Where did Christians bury their dead persecutions?

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The Christians, like many other Romans, buried their dead in the catacombs.
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When were Christians persecuted?

A: It is part of Christian lore that Christians are persecuted andalways have been, with numerous martyrs put to death during earlyRoman times, but this is far from the truth. There was occasionaland local, unofficial persecution of the early Christians of theRoman Empire, but it is estimated tha ( Full Answer )

Why were Christians persecuted?

Another answer from our community: They were persecuted by a small amount of Jewish people at thestart. Jewish people are not like that anymore, and even back thenit was only some Jews, not all. The country of England started thechurch of England when Henry the 8th wanted a divorce and couldn'tget ( Full Answer )

Why are the Chinese Christians persecuted?

Control of religion is a goal of the atheistic Communist government. Any who will not join the government- regulated Three Self Patriotic Movement or the Catholic Patriotic Association risk paying heavily in an attempt to eliminate the spread of religion.

What effect did persecutions have on Christianity?

Persecutions caused the church to expand at a phenomonal rate because everyone could see the persecutions going on. The non-Christians obviously saw that every Christian was ready TO DIE for his/her beliefs.

Who persecuted the Christians?

Nero was the first to persecute the chritians in the first century because there was a fire in rome and he blamed the christians for starting it because he did not want to be blamed for the fire when he did do it

Why do Christians get persecuted?

The specific answer would depend on the socio-political situation in any given place where persecution is taking place. The more general answer, however, is given by Christ himself. The disciple is not greater than the master, if Jesus Christ was crucified, Christians cannot expect to be treated any ( Full Answer )

How are Christians buried?

Usually in a coffin. There is no special way that a christian should be buried, the importance is in respecting the grief of their family and friends.

How where the Christians persecuted?

they were persecuted in a number of ways. crucifixion, eaten alive by wild animals, used as human torches, and many other terrible things. they were hunted down by the government to be killed.

Where did early christians meet hide and bury their dead to avoid detection and persecution?

Because of this persecution, the Christians were forced to meet in the catacombs, which were long, dark galleries under the city of Rome. There they continued their meetings, baptisms, and even burials for their dead. As a result of the persecution, many of the early Christians were scattered throug ( Full Answer )

Why are Christians persecuted?

Christians are persecuted because of their faith. They are often especially targeted by Satan when they are doing things he disapproves of, so persecution on account of your faith is recognition from your enemy.

Why do you bury the dead?

Basic reasons: Dead body doesn't have any immunity. So it generates bacteria and other germs which are harmful. Hence, for hygiene purpose, it needs some attention. Options are (a) Use body parts as we do when human kills animals and let the unusable part for scavengers (b) cannibalism - which most ( Full Answer )

How do Christians get persecuted?

Well Christians can get persecuted a number of ways. 1-by their peers 2-by society 3-by freinds and everyone and thing inbetween.

Where did the Christians bury their dead in the Roman Empire?

Answer The early Christians seem to have followed local practice in the burial of their dead. It is generally accepted that first century Christians in Egypt and the Near East placed their dead in ossuaries. By the middle of the third century, Christians began to appropriate the catacombs from the ( Full Answer )

Who were some persecuted Christians?

Christians who were persecuted were Saint Paul,Peter and all the apostles excluding John.The time of the Roman Empire, they are some great saints like Lawrence,Ignatius of Antioch,Most of the pope of the first,second, third century.In the modern times,Christians were persecuted in China,Vietnam,Myan ( Full Answer )

Who tried to revive Christian persecution?

From the time of the Edict of Toleration issued by Galerius, there was no further persecution of Christians by the pagan empire. In fact, from the time of Constantine there was to be only one further pagan emperor -Julian the Apostate. Although Julian sought to re-establish paganism, he was also imp ( Full Answer )

Who began the persecution of Christians?

Christian tradition holds that Emperor Nero (54-68 CE) began the official Roman persecution of Christians, even having the two greatest apostles, Peter and Paul, executed. However historians say that, apart from blaming the Christian residents of Rome for the Great Fire, he seems not to have persecu ( Full Answer )

Why do Christians bury their dead when the Bible does not command burial?

Christians generally bury their dead in a sleep-like position to symbolize their belief that the deceased is merely sleeping while waiting for resurrection. 1 Corinthians 15: 51 Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, 52 In a moment, in the twinkling of ( Full Answer )

How do Christians bury the dead?

Usually according to local custom. There is no specific way to treat the dead according to Christian rules, apart from the acknowledgement that a deceased Christian will be seen again at the end of all things.

Why did early Christians bury their dead?

The early Christians believed in the Resurrection of the Body and a Last Judgement. Since the burial custom at the time of the early Christians was cremation, the Christians' belief was that if the body were destroyed it could not be resurrected in its perfect state at the Last Judgement. .

Why did Emperor Decius persecute Christians?

Edward Gibbon ( The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire ) says that in the time of Emperor Decius it was the opinion of the magistrates that the Christian Church of Rome possessed very considerable wealth, that vessels of gold and silver were used in their religious worship, and that many among the ( Full Answer )

Why did the Romans stop persecuting the Christians?

In the first centuries after Jesus' death, conditions in the Roman Empire made it easy for new ideas to spread. The Pax Romana made it safe to travel from one region to another, and the empire's well-defined network of roads and waterways further facilitated travel. The government had encouraged inh ( Full Answer )

Is there modern persecution of Christians?

Unfortunately, yes, Christians are persecuted in the modern world. Of course they are not thrown to the lions or crucified, but in many countries that have a state religion or are atheistic, they are persecuted economically, educationally, and their civil and religious rights are restricted.

What stopped the persecution of Christians?

Emperor Diocletian began the Great Persecution of Christians in 303 CE. After his abdication in the year 305, there was no interest on the part of the two Western emperors in persecuting Christians, so persecution simply ceased in that part of the empire. However, Galerius, the senior emperor of ( Full Answer )

Why did Nero order the persecution of Christians?

Emperor Nero has traditionally been accused of being the firstemperor to persecute the Christian Church, but there is no reasonto believe this to be the case, and this tradition only arose morethan a hundred years after his death. He did, probably unfairly,accuse the Roman Christians of being respon ( Full Answer )

What saint persecuted Christians?

A great many Christian saints persecuted Christians who held beliefs other than their own. It was a characteristic of the early Church that dissent was labelled heresy, and heretics deserved nothing less than torture and execution. Those who succeeded in furthering the objectives of the dominant Chu ( Full Answer )

Who were Christians persecuted by?

They were persecuted by a small amount of Jewish people at thestart. Jewish people are not like that anymore, and even back thenit was only some Jews, not all. The country of England started thechurch of England when Henry the 8th wanted a divorce and couldn'tget one through the catholic church. Eng ( Full Answer )

Did the early Christians of Rome bury their dead unlike the Romans who cremated the rich out of spite?

It is very likely that many of the early Christians followed the first-century Jewish practice of placing the bones of their dead in ossuaries, or bone boxes. Certainly, by the third century, we find a widespread Christian practice of using the catacombs for storage of the dead, a practice not unlik ( Full Answer )

Which is the most persecuted Christian denomination?

Roman Catholics--- taking in account of the persecutions of Rome- the Protestant reformation (wars that followed) persecution during England's reformation. The persecution in early America- cristero war in Mexico- the holocaust of Germany - (second to the Jewish people-

How did Decius persecute Christians?

A: Decius, emperor of Rome 249-251, considered Christianity to be a recent and criminal superstition. It was also noted that the Church hierarchy seemed to enrich itself at the expense of poor Christians. Decius largely ignored the Christians themselves, but bishops of the most considerable cities ( Full Answer )

What comfort can Christians find in persecution?

Jesus said that if he was persecuted his followers would be to. Soif your being persecuted for righteousness sake it means your doingsomething good. Psalms 37: 10,11 tells us that soon the wicked willbe no more and the meek ones will be able to live in peace. It'ssomething to look forward to! Look ( Full Answer )

Why Muslims persecuted Christians?

Muslim are taught to respect Muslim & non-Muslim, treat all mankind equally regardless their religion. Those Muslim who persecuted Christians or other religion does not understand this teaching or simple ignoring them for the sake of their own human ego

Where are Christians persecuted?

Though there are some countries who have different dominant belief systems such as Islam, and Buddhism in those areas a lot of Christians are persecuted like China, and India. According to the bible all Christians suffer persecution everywhere in some form of way from those around them both believer ( Full Answer )

Who are persecuted Christians?

A: It is part of Christian lore that Christians are persecuted andalways have been, with numerous martyrs put to death during earlyRoman times, but this is far from the truth. Any Christians in North Korea could expect to be persecuted by thisoppressive Communist regime, but the risks for Buddhist ( Full Answer )

Why are Christians buried?

Christians are buried so their bodies remain on earth but their souls can go to heaven.

Why did paul destroy and persecuting Christians?

The first of the 10 commandments is "do not make ur own GOD" and if anybody does that the punishment was to kill that person and his followers. When Jesus Christ being who HE is started proclaiming HE is the son of GOD it was considered blasphemy by the law keepers (as they were ignorant of the inte ( Full Answer )

How long did Saul persecute Christians?

A: We could estimate how long Saul, or Paul, persecuted the Christians if we could know when Paul's conversion took place. For this, there is some information in Paul's epistles. Soon after his conversion to Christianity, Paul says he spent three years in Damascus, but escaped the city when the go ( Full Answer )

Why Christians were persecuted at first?

Christians have always been persecuted and still are today. The Bible explains why in the book of Revelations. Satan the Dragon wants to be god. Satan attempted to annihilate Jesus Christ since His birth, but God the Father always watched over Jesus and delivered Him from Satan's hand clear up to th ( Full Answer )

When did the persecution of Christianity begin in Rome?

A: Two important stories of early persecution were the executions of Peter and Paul in Rome, under the orders of Emperor Nero in 64 CE. The problem with these stories is that they only surfaced in the second century - the executions probably never happened. Undoubtedly, Emperor Nero blamed the Chr ( Full Answer )

Why were Christians in early Rome persecuted?

It is likely that the early Christians in Rome were not popular amongst the ordinary people, or the elite. The Roman were proud of their devotion to the traditional gods: they thought that the gods particularly favoured them, giving them victory in their wars, because the Romans were so "pious." ( Full Answer )

How did caligula persecute the christians?

Caligula never persecuted any Christians. During his reign the Christian cult had not reached Rome, or if it did, there were probably only a handful of members. Not enough for any authority to bother with. Caligula never persecuted any Christians. During his reign the Christian cult had not reached ( Full Answer )

Where did Christians in Rome bury the dead?

They buried their dead in underground cemeteries called catacombs. The catacombs were also used for religious practice when the Christians had to hide their faith for fear of persecution.

Why did apostle paul persecuted the christians?

Because the Apostle Paul was quite possibly a spy guilty of Christian espionage and sabotage: Perhaps the Pharisee PAUL (and those perpetuating his double-minded cause) are guilty of Christian Espionage and Sabotage? The Apostle Paul was previously a Pharisee (may still have been), and was fro ( Full Answer )

How long was the early christian persecution?

Christian persecutions occurred on and off from a persecution by emperor Nero following the fire in Rome of 64 AD, until the Edict of Toleration issued by emperor Galerius in 311 and the Edict of Milan signed by co-emperors Constantine I and Licinius in 313 . These two edicts ended the last and bigg ( Full Answer )

What disciple persecuted Christians?

Saul of Tarsus originally set out to destroy followers of 'The Way'but was struck down by Jesus and converted to become the Apostle tothe Gentiles - Paul.

Why are Christians persecuted in North Korea?

Christianity teaches that there is only one God and He is not amember of the Kim family. This directly conflicts with the NorthKorean Statist religion of Juche which holds that the Kim family,and especially Eternal President Kim Il-Sung are gods on Earth. Asa result, any North Korean Christian is se ( Full Answer )