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When Jesus was born!

What has the world come to?
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When did Christians start celebrating Christmas?

It is thought that the early Christians did not widely celebrate the birth of Jesus. This is most likely true since the primary focus was on His life, crucifixion, and particularly His resurrection. There certainly were some early celebrations. Early writings including a "feast calendar" written in ( Full Answer )

When did Americans start celebrating Christmas?

Answer . Technically, *some* Americans have been keeping Christmas for as long as there's been an America, and even before. In fact, Columbus named the first settlement he founded in Cuba "Navidad" becasue they landed on Christmas Day.. Some of the first Americans, the Puritans (like the Thanksg ( Full Answer )

Why do we celebrate Christmas?

Although lots of people think about Christmas trees and Santa Claus, the primary reason Christians celebrate this date is because Jesus Christ was born.

When should you start celebrating Christmas?

Answer . There is no right or wrong way to answer this question. In each family, they start to celebrate the week after Thanksgiving, while others spend the day after Thanksgiving seting up the house and shopping for Christmas. It is all up to you. How much do you want to celebrate? Do you love ( Full Answer )

Who celebrates Christmas?

As a religious holiday Christmas is celebrated by Christians as the time of the birth of Jesus Christ. However, celebrations during the time we now know as December reach back far into the past and December is a time of celebration for non-Christians as well, since Christmas became merged with ancie ( Full Answer )

Where is Christmas celebrated?

Only about 1/3 of the worlds population is Christian so celebrations of Christmas are limited to areas where they are present - primarily Europe, North and South American, parts of Africa and Australia. Christmas may be celebrated as a secular or commercial activity in some other areas. Many Muslim ( Full Answer )

How is Christmas celebrated?

Many people around the world celebrate Christmas by giving gifts,decorating, and having a special Christmas meal with theirfamilies. Children look forward to the arrival of the gift giver(Santa). In addition, many countries have special customs andtraditions, and many Christians attend special Mass ( Full Answer )

When is Christmas celebrated?

Christmas day is December 25, though in some areas it is celebratedthroughout December and a small part of January.

Why do you celebrate Christmas?

There are many non-religious people out there and think ofChristmas as a time of getting gifts for people. For religiouspeople, it is the birth of Christ. The star on the top of the treeis based on the star that led all of the shepherds to the inn thatMary and Joseph stayed in to have Jesus. Many pe ( Full Answer )

Where did the celebration of Christmas on December 25th start?

Journalist Juan Arias points out: "Those who, within Christianity, criticize the way Christmas has become 'paganized' and more devoted to jollity and consumerism than to religion, are generally unaware that even in its origin the Nativity . . . already incorporated many of the features of the Roman ( Full Answer )

Who started the celebration of Christmas?

Answer . In the 4 th century CE, Christianity imported the Saturnalia festival hoping to take the pagan masses in with it. Christian leaders succeeded in converting to Christianity large numbers of pagans by promising them that they could continue to celebrate the Saturnalia as Christians.The pr ( Full Answer )

Who do you celebrate on Christmas?

We celebrate Christmas because of the birth of Jesus, but we alsocelebrate it because that is the day that God sent his son Jesusdown to Earth to save us of our sins. So, Christmas is jesus'sbirthday.

How do you celebrate Christmas?

Christmas in many countries is celebrated with exchanging of gifts, and gatherings of friends or families for meals, usually on the 24th or 25th of December. In addition, many Christians attend religious ceremonies in churches.

When did Christians first start celebrating Christmas?

When Jesus was born\n . Another Opinion \n The celebration of Christmas started with the Roman Catholic church around 300 AD. There was no celebration of the birth of Christ until then. Protestants started celebrating it much later.\n Best opinion \n well no duh when he was born well than wh ( Full Answer )

How Christmas is celebrated?

The most commen way is with family on Christmas day around the Christmas Tree. We open presents and eat lots of food.

When did people start celebrating Christmas?

The Chronography of 354 AD contains early evidence of thecelebration on December 25 of a Christian liturgical feast of thebirth of Jesus. This grew out of earlier holidays, like the Romansolstice. It was not the most important Christian holiday until the18th and 19th centuries.

What does Christmas celebrate?

Answer 1 Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ! _________________________________________ Answer 2 While the first answer is correct, it is not entirely true. Christmas was actually a pagan tradition called Winter Solstice andhad absolutely nothing to do with Christ. Winter Sol ( Full Answer )

Do you celebrate Christmas?

The people who contribute to WikiAnswers come from many different religions and cultures, and they do not all celebrate Christmas, since they are not all Christians. But for most mainstream Christians, December 25th is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus (although some historians note he was probabl ( Full Answer )

How was Christmas celebrated?

going to church and walk around with your friends and give a present ;) Because Santa Clause is Real ..

What is Christmas and why do you celebrate it?

The roots of Christmas are found, not in Scripture, but in ancient pagan festivals, such as the Roman Saturnalia, a celebration dedicated to Saturn, the god of agriculture. Likewise, according to their reckoning, devotees of the god Mithra celebrated December 25 as the "birthday of the invincible su ( Full Answer )

Which country first started to celebrate Christmas?

Christmas was celebrated informally and on various days of the year in many different parts of the world before it was instituted as an actual holiday. The first country to celebrate Christmas as a holiday on December 25th is thought to have been Victorian Britain during the 15th century A.D. [Ad ( Full Answer )

Not including Jesus when did Christmas start to be celebrated?

The celebration of December 25 originated with the religious and mythological beliefs of the Romans. The day was called Saturnalia. Saturn was the Sun God or God of the sky. The day was to celebrate the end of winter where daylight was shorter and the beginning of spring where the daylight starts to ( Full Answer )

What is Christmas celebrating?

To find the first Christmas traditions would be difficult if not impossible today. As to the date of "Christ's Mass"? Why December the 25 th ? That the date actually goes back to Rome with a festival called 'Saturnalia' . A lot of Romans at the time of the adoption of Christianity into the Roma ( Full Answer )

What do Christmas celebrate?

The birth of baby Jesus and the three men who gave him gifts Jesus was born in a manger

Who does not celebrate Christmas?

Anyone who does not choose to celebrate Christmas does notcelebrate it. It is a Christian holiday that originally came from aPagan celebration, although many people that are not religiousstill celebrate it. However, people that follow other religions donot.

What do you celebrate on Christmas and why?

you celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas you celebrate it because he died for are sins and he rose from the dead and he will be back one day

When did New Zealand start celebrating Christmas?

The very first Christmases in New Zealand were celebrated by explorers. Abel Tasman and his crew enjoyed a Christmas feast using their own provisions in 1642, while James Cook and his crew also had Christmas dinner while circumnavigating New Zealand in 1769.. However, the first Christmas service in ( Full Answer )

When did France start celebrating Christmas?

Christmas has been celebrated, as a Christian holiday, since theearly middle ages. It succeeded pagan celebrations held previously,which marked the period of the return of longer days (Dec. 21 or 22being the Winter solstice, in other words offering the shortestdaylight of the year). Celebrations wer ( Full Answer )

Who celebrated Christmas?

Christmas is traditionally celebrated around the world on December25 by both religious and nonreligious people. The Christmas holidayand traditions originated from the pagan celebration of Saturnalia.

How is Christmas celebrate?

Christmas is celebrating when Jesus was born ( or Jesus`s Birthday)You sing songs about Christ Share gifts with family and even pets (they are family too) Most of all pray all your prayers together

What year did the United States start to celebrate with the Christmas tree?

This questions is debatable, because the settlers from various European nations all celebrated Christmas when they arrived in the Americas. The first Christmas celebrated in the United States was celebrated by Hernando Desoto In modern day Tallahassee, Florida on Christmas day, 1540

What was the reason the US started celebrating Christmas?

Christmas began as a strictly business idea: merchants promoted it for end-of-year sales. 1700s England was under post Cromwell austerity still, so the popular olde English caroller simply didn't exist, nor did the pre-1800 Christmas Tree (which came from Germany), but yule logs, charity and peace w ( Full Answer )

Why is there Christmas and who celebrates it?

Christmas is the festival that celebrates the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, founder of Christianity. Christians believe that Jesus is God, and so his earthly birth is of great significance. Christmas is also widely practised by non-Christians as a secular day of gift giving.

When did Spain start celebrating Christmas?

That really depends on which part of Spain you're talking about. Some more northerly parts of the country have always been Christian, such as Navarre, Valencia and parts of Aragon. However, the Kingdom of Castile and Leon, which covered the vast majority of the country, was, for the most part and fr ( Full Answer )

When did the church start celebrating Christmas on December 25?

Reference to the date of the nativity as December 25th is found in an illuminated manuscript compiled in Rome in 354 , prior (and post) to this the dates skip about. The religious calenders of that time (and even today) work differently to the Gregorian.

Where do they not celebrate Christmas?

i think its more of a matter of who doesn't celebrate Christmas instead of where. Christmas is a religious holiday so its more based on the different religions. Jews for example don't celebrate Christmas so areas where people are Jewish would be as "christmasy".

When did the us start to celebrate Christmas?

People celebrated a kind of Christmas in Europe since the year 300 and spread around the continent through that century. After arriving in the U.S. on the Mayflower, It was banned on and off by the Puritans who had alot of land. It was officially banned from 1659 to 1681. The ban by the Pilgrims was ( Full Answer )

Who does Christmas celebrate?

Christmas celebrates the birthday of Jesus of Nazareth ; the founder of Christianity whom Christians believe to be the Son of God.

When do Germans start to celebrate Christmas time?

Germans have the Advent season which are thetime frame of the 4 Sundays before Christmas (but could be the 24th of December if a Sunday). Most people will have an Adventskranz (Advent wreath) which has 4 candles (one additional lit every Sunday closer to Christmas). From 1st December the countdown t ( Full Answer )

What is Christmas and why is it celebrated?

Christmas is the most important festival in the whole of the religion of Christianity, and is one of the most widely celebrated festivals all over the world. It is celebrated on the 25th December. It celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God.

Is Christmas celebrated?

Yes! ======== . Christmas is celebrated on Christmas Eve, which is December 24, on Christmas Day, the 25th, and by some all through December and a small part of January.. People give presents to each other and go to church to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Christmas is the most important festival ( Full Answer )

Why you celebrant Christmas?

People who are religious in mainly the Christian and Catholic way celebrate Christmas. This is because December 25th is the feast day of Christ's birth. The reason we put the angel or star on top of the Christmas tree is because the angel represents the angel Gabriel coming to tell Mary our mother t ( Full Answer )

What is Christmas a celebration of?

Traditionally, Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Although Jesus wasn't actually born on December 25th, the date was chosen as it coincided with the pagan celebration of the Winter Solstice, and Christ's mass was the Christian's alternative celebration. However, in more recent ( Full Answer )

When did other religions start celebrating Christmas?

No religion other than Christianity celebrates Christmas as part oftheir religion. Many people who are not Christians celebrateChristmas, but they celebrate it as a secular holiday, not as areligious one.