Where did Christians in Rome bury the dead?

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They buried their dead in underground cemeteries called catacombs. The catacombs were also used for religious practice when the Christians had to hide their faith for fear of persecution.
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Where are the dead people from the Titanic buried?

Catholics were to be buried at the "Mount Olivet Cemetery". . \n \n \n \n \n Graves of Titanic victims at the "Mount Olivet Cemetery" \n. Jewish victims were to burried at the "Baron de Hirsch Cemetery". . \n. \n \n \n \n \n \n Graves of Titanic victims at the "Baron de Hirsch Cemet ( Full Answer )

How did the Mohawk Indians bury their dead?

Scientific studies at prehistoric, protohistoric and early historic Mohawk burial sites indicate that bodies were not burned but buried. In the early historic period burials normally took place away from populated areas in burial grounds, with the body laid fully extended and accompanied by grave go ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of 'let the dead bury their dead'?

This means that he should not worry about burying his dead relative, but to do the work that the Lord had commanded him to do and let his relatives or the villagers worry about burying his dead relative. The lord is saying that all will die eventually, hence "Let the dead bury the dead". Most comm ( Full Answer )

Where in an apartment do you bury your dead cat?

You really can't bury a loved pet inside. It's unhealthful, creates a stench, and is a terrible way to remember a loved pet (not to mention a great cause for eviction). Find some rural area with a nice view and bury them there. Try and make the grave at least 3' deep, to avoid scavengers.

How do Jehovah's Witnesses bury their dead?

Jehovah's Witnesses bury the dead according to the laws of the local area and in line with Bible principles. The Bible indicates that the dead are not conscious of anything (Ecclesiastes 9:5,10), so we see no ceremonial significance in the leftover dead corpse, after the life is extinquished. All of ( Full Answer )

How do the Egyptians bury the dead?

The Egyptians would let the body sit for months, when the body was dried they would remove all of the organs with a metal hook, and pulled them out through the nose. Then in each individual wrap of linen they would place a charm or something that was important to the person, then the would put a mas ( Full Answer )

Why did the pilgrims bury their dead at night?

The Pilgrims hit hard times when they settled in the New Land. They had brought wheat to plant but it would not grow in the rocky soil. They were suffering a food shortage, living in dirt shelters, and many were dying. Due to their fear of the Native Americans, the Pilgrims would bury the dead at ni ( Full Answer )

How did the etruscans bury their dead?

The Etruscans buried common people in well laid out cemeteries. Wealthy Etruscans could afford it were placed in stone sarcophagi. On occasion some were cremated. The tombs of very wealthy Etruscans were placed in above ground tombs cut from rock & contained many items that belonged to the deceased ( Full Answer )

If you have a dead dog how do you bury him?

Well, bury him/her like a human. I suggest burying him/her in your backyard, so you can always remember him/her. 1. Make sure your dog is wrapped in a blanket, sheet, towel, etc. 2. Dig a hole in a spot you chose. 3. Bury the dog deep in the ground.

How are Christians buried?

Usually in a coffin. There is no special way that a christian should be buried, the importance is in respecting the grief of their family and friends.

How do Jews bury their dead?

According to Judaism burial is not only an obligation but a Mitzva (a religious law) as well. It is considered kindness and charity to the dead. There are two principals regarding burial according to Judaism. The first and most important principal is to prevent humiliation to the dead. This is why t ( Full Answer )

Where did early christians meet hide and bury their dead to avoid detection and persecution?

Because of this persecution, the Christians were forced to meet in the catacombs, which were long, dark galleries under the city of Rome. There they continued their meetings, baptisms, and even burials for their dead. As a result of the persecution, many of the early Christians were scattered throug ( Full Answer )

First people to bury their dead?

Neanderthals have been found in apparent graves with grave goods and traces of ocher possibly applied to skin of dead for cosmetic purposes.

How did they bury the dead on the trail of tears?

Some bodies were left without burial, most were buried in shallow unmarked graves. In some cases the dead were buried by those that killed them, and they charged the US Government $35.00 each to bury them.

A place where the dead are buried?

graveyard as usual or you can cremate them and put the ashes in avase-like container Answer: Graveyard; sepulchre; catacombs; tomb; crypt; mausoleum; vault;necropolis; cemetery; mortuary.

How do Islamics bury their dead?

Answer Muslims happily accept the death is solely from Allah, and they give more respect to the dead body whoever it is and early burrial is every one's duty according Muslim shariaya

Who said let the dead bury the dead?

Jesus Christ when people was making excuses, so that they could take a leave from following him. Luke 9:59-62 and Matthew 8:22

How Islam buried dead?

Well first of all the would cean the dead then tie a cloth around their mouth to keep it closed, put it in a coffin making sure their head faces the kibla then say the duua of the dead. hope this helps

Why do you bury the dead?

Basic reasons: Dead body doesn't have any immunity. So it generates bacteria and other germs which are harmful. Hence, for hygiene purpose, it needs some attention. Options are (a) Use body parts as we do when human kills animals and let the unusable part for scavengers (b) cannibalism - which most ( Full Answer )

Place where dead people are buried?

Crematorium. a crematorium is a place where bodies are disposed of by burning....you mean cemetery, a place where bodies are buried

What did early people bury the dead with?

Not sure if you are asking, a) what tools they used, or b) what was interred with the deceased. For a), Whatever was available at the time, such as flint or antler picks. For b), That depended on the particular society but many buried their dead with grave-goods of one sort or another such as hunt ( Full Answer )

Why do Catholics bury their dead?

Catholics bury their dead for the same reason other people bury their dead. After a few days they begin to decay and raise quite a stink, not to mention the possibility of being a source of disease.

Where did the Christians bury their dead in the Roman Empire?

Answer The early Christians seem to have followed local practice in the burial of their dead. It is generally accepted that first century Christians in Egypt and the Near East placed their dead in ossuaries. By the middle of the third century, Christians began to appropriate the catacombs from the ( Full Answer )

How did Christianity get in Rome?

I think it had a lot to do with the Roman citizen Peter who came to Rome and started proselytising. Also Christianity thrives on martyrs and so persecutions made them stronger until Constantine made christianty legal and encouraged its spread, and Theodosius I made it officially the religion of Rome ( Full Answer )

Did the vikings bury their dead?

yes the vikings did bury their dead. they buried them with the stuff they needed for the afterlife. some were buried and some were cremated. the ones that chose to get buried their the ones who got buried with treasure they needed in the afterlife.

Do the Chinese bury their dead?

Yes they do if they can/want. Once trekking trough hills, found a nice tomb in an half moon design belonging to a couple ♥

Did Jesus bury the dead?

There is no record of Jesus burying the dead. But he did say to a man let the dead bury the dead: Mat 8:21 Another man, who was a disciple, said, "Sir, first let me go back and bury my father." Mat 8:22 "Follow me," Jesus answered, "and let the dead bury their own dead."

Why do Christians bury their dead when the Bible does not command burial?

Christians generally bury their dead in a sleep-like position to symbolize their belief that the deceased is merely sleeping while waiting for resurrection. 1 Corinthians 15: 51 Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed, 52 In a moment, in the twinkling of ( Full Answer )

How do the french bury there dead?

The French are predominantly Catholic - so normal catholic funeral. Most village have small cemeteries on the outskirts - they are well tended; the French have a day to celebrate dead relatives.

How do Christians bury the dead?

Usually according to local custom. There is no specific way to treat the dead according to Christian rules, apart from the acknowledgement that a deceased Christian will be seen again at the end of all things.

Why did early Christians bury their dead?

The early Christians believed in the Resurrection of the Body and a Last Judgement. Since the burial custom at the time of the early Christians was cremation, the Christians' belief was that if the body were destroyed it could not be resurrected in its perfect state at the Last Judgement. .

Did the early Christians of Rome bury their dead unlike the Romans who cremated the rich out of spite?

It is very likely that many of the early Christians followed the first-century Jewish practice of placing the bones of their dead in ossuaries, or bone boxes. Certainly, by the third century, we find a widespread Christian practice of using the catacombs for storage of the dead, a practice not unlik ( Full Answer )

Why are Christians buried?

Christians are buried so their bodies remain on earth but their souls can go to heaven.

Do muslims bury their dead?

Yes. According to Islam, the only proper way to deal with the dead is to bury them and there are exact rituals about how the burial should be performed.

Did the early humans bury the dead?

A: Yes. At least as far back as Neolithic times, people have buried their dead. Archaeologists are often interested in what might have been buried with the dead, as this gives insight into the origins and development of religion.

How did ancient Greeks bury the dead?

There were steps to the final resting place of the dead: 1. The Prothesis-the display of the body 2. Funerary Feast 3. The Ekphora-the funeral procession 4. Building the Funeral Pyre 5. The Collection and Internment of the bones. 6. The Building Burial Mound These steps resemble modern burial pract ( Full Answer )

What people bury their dead?

Neolithic people buried their dead. _________________________________________ Muslim bury their dead and other God religions (Christianity and Judaism)

Why did Egyptians bury the dead with their possessions?

Because they believed that the objects could be taken into the next life. Also, they did not want anyone to take their things when they passed so they kept it themselves for their new lives to remain who they were.

How the Irish bury their dead?

Most people are buried in standard wooden coffins, in graves. Somepeople are cremated and have their ashes buried in a grave and somehave them spread in a location of their choice. For funerals, mostpeople are in a funeral home and then removed to a church in theevening where friends and family are. ( Full Answer )

Did vikings bury their dead at sea?

When you properly dispose of a body after death in the water it is referred to as a "burial at sea". It was a very common practice in the days of old before refrigeration. Ships spent many months at sea and it was the only way to "bury" someone. It was and is still considered an honorable way to be ( Full Answer )

Do Jews bury their dead in a casket?

Observant jews bury the dead in a wood casket. Jews do not embalm the dead and the casket is buried directly in a grave. Judaism does not permit burial vaults and believes "ashes tto ashes, dust to dust". In Israel caskets are not used.

How do Mormons bury their dead?

Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church) do not have many unusual religious customs when it comes to burial. They generally follow the customs of their nation or culture, but may alter them a little to suit their religious beliefs. If you attended a Mormon f ( Full Answer )

Why to avoid persecution would early Christian meet hide out and bury their dead?

It was the very secretiveness of the Christian sect that arousedthe suspicious of the Romans - meeting privately instead of in thetemples, reputed to have ceremonies eating human flesh and drinkinghuman blood, and they were mostly Greeks, who were notoriouslyrevolutionary plotters. The Jews, of whic ( Full Answer )