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It is almost certain that Christ's wrists were nailed rather than a nail hammered into the palm of his hand (as many paintings portray). This was done for three reasons: first nailing between the wristbone would be far more secure and the weight of the body could be taken more easily (if the palm was used the flesh would just tear). Secondly it was to cause loss of blood as the nail would pass through the arteries in the wrists -causing blood loss and shock. Thirdly, by passing in the vicinity of the main nerves in the wrist, nailing like this would cause excruciating pain - a caracteristic of the brutal means of execution called crucifixion.

In addition to the nails in the wrists, the legs would be turned sideways with one foot placed over the other. A single long nail would be passed through both ankles again to cause much pain.
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Was Jesus Christ nailed on the wrists or palms?

One answer is that we don't know for sure. There were millions of people crucified by the Romans. Crassus lined the "Appian Way" with crucifixions for miles during one slave revolt. The idea that only one method was used in millions of different crucifixions obviously isn't likely. From archeology, ( Full Answer )

How was Christ crucified if there were no nails?

Nailing a person to a cross with a nail or spike through the wrist (then regarded as part of the hand) was in fact how this cruel punishment was performed. The Romans coined a new word from which is derived our word 'excruciating' to describe the intensity of the pain caused when the relevant nerve ( Full Answer )

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Who was Christ?

The Messiah. Jesus Christ is Lord and the maker of heaven and earth, as well as its savior through His suffering and death on the cross. Through riding from death He demonstrated the truth of what He taught and also indicated that all who believe in Him will in similar fashion have the victory ov ( Full Answer )

How is the Christ?

Christ was a socialist man: he helped other people, he was a revolutionary. And he never said to be the son of God. It is said by the Church, sometimes after. He was the first socialist, in the story.

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To have Christ in you?

to abandon all logic and reason Colossians 1:27 To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory:

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What does Christ stand for in Jesus Christ?

Christ means the "Anointed One", similar to Messiah. It is a title, not a last name (Jesus most likely would have been known as Jesus, son of Joseph). It is used uniquely in the Christian Scriptures (NT) to refer only to Jesus of Nazareth.

Who you are in Christ?

All who believe that (Yeshua) or Jesus Christ came to earth in the Flesh walked and preached the Good news of God's plan for humanity ( God's Elect) and was sacrificed, and rose from the dead on the third day will be saved and part of God's family which is the body of Christ. -Source: the Bible

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Is it Christ Jesus or Jesus Christ?

The word ' Christ ' (from the Greek: ' christos '/Hebrew: ' messiah ') is a title and means 'anointed one' (one set aside for a particular purpose), so one could say: 'the anointed one, Jesus' or 'Jesus the anointed one'...either is correct. For example: Romans 1:8 - First, I thank my God throug ( Full Answer )

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What is it after Christ?

If you are referring to dates, its: AD from Latin Anno Domini (meaning year of our Lord ). Recently it has become frequent for secular literature to substitute CE from English Common Era .

Is 1200 before Christ or after Christ?

It depends whether it is BC or AD If it was BC it was 1200 years before Christ If it was AD it was 1200 years after Christ

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What did the nails in Christ hands represent?

Jesus took our sins voluntarily upon his sinless self that we wouldbe forgiven of our sins. He took our death and our punishment forus when he was crucified. He loves us more than caring abouthimself. Love him back. Come to God, be saved if you choose. AcceptChrist into your heart as savior and repe ( Full Answer )

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What is the Christ?

"Christ" is the Greek translation of the word "Messiah" in theHebrew language (originally meaning the promised deliverer of theJewish nation prophesied in the Hebrew Bible).