Where did Christmas present come from?

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The Ghost of Christmas Present was that years christmas - He states in early discussion with Scrooge he has over 1800 brothers meaning a new Christmas Present every year
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Where did Christmas come from?

The modern origins of the holiday come from pre-Christian celebrations established by Julius Caesar marking the Winter Solstice which occurred around December 25 during his life. By 325, in response to the Emperor Constantine's decision to make Christianity the official religion of the empire, the C ( Full Answer )

Why do we get Christmas presents?

People give presents in order to celebrate the birth of Christ, which is what "Christmas" means. They are an expression of love, thanks and happiness. They do not have to be expensive. because when jesus was born kings came and gave him gold and sents and Christmas is a great time to show someone t ( Full Answer )

Where does Christmas come from?

Beginning of Christmas . Jesus Christ, the center of the Christian religion, started it when he was born.. That's what some Christians believe. But you can read more about it on www.britannica.com subject- Christmas".

Why or how do you get Christmas presents?

When you are at school your parents go into the shops, buy the presents, hide them and then when you get home they act as if nothing has happened. Does that help?

Why do you get presents on Christmas?

to show you love them or like them Christmas presents should be a reminder of the greatest Christmasgift of all: Jesus Christ God's one and only Son. Born to be Emmanuel, God withus! For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, thatwhoever believes in Him would not perish but have ( Full Answer )

Why do you get presents at Christmas?

it is to remind us of God's great gift to us, of His Son..But we would actually be more as Jesus, if we gave to the poor and sick.

What is the best present to give for Christmas?

The gift of "Love".. Every single person on the planet craves to be loved, not always in the "Boyfriend-Girlfriend" way, but to know some one cares for them enought to call it love. the way you could love you sister or your best friend. We can live with out most things in life but to live with out ( Full Answer )

How did Christmas come to be?

It 'traditionally' celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, but it's practices are from long before Jesus was on earth. Many feel the greenery in homes, singing of carols, holly, mistletoe, gift giving and merry making come from the pagan feast of Saturnalia, the "feast of the unconquered sun".

What do presents have to do with Christmas?

Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, and they celebrate by bonding with people nearby. They would smile. Smiling is pleasant and is a gift in some ways. Some people give money and kindness and generosity to people instead of presents, I hope you know what I'm trying to say. The main word in this ( Full Answer )

Why are presents given at Christmas?

Presents are given as a way of honoring the birth of christ. According to the bible, when christ was born, many gifts were given to him and his mother. We give gifts to honor that and 'carry out the tradition'.

How does bring your Christmas presents?

If u mean how does Santa bring us are presants then he has 8 raindears and they fly how do they fly? They don't have wings or anythink they r just magic but they are connected 2 santas slay but the leader is rudeof the red nose raindeer y cos he has a red nose that helps see the way lol and Santa ha ( Full Answer )

How do you get presents on Christmas?

You get presents by having a loved one getting you a gift and wrap it in gift wrapping. And then they put it under your Christmas tree. You should do the same for them.

What if Christmas had no presents?

It would still be Christmas because it is still a celebration of Christ's birth. And it doesn't matter if we do not give material things, because presents are gifts in a way that they come in so many forms, which includes donations, actions and lots more. So yeah, it really doesn't matter. After all ( Full Answer )

Why do Christian's give presents at Christmas?

To symbolise the three wise men giving Jesus his gifts. And to prove their love and loyalty for Jesus. Christmas is celebrating Jesus and showing friends and family how much you love and care about them.

Where do you look for hidden Christmas presents?

You should look in the following... Parents closet attic cabinets or behind doors under blankets or sheets somewhere that disgusts or scares you (somewhere you would never go) somewhere you can't reach that is all I have. I strongly suggest you don't look for them you will get caught ( Full Answer )

What are some Christmas presents for grandma?

It depends on what kind of gran you have, some grans might like a cooking set or a gardening set. If you're really stuck (which means that you don't know you're gran and don't love her) get her an I love you card and a nice gift like an angel/heart.

What presents do they get in Poland at Christmas?

Since every nation's economy depends so much on its imports and exports, every country has the similar if not the same goods as others, so the Polish receive presents similar to people in all other nations.

Why do you get presents as Christmas?

Because its a celebration and to make people Happy and make a better life for people and make them full of love :-) by they way do u get a2c 1b3 I'm just asking do you get that ? because my friend Ruby asked me that and it was confusing, but then i got it! cause she explained it to me anyways.

What do you do if you see your Christmas present?

You must pretend that you did not see your gift because the gift giver wants to surprise you. When Christmas Day comes you can open the gift and then put a big smile on your face and say "Oh, I had the feeling I was going to get this. Thank you so much."

Do Russians give Christmas presents?

No, they give presents for the New Year. For Christmas they go the churches (at night) and wish to each other peace and happiness.

Why do we have presents at Christmas?

The tradition began with the belief that the three wise men brought gifts to the new Christ child. Since Christmas is considered to be Christ's birthday, the tradition of gift-giving lives on.

When do children in France get their Christmas presents?

That depends of their age. Those who are too young to wait forSanta usually find their presents stuffed under the Christmas tree,or by the chimney when there is one in the house, when they get upon Dec. 25. The grown children and adults often get and exchange gifts duringthe evening before (24 Dec). ( Full Answer )

When do the French receive their Christmas presents?

Often they receive presents on Christmas Eve. They also have celebrations on Epiphany (6th January) - where they eat a special cake called a "Gallette des Rois", sometimes a frangipane cake, and there is a little porcelain figure hidden in the cake. Whomever gets the piece of cake with the figure i ( Full Answer )

Why do we get presents on Christmas?

When the early Christian church first took the Winter Solsticefestival from the pagan traditions (a ploy to get converts) andgrafted their "Jesus" story onto existing mythology, they kept manyof the pagan traditions. Giving gifts was originally a Roman tradition of Saturnalia. Pagantraditions are al ( Full Answer )

Is there Christmas presents on moshi monsters?

Yes. There are items which can be found in some of the shops in Monstro City (Twistmas presents) and then if you are a Moshi Member you can also send gifts from Gift Island to your friends.

Where are the tags for the Christmas presents?

You can buy tags for Christmas presents in the same section in stores as you find the wrapping paper and bows. Alternatively, you can cut little pieces from wrapping paper, fold them over, and make your own tags.

Why does Christmas present help Scrooge?

He opens Scrooges eyes to the scale of want and deprivation that isall around Scrooge. He makes Scrooge see that you do not have to berich to help others and to aid those who have nothing and finallyto accept that Christmas and its spirit lasts 12 months and notjust 12 days

What day you open Christmas presents?

Most people open on Christmas Day, some people open all on Christmas Eve. But people that open on Christmas Day might open one or two on Christmas Eve.

What are the presents for in Christmas?

presents on Christmas is kind of a reward if you have been good for the year... but if you are not good you wont get presents (or not as many). hope this helps :D

Can you give Christmas presents to a Muslim?

Yes, you can technically give a Muslim a Christmas present. However I would highly suggest that you do not directly call it a christmas present as this may offer some. Instead call it a holiday present (holiday from school/work etc) or a December present. This way, you lower the risk of offending so ( Full Answer )

What Christmas carol is about Christmas coming?

There is a Christmas carol called "Christmas is Coming", based on a nursery rhyme. There are other versions of the song. One is "A Round About Christmas" made popular by the Kingston Trio. Another is "Christmas Is a-Comin", performed by Bing Crosby. Jason Gray also performs a song called "Christmas ( Full Answer )

When is Christmas coming?

You are never more the 366 days away from the next Christmas. OnDecember 25 of each year.

Why did the Ghost of Christmas Present come to Scrooge?

To show him how to live Christmas every day and to show Scroogewhat was happening in the world around him yet scrooge denied itsexistence in particular the volume of people that were poor, theirtreatment and the way they were trying to survive