Where did Christ nailed?

It is almost certain that Christ's wrists were nailed rather than a nail hammered into the palm of his hand (as many paintings portray). This was done for three reasons: first nailing between the wristbone would be far more secure and the weight of the body could be taken more easily (if the palm was used the flesh would just tear). Secondly it was to cause loss of blood as the nail would pass through the arteries in the wrists -causing blood loss and shock. Thirdly, by passing in the vicinity of the main nerves in the wrist, nailing like this would cause excruciating pain - a caracteristic of the brutal means of execution called crucifixion.

In addition to the nails in the wrists, the legs would be turned sideways with one foot placed over the other. A single long nail would be passed through both ankles again to cause much pain.