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Arguably, Christmas began with the birth of Jesus around 4 BC. The first Christmas presents may have been gifts brought to the newborn child.
However, the celebration now associated with Christmas began as seasonal rites among various non-Christian religious groups. It was not until the Middle Ages that Christmas became a traditional holiday of the Roman Catholic Church.
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When did Christmas start?

Since the Western world has its history primarily from the Roman Empire, there seems to have been an evolution of their celebrations for the god Saturn - known as Saturnalia and the new moons, observed December 17-24 and January 1-3. The Romans loved flirting with foreign gods and found the Persian, ( Full Answer )

Where and how did Christmas start?

Christmas Beginnings Christmas or "Christ's Mass," the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth, began in European and Middle Eastern Christendom in the 3rd Century. These early celebrations, feasts, or "Masses" were not standardized or widely held. It is thought that the early Christians did not wid ( Full Answer )

When should you start celebrating Christmas?

Answer . There is no right or wrong way to answer this question. In each family, they start to celebrate the week after Thanksgiving, while others spend the day after Thanksgiving seting up the house and shopping for Christmas. It is all up to you. How much do you want to celebrate? Do you love ( Full Answer )

How did Christmas start in Italy?

Start of Christmas in Italy . It actually started in Rome (part of Italy, of course). The Romans had a festival called the Saturnalia, celebrating the Winter Solstice on December 21 as the rebirth of Sol Invictus (the invincible sun). Additionally, the pagan god, Mithras, had a birthday on Decemb ( Full Answer )

How did Christmas start?

Christmas or "Christ's Mass," the celebration of Jesus Christ's birth, began in European and Middle Eastern Christendom in the 3rd Century. These early celebrations, feasts, or "Masses" were not standardized or widely held. It is thought that the early Christians did not widely celebrate the birth o ( Full Answer )

What year did Christmas start?

Christmas, which means "Mass of Christ," began in the year --commonly estimated between 2 and 7 B.C. -- that the baby Jesus wasborn.

How Christmas started?

Saint Nicolas was a man who gave home made toys to poor children in his village. From that tradition we got Santa Claus and the ritual of exchanging gifts.

How did Christmas get started?

I think it got started when jesus was born? I'm seriously not sure. Another view: When Pope Julius I declared it Dec.25; he Christianized it.

When does Christmas start?

Christmas lasts all Christmas day which is on the 25th of December..... everyone does the shopping before this beautiful day to get prepared for the good jolly spirit that is on Christmas day! Happy Holidays to You!

How did Christmas started?

Mary and Joseph got a baby and named it Jesus. His birthday is december 25 everyone celebrate it with gifts and love.

What time does Christmas start?

Christmas officially starts at 12:00 midnight but more people open presents at around 9:00 or so.

Why did Christmas started?

I believe Christmas was started of a celebration of Jesus' birth. The Christmas story found in the bible in Luke 1: 26- 2:40. check it out.

When does the Christmas break start?

Generally around mid-day Christmas eve, unless you are asking about schools which vary from school to school. Not like we poor WikiAnswers Supervisors, I shall be on here Christmas Day, drop by and say hello.

Christmas word starting with a?

A Christmas word that begins with the letter A is angel. OtherChristmas words that start with an a are angelic, antlers, andadvent.

What is a Christmas word that starts with Y?

Some Christmas words beginning with the letter Y: . Yule . Yuletide Yams youngsters laughing yards of garland yakking with relatives yeasty stollens yews with twinkling lights yesteryear memories yearning for home yummy eats yippee

When did Christmas carols start?

Christmas carols started in the 13th century in Italy. The person who wrote the first carol was St. Francis of Assisi.

How did Christmas start in Mexico?

When Spanish conquistadors conquered Mexico in 1521, they imposed their culture, language and religion upon their subjects. These included Spanish as language, Catholicism as religion and many traditions such as bullfighting. Among several Catholic traditions, baptism, the Holy Week or Christmas are ( Full Answer )

How did the Christmas tree get started?

The tradition of the Christmas tree began during the early 15thcentury. This tradition started in Germany as a way for Christiansto relay the story of the birth of Jesus to Pagans.

How did the tradition of Christmas trees get started?

In Victorian times Prince Albert introduce the German practise of the Christmas tree into England and I believe it spread from there, along with xmas cards, yule logs and other things.

How did Christmas Cards get started?

James minock had the idea to fold paper & place some designs on it to make them a seasonal thing. x x x x x x x x x x x x

When did the Christmas tree tradition start?

The Christmas tree tradition started in the 12th century when thetree was hung upside down from the ceiling as a symbol of.Christianity The first decorated tree was at Riga in Lature in1510.

How did Christmas start in England?

Christmas in England began in AD 596, when St Augustine landed on her shores with monks who wanted to bring Christianity to the Anglo Saxons.

What starts with I and is to do with Christmas?

The most common answer would be from the millions of children around the world when they say "I would like this...". Another alternative is the name "Immanuel".

Where did the Christmas pickle start?

it started in Germany . Additional information: . Often claimed to be of German origination, it actually started in the USA. It was a special ornament, shaped and colored like a pickle, hidden within the tree. An extra present was given to the first child who found this ornament on Christmas mo ( Full Answer )

Christmas words starting with U?

Some Christmas words that begin with "u" are unwrap and under (asin under the tree). The words yule and yuletide have a "u" sound,but they actually begin with "y."

When does Christmas in Sweden start?

Christmas is December 24th in Sweden. It is not so much like American Christmas or over money and commercial spending. If you know what I mean. If you were looking for live events or information on Christmas in Sweden you may want to do a Google search on Christmas In Varberg Sweden since its the be ( Full Answer )

How did Christmas start in china?

It became popular in china due to globalisation. More people want to get some benefit from this festival and kids interested in have a extra holiday. I'm a Chinese, trust me.! :D

When do the Christmas holidays start in Australia?

The Christmas holidays in Australia vary from state to state (or territory). Many private schools finish in the last week of November, while others have their final day on the Thursday or Friday of the first week of December. A list of the Christmas holiday starting dates for 2010 is below. . Queen ( Full Answer )

Is it to early to start Christmas shopping?

I don't think so, I know people who have already bought ALL they're gifts. I love to shop early, it makes the season seem to come quicker, which means Christmas break

What starts Christmas tree fires?

The tree not being kept watered creating a dry tree which catches fire easily since light bulbs get hot and/or improper use of wall/extension cord outlets i.e. overloading

When does Girl Guides start after Christmas?

Each Girl Guide troop sets their own schedule. Girl Guide meeting schedules are set up by the troop leader or the adults who support the troop. Contact those in charge of the troop or group to find out when they plan to start after Christmas.

What Christmas word starts with p?

· pine cones · poinsettia · popcorn strung on a Christmas tree · Prancer (Santa's reindeer) · presents · parties

Where did the tradition of a Christmas tree get started?

The Christmas tree can be dated to hundreds of years ago stemming from the Pagan holiday belief that evergreens keep bad spirits away and bring life since the evergreen tree rarely changes from its natural green color.

Do Christmas discounts start before or after Christmas?

The most common time for Christmas discounts would be on what's called Black Friday. This is the Friday after Thanksgiving where very nice deals are given, but deals run the whole season and past Christmas.

Does Christmas mark the start of winter?

Winter usually starts shortly before Christmas so doesn't actually mark the start of Winter, It probably feels like that to everyone though as it is usually the coldest period of the year

What book starts Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Christmas?

The book, Little Women , starts with this line: "Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents," grumbled Jo, lying on the rug." No information is found about any book that starts with "Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Christmas".

What started the first Christmas and what year?

All I can say is early Christians did not celebrate the birth ofChrist on any day as being important. The day that was importantand was celebrated was the day of his Resurrection , whichwas calculated as the Sunday following the Jewish Passover. Howeveras the Jewish calendar is Lunar the date of Pa ( Full Answer )