Where did Christmas cards come from?

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Sending Christmas Cards is a custom that started in 1843. The custom is believed to be started by Sir Henry Cole who wanted to find a way to get others to use the Post Office.
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Where did Christmas come from?

The modern origins of the holiday come from pre-Christian celebrations established by Julius Caesar marking the Winter Solstice which occurred around December 25 during his life. By 325, in response to the Emperor Constantine's decision to make Christianity the official religion of the empire, the C ( Full Answer )

Selling Christmas cards?

YES, check out our personal, affordable site! http://designcrafters.com. I fiound good quality cards at www.allaboutcards.co.uk. They are really good prices aswell.

Where does Christmas come from?

Beginning of Christmas . Jesus Christ, the center of the Christian religion, started it when he was born.. That's what some Christians believe. But you can read more about it on www.britannica.com subject- Christmas".

What to write in a Christmas card?

It can be a challenge to find the time to finish all of your Christmas cards. If you are sending cards out to multiple people, we suggest creating a couple of sentences that you can include in cards to friends and family. These sentences can be warm holiday greetings, updates on your family, a menti ( Full Answer )

How did Christmas come to be?

It 'traditionally' celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, but it's practices are from long before Jesus was on earth. Many feel the greenery in homes, singing of carols, holly, mistletoe, gift giving and merry making come from the pagan feast of Saturnalia, the "feast of the unconquered sun".

What to put in a Christmas card?

Merry Christmas Forget the past, its gone. Forget the present, i didn't get you one! (just kidding!) hope this helps

What type of card are Christmas cards made from?

In terms of card type, Christmas cards are generally printed on photo card stock or paper card stock. Cards on photo card stock are typically called "Christmas photo cards" or "holiday photo cards" and are digitally printed onto photographic paper just like a photograph. These Christmas photo cards ( Full Answer )

What can you do with Christmas cards?

Christmas cards are used to send friends and family your greetings and best wishes for a joyous and peaceful holiday season. It's also customary to extend your wish for a happy new year when sending Christmas cards. With the advent of photo Christmas cards, you can also use them to update everyone w ( Full Answer )

What do you write in Christmas card to employee?

As an employer, you can write "Merry Christmas and a Happy NewYear" in a Christmas card to an employee. You can also wish youremployee and their family a safe and enjoyable time over theholiday period.

Who was the first Christmas card printed for?

According to some historians, the first commercial Christmas card was designed and printed for Sir Henry Cole by artist John Callcott Horsley in London in 1843.

How do you make a Christmas greeting card?

An easy way to make a Christmas greeting card is using templates on the internet. You could always handmake your own, or visit your local photo-shop to see their own templates.

Where can you buy Caspari Christmas cards?

You can buy Caspari Christmas Cards from a reseller online called PaperStyle. You can also purchase Caspari Christmas Cards from amazon. You can also order them directly from Caspari at CaspariOnline

Where can you get UNICEF Christmas cards?

You can purchase UNICEF Christmas cards from UNICEF's official website. They can also be purchased from Cafepress, and Amazon's website as well.

What is the symbolism behind Christmas cards?

There isn't any symbolism associated with cards - they began and remain a written form of holiday greeting. A civil servant with a strong interest in art and design, Henry Cole (1808-1882) began his career in the Public Records Office in London at the age of 15. Here he played a key role in organ ( Full Answer )

When should you send out your Christmas cards?

You need to check the last posting dates for the differentlocations you are posting to, an be sure to post them before thosedates. So international cards need to be posted before ones goingto your own country.

What is the best online Christmas card?

Your heartfelt wishes on the Christmas cards will make it the best. Moreover, personalizing them or Christmas photo cards can strongly house in the receiver's heart.

Where was the first Christmas card made?

London 1843, most modern trappings of Christmas are from Victorian England or Germany. Some from Germany, (xmas tree, advent calendar, tinsel, bauble). Father Christmas (St. Nicholas) is Scandanavian. Some are from America (Santa Claus, Rudolph from May Corp, ad campaigns) Turkey is obviously from A ( Full Answer )

Where can I find creative Christmas cards?

Tiny Prints offers creative and affordable Christmas cards. Spoonfeddesign offers a gallery of creative Christmas cards to help you design or choose your Christmas cards for the upcoming year.

What is the same about a Christmas card and a Christmas decoration?

Christmas cards are greeting cards and Christmas decorations refer to wreaths, holiday lights, Christmas trees, stockings, candles, etc. While many people will use Christmas cards that they receive to display on or "decorate" their fireplace mantel or Christmas tree, Christmas cards are generally no ( Full Answer )

What Christmas carol is about Christmas coming?

There is a Christmas carol called "Christmas is Coming", based on a nursery rhyme. There are other versions of the song. One is "A Round About Christmas" made popular by the Kingston Trio. Another is "Christmas Is a-Comin", performed by Bing Crosby. Jason Gray also performs a song called "Christmas ( Full Answer )

When is Christmas coming?

You are never more the 366 days away from the next Christmas. OnDecember 25 of each year.

Do you have a card for mothers first Christmas?

What do you mean mothers first chrisstmas shouldn't it be daddys frist christmas or babys first chrisrtmas cuz the mother had 69 chrismases already shes an expert on cooky christmases

When were Christmas cards first sent and why?

The first Christmas cards were sent in England in 1843. They werefirst send in the United States in 1875. John Callcott Horselyillustrated the first Christmas card, but what inspired him is notknown.

What do you write to your employees in a Christmas card?

Greetings specific to one religion are not appropriate in the workplace. A non-religious card in which you have written something like "Season's Greetings", "Have a great holiday season", or "Best wishes to you and your family for the New Year" would be generally accepted.

When were the first Christmas Cards sent?

John Callcott Horsley illustrated the very first Christmas card on May 1, 1843 in London. In that year, only 2,050 Christmas cards were produced. The first Christmas cards printed and mailed in the United States happened in 1875 by Louis Prang.

Where can custom christmas cards be purchased?

You can purchase custom Christmas cards online from Vista Print. You can customize the photos, size, font, message, and more starting at 10 cards for $4.74 according to their website.

Where can I find business Christmas cards?

Business Christmas cards can be found in stationary stores like Hallmark, Papyrus and Carlton Cards. They can also be bought online on ebay and Amazon.

Where can you buy cheap Christmas cards?

Cheap Christmas cards can be purchased online from stores like CardShopDirect and Amazon, you can also custom design your own at Moonpig. High street shops like Card Factory also offer cheap cards, though the availability may be low when off season.

Where can one print Christmas cards?

Christmas cards can be printed if one is using a website such as Blue mountain. They provide a very wide ranger of cards and these can be sent electronically or can be printed and sent in the post.

Where are the best deals on Christmas cards?

The best deals on Christmas cards are at places that allow you to make your own because that allow a person to design their own cards. By doing this, they are getting the best deal because it is personalized. Online businesses such as VistaPrint, Shutterfly, and Cards Direct offer the personalizat ( Full Answer )

What are Christmas card sentiments?

Christmas card sentiments are those cute and sometimes funny, sometimes sappy printed words that come with Christmas cards. They can be as simple as "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas," or they can wax eloquently poetic about some aspect of the meaning of Christmas.

What are dog christmas cards used for?

One can use dog Christmas cards in the same way one would use any other type of Christmas card, Often people who are dog lovers like to send out Christmas cards with pictures of dogs on them. Sometimes one will even have a photo card done of a pet dog and send them to friends and family.

Where can you find Christmas cards free?

Christmas cards are rarely free although it is possible to buy them very cheaply in the January sales. You can download lots of holiday clipart from the internet to make your own cards, or recycle old cards by cutting them into appropriate pictures and sticking them on new thin card.

Where can you buy christmas place cards?

There are many places where one can purchase Christmas place cards. Some of the places one can buy Christmas place cards are Amazon and ChristmasTimeUK.

Where can handmade Christmas cards be bought?

Handmade Christmas cards can be purchased from many places.A few online websites include Pinterest, Amazon and eBay.Some schools have children make them and then sell them at school fairs etc to raise funds for the school.

Where can one order christmas cards?

Most major retailers will be able to provide Christmas card orders. Custom printing services will also provide Christmas card ordering services, with the added ability to completely customize all aspects of the card. One might also consider consulting a photography service, which would both take a p ( Full Answer )

Where can Irish Christmas card be bought?

You may be able to find Irish Christmas cards at your local greeting card and stationery outlets such as Hallmark. In addition, there are a number of sites available online that carry a variety of cards including Amazon.

How can one print out Christmas cards?

To print out Christmas card is simple. You need cardstock and a printer attached to your computer. You can create cards of your own with a Word or card program you may have installed on your computer or go to a website such as Ecards.

Where can a company Christmas card be ordered from?

An individual can order a company Christmas card through sources such as, but not limited to, Vista Print, Cards Direct, Gallery Collection, etc. It is also possible for an individual who is talented with a design program to create their own Christmas card.

Where can you view funny Christmas cards?

You can view funny Christmas cards from websites such as Etsy, Hallmark, Zazzle and 123 Greetings. Another website you may be interested in is Cafe Press.

What are the benefits of a Christmas Credit Card?

Christmas credit cards can help improve your cash flow throughout the holidays. They offer interest free periods and several cash back deals on buying Christmas presents.

What is the movie 'The Christmas Card' about?

Sgt. Cody Cullen gets a Christmas card while deployed, and when histour of duty is over, he travels to meet the woman who sent it. Hehelps her father out of a tough situation, and is invited to spendthe holidays with the family and help with their logging business.He has to figure out a way to tell ( Full Answer )