Where did Christianity begin and where are most Christians today?

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A: The Bible tells us that Christianity began in Galilee, a Roman province in northern Palestine. The majority of active Christians today are in the Americas.
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When did Christianity begin?

Answer . Prior to Constantine, Christianity was a minor sect of Judaism. In reality, the Christianity that Constantine created was little more than a blending of the many belief systems of Europe at the time. Ancient Christianity was mostly a form of liberal Judaism, but Constantine blended Judaism ( Full Answer )

When and where did Christianity begin?

when and where did Christianity begin A. According the Word of God it started on the Day of Pentecost the Book of acts declares this in chapter 2 when the Holy ghost fell and they began to speak with tongues, they were in Jerusalem,and they were all Baptized in the Name of Jesus, and if you were ( Full Answer )

What is the role of women in Christianity today?

Genesis 3:16 Unto the woman he said,....... thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee. According to the New Testament: . 1 Corinthians 14 34-36 Let your women keep silence in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to sp ( Full Answer )

Where and when did Christianity begin?

Christianity is the act of following Christ. Jesus became 'The Christ' or anointed one when he was baptised in 29CE. His followers became known as 'Christians'. However the roots of Christianity dates back to the bible book of Genesis. In chapter 22 verse 18 it says 'And by means of your seed all na ( Full Answer )

Where are most Christians?

Brief of Religions: . Like many Christians say Muslims copied their religion, same way many Jewish says Christians copied their religion.. Out of Islam, Christianity & Judaism,. Judaism was established first, and then Christianity & then Islam.. These three religions share same God, believe in h ( Full Answer )

How does Christianity affect the world today?

Christ affects the world so much that we refer to him with time. A.D. stands for Anno Domini and B.C. stands for Before the Birth of Christ.Over 76.5 - 78.5% in America are christians.

How did Christianity begin?

Christianity began when Jesus gave his disciples what is called theGreat Commission, which says to go out into all the world andpreach the gospel (or good news) to everyone. This began to beimplemented when the obedient followers received the Holy Spirit atPentecost, as Jesus had promised. This 'Pow ( Full Answer )

Where is Christianity practicied today?

All over the world. Most of Europe (with the exception of a few Muslim areas e.g in Turkey and the Agaean area, and minority religions elsewhere), Canada and the USA, Most of South America, Australasia, most of Africa with the exception of some Muslim African states, Russia and and parts of India. H ( Full Answer )

Where are the majority of Christians found today?

Answer 1 In the United States of America Answer 2 Christianity is a worldwide religion with Christian-majoritycountries on every continent. The vast majority of Europeans, NorthAmericans, South Americans, and Australians are Christians. Thereare also sizable Christian populations in African and ( Full Answer )

When did Christians begin?

The Christian religion, named after Christ, began sometime in the early first century AD. The teachings were spread by the apostles who went forth to "teach all nations".

Relevance of christianity in the world today?

Christianity is relevant because it is the religion of many peoplein the world. Since Christianity is a major religion, many peoplebase their decision on Christian beliefs.

Where is Christianity mainly located today?

This is a very difficult question to answer as Christianity is spread right across the world. Most of North and South America, almost all of Europe, and much of Africa are not only designated 'official' Christian areas, but also contain a large proportion of the populations that are practising Chris ( Full Answer )

How many people are Christians today?

The last rough estimate I read said there are between 2.0 and 2.2 billion Christians in the World - this is about 1/3 of our current population or thereabouts.

Is It Dies Today a Christian band?

Ok so they have a lil destructive lyrics.. doesn't make them a non Christian band... I know personally a Christian band whose lyrics are kill the children of this sinner... that's strait from the Bible.. you gonna tell me that's not Christian... any how I believe they are

How did Christianity begin and when?

Before the foundations of the World were laid. Before this Earth was formed. Before Adam and Eve were placed in the Garden. Before Christ died for us. Jesus Christ was chosen to be our Saviour before the foundations of the world. It has been his eternal mission. It has no beginning or end.

When was the beginning of Christianity?

Well, depends on if you understand Christianity. God was in the thebeginning, and religion and faith started with the first man. Butthat wasn't Christianity. CHRIST IANITY began when Christ died on the cross for you. At that moment wehad the chance to be saved from eternal suffering, and withi ( Full Answer )

Is For Today a Christian band?

Just about all of their songs talk strongly about god, i stronglyrecommend them Yes, For Today is a Christian band, that plays American Metalcoremusic. They formed in Sioux City, Iowa over 10 years ago in 2005.

How vibrant is Christianity today?

Answer . Current polling and other data suggests that Christianity is growing in developing countries and in China. It is particularly vibrant in South Korea. On the other hand, it is losing ground in most of the advanced Western countries, such as in Europe. Recent statistics suggest that Christ ( Full Answer )

How was Christianity begin?

Jesus started the reformation of Judaism into Christianity but the actual institution of Christianity was not established for a few generations. About 60 AD

How did Christian Begin?

It is hard to say exactly when it began. Some Might say the Birth of Jesus Christ, others might say the Ministry of Jesus Christ, and others might say the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ. I would have to say in my own opinion. That it began with the ministry, as the disciples of Christ could ( Full Answer )

Where did Christian begin?

Though not officially known as Christianity, the teachings of Christ have been known since the time of Adam. For Adam received instruction from deity from the time he and Eve were banished from the garden of Eden. These same teaching were then given to their children. No one can say with any certain ( Full Answer )

Why Christianity begin?

Truly Christianity began in Judaism, but if you're asking why did they split up, it is because Christians believe Jesus is the Messiah, aka son of God, Jews claim that he is not.

Do many Christians live in Christianity today?

Many still lived in Christianity today.They follow the teaching of Christ,but many also although they are Christians,they act as not Christians,they are like pagans.Many of them allow abortion and immorality.It is not a Christian way of life.Christians today account more than 2 billion but few perce ( Full Answer )

Where did the beginning of Christianity?

The beginning of Christianity was in Israel at Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came on the disciples to form the Catholic Church.

Where do christians believe Jesus is today?

Jesus Christ was resurrected by God The Father on the third day after His death. He is now in Heaven seated at Right Hand of God and will return to Earth in glory.

Is there Christian martyrdom in todays society?

Since the American Revolution, the idea of freedom of religion has gradually become more popular and more widespread. Wars today are more likely to be over territory than over religion. There are some places remaining, particularly in the Middle East, where differences in religion are not tolerated ( Full Answer )

Where is the Christian religion located today?

Since Christianity is the largest religion, it is located all over the world. It is mostly in the West. But Christianity has a foothold in Asia as well.

When did Christianity beginnings?

Christianity began at the day of Pentecost, when God sent the Holy Spirit onto the believers and commissioned them to "Go unto the world and preach the good news that I have given you".

Where did Christianity begin at?

Christianity as an officil religion began in Jerusalem after Jesus had ascended and his followers began preaching the good news of the kingdom. Although they were still Jews by race, they were Christians by faith. However, these early believers were not called "Christians". "Christians" only began b ( Full Answer )

Why is Christianity not spreading today?

To some extent, the history of Christianity is to die in one area but grow in another area. Evidence of this is to be found in areas as diverse as Britain and China. In the past, both growth and decline have depended on politics and military power. These are far less relevant today, but there are ne ( Full Answer )

What Christians feel about Jesus today?

Christains do not feel any different about Jesus today than we did hundreds or thousands of years ago. We do feel that there are less and less people who believe and love Christ. The population of believers seems to get smaller and smaller as the world gets older. People now in days are more interes ( Full Answer )

What do Christians do today?

Many do what's natural to them when living. Some try to convert others to varying degrees, some don't at all. Some have become more lax on what was traditionally seen as laws set by God, to the dismay of some Christians and the delight of others of the same faith. Some go to church, some don't ( Full Answer )

When and were did Christianity begin?

1 A.D. and up. After Christ died the Jews began to believe that it Jesus wasn't "the Christ" at all. But just a powerful prophet. Christians believed that he was Jesus. So I guess you can say it began in just the Middle East, where Jesus mainly taught. ~~I know this is a sketchy answer so feel free ( Full Answer )

Why are Christians persecuted today?

A: It is part of Christian lore that Christians are persecuted andalways have been, with numerous martyrs put to death during earlyRoman times, but this is far from the truth. The greatest risk of persecution would be in North Korea, where anyChristians could expect to be persecuted by this oppres ( Full Answer )

How and why are the parables important to Christians today?

Parables are stories that make it easy for people to relate to them. This is probably the main reason why Jesus taught through a lot of parables. They capture a "moral of the story" which is conveyed to the reader in an easy to understand way. How is another question all together. Let me share wi ( Full Answer )

What does Pentecost means to Christians today?

Pentecost marks the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the twelve apostles and other followers of Jesus. When they were gathered at Pentecost, there were many different languages being spoken there, but through a miracle, at once all understood all the others in his own language. Pentecost is sometime ( Full Answer )

Do most 'christians' today ignore Jesus' teachings of discipleship?

Observation: Many ignore them; many more aren't even aware of Jesus' teachings regarding discipleship...they've been told simply to "believe" in Him. "Pop Christianity" has devolved into entertainment, not edification, and glosses over teachings about obedience to Christ, and the personal re ( Full Answer )

What is Christianities impact on the world today?

its not an impact we are just trying to help sinners see the light of Jesus crist our lord and Savior and jesus said i have come not to comdem the world but to set it free read the bible and tell all you see and know about Jesus.

Who is affected by Christianity today?

Almost everyone alive today is affected in some way by Christianity. Although in most Western societies, church attendance is often as low as five per cent, Christians usually make up more than fifty per cent of the population and are often quite vocal about their view of society, influencing non-C ( Full Answer )