer if a kid named Riley Jenkins because he was having dreams about him and it takes place in his hometown of Las Vagas, so probably season 4 because the episode before had alot to do with him too.

How old is Reid on Criminal Minds?

The characters are believed to age one year each season. Reid was 23 in the pilot, turned 24 in season 1, and by season 10(2014-2015), he is 33. Actor Matthew Gray Gubler was 25 when the series debuted inSeptember, 2005 (born March 9, 1980).

Why do criminals kill?

its because people are just mantally confused and broken for their heart and their brains. it is against the law, but they do it any ways. they do it either because it was revenge for what happened to a person they know. to kill is a disease that spreads with anger.... and whatever happens, i regret ( Full Answer )

What are all the things that happened to Spencer reid on criminal minds?

Kidnapped. Held hostage twice. Saved many lives. Kissed a girl. Beaten. Left by his father. Struck in head by object. Fell in love with actress. Hit in head by Morgan. Held at knife point. Left in a ditch by Rossi. Gave $2,000 to hooker. Bullied at school. Punched. Flirted with bartender. Scolded b ( Full Answer )

Whom will kill Blackstar?

No one know but yours truly Erin hunter the author of the magnificently written warriors series.

Can police shoot criminals?

Only if they pose an immediate danger, or sometimes if they are trying to escape.

What kind of a doctor is Spencer reid in criminal minds?

As Reid himself has stated before, he is not a medical doctor. In fact, the main reason he is introduced as "Dr. Reid" throughout the show was because Gideon feared that Spencer would not be taken seriously otherwise since he was so young at the time.

Why were criminals killed in the holocaust?

Criminals would have been killed because of their crimes, but this would have been part of the justice system, not part of the Holocaust, people were only killed for being Jewish in the Holocaust.

What type of crimes has Chopper Reid performed?

Chopper Reid has been convicted of the crimes of armed robbery, assault, arson, illegal possession of firearms, and kidnapping. While he was imprisoned for those crimes he started a jail war and caused major disturbances where he was being incarcerated .

How many victims did Chopper Read murder?

Read wrote a series of semi-autobiographical and fictional crimenovels. The 2000 film Chopper is based on his life. When he wasstill young, Read was already an accomplished street fighter andthe leader of the Surrey Road gang.He was not a serial killer. HisConviction constisted of Armed robbery, Ass ( Full Answer )

Who killed whom in Mahabharata?

In Mahabharata pandavas killed kauravas & other enemies. Alsoalmost out of 40 million total warriors 10-15 people were alive.

Whom did David kill in the Bible?

David killed goliath with a stone and a string then goliath was dead and if your a Christian you have to see this if your not please do not tell Christian that they do not pray they do pray more of this go to Mercy Cherop@aol.com