Where did Christian religion begin?

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Most of the Pauline Epistles of the New Testament were written to Churches in the Hellenistic countries of Galatia, Macedonia, and Achaia. The Galatians had many large cities within their country which also have Epistles named after these cities.

This region is currently known as Turkey and Greece, but was also known as the Byzantine region, held captive by the Roman Empire during the apostles evangelism throughout the Mediterranean region.

The Hellenistic Empire or Macedonian Empire, was the Old Testament name for the region. Jews who embraced the Empire became known as Hellenistic Jews. These Hellenistic Jews translated their Semitic-Hebrew and Semitic-Aramaic canonical books into the native Koine of the Hellenistic Empire, into what is now known as the Septuagint. The Hellenistic Jews within the Jewish Orthodox Churches who converted to Christianity in this same region, were the first Orthodox Christian Churches; which canonized the Gospels and Epistles written by the Apostle to the surrounding regional Churches.

Modern revisions to Greek and Syriac became the 4th generation of translations, following the 3rd generation Koine Septuagint, 2nd generation Semitic-Hebrew/Aramaic, and 1st generation Semitic.

The 5th generation, Vetus Latina became the first acceptable Latin translation(s) until replaced by St. Jerome who developed the 6th generation Classical Latin Vulgate. No known Hellenistic Latin (Archaic Latin) translations seem to exist, with the predominant usage of Hellenistic Koine as the written language of choice.

I use the term generation loosely as each of these generations may exceed hundreds (Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek variations) if not thousands of years (Semitic variations).
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