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Christmas happens all over the world and is one of largest international holiday. Although it is a Christian holiday, it affects almost everyone.
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What happened to the Christmas blow mold industry?

Multiple factors have led to the decline of the Christmas blow mold industry. Fewer people now decorate for Christmas. It used to be almost every house was decorated in some way, now less then 50% decorate. With rental properties, many landlords will not allow people to decorate outside for fear o ( Full Answer )

What happened at Trenton the day after Christmas 1776?

all of the tropps of Americans stayed there until the river started to melt atleast a little because it was still winter. after that they brought all of the Hessians that have been captured into Pennsylvania.

What happens to Pokemon on Christmas Night?

On Christmas night, every kid gets a good nightmare. Darkrai visits them in their sleep and tells them that Pokemon will come on Christmas Eve. The kids hear it and at mignight, Cresslia and Darkria summon the Pokemon to deliver presents. Then in the morning when all kids wake up they are gone.

What happened to Opus Christmas ornaments?

Last year, I went to an American Greetings stationary store. I was told that the Opus Christmas ornaments were not being made. No specific reason was given by the sales lady. This Christmas Season 2008 apprears to be the same.

What happens on Christmas Day in Brazil?

On Christmas Day, Brazilians may go to Mass . The big celebration is the night before, at the traditional Missa do Galo, which translates as 'Mass of the Rooster', because of its late start and late end. But more and more churches are offering the additional options of masses later in the day on th ( Full Answer )

What events happened at Christmas?

well what ever traditions you do on that day.....like some people on Christmas eve wait for the next morning and open their Christmas eve presents and their Christmas day gifts on the same day which is Christmas morning.

Why does Christmas happen?

To get families to see each other the birth of Jesus - Originally it was a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. The giving of presents was to symbolise the present brought to the stable by the shepherds and 3 kings.

What happens at Christmas in France?

The centre of attraction in all homes is the Nativity scene or crèche that is decorated with cute little clay figures called 'Santons' or 'Little Saints'. These colourful little saints are a special and age old feature of Christmas in France and are prepared all round the year by skilled craftsme ( Full Answer )

What happened on christmas night 1776?

The Battle of Trenton was operationally executed between the 25 to26 of December 1776. This involved Washington crossing the DelawareRiver from Pennsylvania to New Jersey to raid the Hessian mercenarygarrison. It is regarded as an American victory.

What happened this Christmas on holby city this year?

this year on holby maria got visted by the Christmas ghosts past present and future and sam left with his son to go to New York and ric is still looking for his grandson and there was an staff party as well that's x mas on holby 2008

What happens during Christmas?

The holiday of Christmas has distinct phases, especially if viewed from secular (non-religious) activities. Most people blend religious activities with secular, although many Christians argue that we have lost the "true meaning of Christmas" because there is so much emphasis on secular activities. N ( Full Answer )

What happens if you pull a Christmas cracker in unescape?

Think of it this way when you are at home at christmas and all your family are there. A giagantic turyey in the middle waiting for someone to eat and a misltoe in the top. When you have your christmas craker and when you pull it with one of your family member you will hear a small pop and the craker ( Full Answer )

What do people think happened on Christmas?

The 1st Christmas was when Mary and Joseph where looking for a place to stay, because Mary was going to have a baby. That's why in Mexico people have "posadas", in which singing pilgrims carrying statues of Mary and Joseph visit local residences as if seeking shelter for the night. Traditionally, th ( Full Answer )

What happens at the end of A Christmas Carol?

At the end of A Christmas Carol, Scrooge gives the Ghost ofChristmas yet to come his oath that he will change his miserly waysand put mankind ahead of money and he will keep Christmasthereafter. Tiny Tim lives on

What happened on Christmas 1813?

Though many things likely happened on Christmas in 1813, here is one example; In 1813, John Cooper of the 7th Royal Fusiliers recounted the following while serving in the Peninsular War: Here for the first time in the Peninsula we kept Christmas. Every man contributed some money, meat or wine. ( Full Answer )

What happens in France on Christmas Eve?

On the eve of Christmas, French children leave their shoes or wooden clogs called sabots by the fireplace so that their favourite Christ Child or Pere Noel could fill it with gifts. Children believe that Pere Noel travels with his stern disciplinarian companion Pre Fouettard, who tells Pere Noel abo ( Full Answer )

What happens in The SpongeBob Christmas Special?

sandy tells SpongeBob about Christmas then goes to the krusty krab tells them about Christmas makes a list for santa shoots it up in the air then the fish come and say "santa is comming tonight". then he doesnot come squidward dresses up like santa and gives bikini bottom presents and santa says " t ( Full Answer )

What happens on Christmas Eve in Germany?

Christmas Eve is the big highlight of the Christmas season. Germans exchange gifts on Christmas Eve. In the past the Christmas tree was decorated on Christmas Eve, children would get to see it first time when "Bescherung" starts (gifts giving on Christmas Eve). Food on Christmas Eve varies depending ( Full Answer )

What happens to the Cratchits in A Christmas Carol?

In the end of the story Scrooge recognises the help he can be tothe family especially in helping with Tiny Tims medical issues.Scrooge becomes a good friend to the family helping them throughhard times

What happened on Christmas Day at Finch's Landing?

On Christmas Day, Atticus takes his children and Jack to Finch'sLanding, a rambling old house in the country where Atticus'ssister, Alexandra, and her husband live. There, Scout enduresFrancis, Alexandra's grandson, who had been dropped off at Finch'sLanding for the holiday. Scout thinks Francis is ( Full Answer )

What happened in Stave 3 of A Christmas Carol?

Stave 3 sees the Ghost of Christmas Present take Scrooge across the12 days of Christmas to see and experience how others, especiallythose less fortunate celebrate and give thanks for the little theyhave

What happens when you don't have a Christmas tree?

1.Not having a Christmas tree does not mean anything bad just that you want to show Christmas in a different way. The only reason so many people have Christmas trees today is because it is a tradition that has gona on for many years. I shouldn't feel bad if you don't have one just be proud your uniq ( Full Answer )

What happens when Christmas is on a Sunday?

Well, you don't HAVE to go to church twice. And some people who might ordinarily have to work can be with their families. Please don't forget our Active Duty military and their families, our Police ,Firefighters, EMT's , all medical personnel , and caregivers , our priests and ministers , and those ( Full Answer )

What historical events happened in A Christmas Carol?

None. However Dickens used the story to highlight the plight ofthousands of deprived families across Britain of the time who weredying of starvation, sick and homeless and used scrooge to show howland owners, mine and factory owners were systematicly hiringchildren, paying these very little to do th ( Full Answer )

What happens on Christmas day in the church in Australia?

This depends upon the church. Many churches have a joyful celebration of Christ's birth, whichmay include a formal liturgy or a completely informal service.Christmas carols are sung; in some churches there is a specialchildren's address; some churches have tasteful worship dancesperformed. In church ( Full Answer )

When does Christmas happen in Spain?

Christmas Day in Spain isn't very important in Spain. Navidad, or Christmas Eve is very important. There are festivities, euro lotteries, and food. Normally, shops are closed early on Navidad, bu then are open on Christmas Day. Navidad is celebrated on December 24th. That is why the song is "Feliz N ( Full Answer )

What happens on animal jam on Christmas day?

Well, there is jamaaliday -which is a party with christmas bits and bobs in it. Also the Township might change.... But you'll have to wait and see

What happens in stave 3 of A Christmas Carol?

SCrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Present who takesScrooge on a journey across the 12 days of Christmas and allows himto see the lives of others who accept the season and who take timeto be thankful for their lives and what they have even when that isnothing. He shows Scrooge the sufferin ( Full Answer )

What happens in the play A Christmas Carol?

A greedy man named Ebaneezer Scrooge's partner Marley (Jacob Marley) dies, and he ends up being a crabby old hag. One night Marley's ghost visits Scrooge and sends him 3 ghosts every night. The ghosts are The ghost of Christmas past, present and future. he learns to be kind and have a gentle heart.

What happened 1914 Christmas?

The Christmas Truce of WWI happened on Christmas 1914. British, German, and some French troops met in "no man's land" to sing Christmas carols together, exchange seasonal greetings and gifts, attend joint burial ceremonies, and play football.

What happens to Tiny Tim in 'A Christmas Carol'?

Although Scrooge is shown an empty chair by the fire in theCratchit home long with a single child's crutch leaning against thewall by the fire place all of which symbolise the death of a poorlyTiny Tim following Scrooges realisation that he change and help thelives of others Tiny Tim lived and Scroo ( Full Answer )