Where did Christopher Columbus really wanted to?

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Christopher Columbus wanted to see if the earth was round
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Why did Christopher Columbus want to go to new places?

Columbus didn't want to go to new places, but he wanted to find a water route to Asia. He also wanted to be rich and famous. In his contract with the Spanish king and queen he made sure he was named the "admiral of the seas" and that he would gain fame and gold. He never did realize his goals and on ( Full Answer )

Where was Christopher Columbus from?

Christopher Columbus was born in the Republic of Genoa (Italy) in1451. He later moved to Spain. His exact nationality is unknown. Being Genoese, he may have beenfrom the city of Genoa (and therefore Italian). Others believe hewas a Nobleman from the Genoese possession of Chios, and so wasGreek. Oth ( Full Answer )

What was Christopher Columbus after?

Columbus landed in Palos, Spain March 15, 1493, but he will sail again in Sept. 1493 with 17 ships and 2,000 colonist. When he reaches Hispaniola he found that the crew he left was killed by the Native Americans, so he built a new settlement called Isabella. He, then, sailed on to look for a route t ( Full Answer )

Why did Christopher Columbus want to explore?

Basically it was all about the money. Although fame could also belinked to his decision. It was not heroism if that is what you werethinking. Christopher Columbus believed that the world was smallerthan it really is and therefore he can find short sea routes toIndia, Indonesia, Japan and China. By ( Full Answer )

What is Christopher Columbus?

Christopher Columbus was a man who is known as a navigator who sailed around the world with his three ships, Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria.He was the first European that sailed to North America after the vikings.

Where did Christopher Columbus want to go?

Christopher Columbus wanted to go to India for riches and supplies. He asked King Ferdidnan and Queen Isabella if he could make his voyage to India because he thought the Earth was round. They agreed and supplied him with his goods. The People of Asia, Africa, Australia, and Europe didn't know about ( Full Answer )

What did Christopher Columbus want to find out?

Columbus was looking for a faster trade route to Asia to make transportation more profitable. He was trying to find a western route, a quicker trade route, to get spices and riches for Spain and impress the monarchs who had sent him. Columbus mistakenly believed the Atlantic Ocean was much smaller t ( Full Answer )

Did Christopher Columbus really discover America?

No. He never saw North America nor knew it existed. He found islands in the Bahamas on his 4 voyages. Columbus never landed any where on the North American continent. In the time of his explorations the United States did not exist and would not for another 290 years. He made 4 trips landing on So ( Full Answer )

How do you Know Christopher Columbus really discovered America?

Well Columbus didn't the vikings did. Also the Native Americans but they lived in America. In lower grades text books and teachers would say that but as you go in higher grades you learn more the texts books for the higher grades then first and second grade teach you he did as you go in more higher ( Full Answer )

Whare did Christopher Columbus want to go?

He ( and others) were looking for a faster sea route to Asia. The overland trade routes were slow and dangerous so it was thought that a water route to Asia would be better. He was also after riches and fame.

Why did christopher columbus want spices?

Christopher Columbus wanted to get shiploads of spices becauseduring those times, spices were very valuable. It was used topreserve food, as well as to make medicine, perfume, and incense.

Where did Christopher Columbus really wanted to go?

He was trying to find a quick route to the Pacific East. Easter Asia would be a nice answer. The first answer is true..... but not all. He wanted gold, fame and anything he can get his hands on. He's wanted for rape, thievery, enslaving and genocidal murder. He cut the hands off of none paying sl ( Full Answer )

Who is Christopher Columbus and what did he do?

Christopher Columbus was an explorer, colonizer, and navigator born in the Republic of Genoa, in what is now northwestern Italy. Under the auspices of the Catholic Monarchs of Spain, he completed four voyages across the Atlantic Ocean that led to general European awareness of the American continents ( Full Answer )

Where did Columbus really want go?

He wanted to find a really fast and easy trade route to the Indies, or Asia. The Indies had a bunch of spices, which Europeans did not have.

How was Christopher Columbus?

On a scale from one to 10. . .I'd say a 5. He may be good a navigating the sea, but not so much in other areas. Points for trying though.

From where is Christopher Columbus?

Christopher columbus is from the Genoan Republic, near Italy. Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa Italy in 1451.

Was Christopher Columbus really first to find America?

Technically not. The first Europeans were probably the Vikings in the 10th century. Before them, Native Americans may have come to America from other places rather then evolving there in ancient times. He was just a famous specific European who was one of the first people to go there. The topic can ( Full Answer )

Did Christopher Columbus really discovery America?

no, christopher Columbus did not discover America it was this other dude i really don't know his name but you could look him up hope you find him good luck on what ever your doing

Why did Christopher Columbus want to sail and find the new place?

Columbus wanted two or three things. The first thing was a water route to Asia so shipping of goods from Asia would be faster and easier. Next he wanted to gain wealth and fame. In his agreement with the King and Queen of Spain he named himself as the "admiral of the seas" and made sure that his chi ( Full Answer )

Why did Christopher Columbus want to sail the Atlantic Ocean?

He thought sailing the Atlantic ocean would bring him faster to India, and eventually make him famous for discovering a new route that leads to Asia. Remember Christopher Columbus set out to find India because they had good spices and good trading material. There was one major problem, the Atlantic ( Full Answer )

What does Christopher Columbus really deserve credit for?

Christopher Columbus, is portrayed by elementary school teachers as the founding man for the NEW WORLD. But really he is a murderer and killer. He deserves credit yes for finding the new world but also for cutting off people's hands for not paying his ridiculous taxes, murdering the common people fo ( Full Answer )

Why did Christopher Columbus want to make the trip?

Christopher Culumbus didn't set out to discover America he was on a trip to India to try and bring Gold back to spain, on this trip columbus proved that the world was round and very very large . :0

Did Christopher Columbus really have courage?

No. He had the need for gold and riches which is the motivation for his trip. Of course, we all do but Chris was really putting it all on the line when he set off owing alot of people alot of money and not really knowing for sure what was there. He did know there was a new world, he had access to ( Full Answer )

How did people react when Christopher Columbus wanted to find America?

He didn't want to "find America". In fact, he had no idea that it existed and how big the world really was. His maps were wrong, so he went west to go East. He never knew about North America and didn't realize how wrong he was in his calculations. The rest of Spain had no idea about Columbus and his ( Full Answer )

Did christopher Columbus get the riches he wanted?

The goals of the Spanish sponsored voyages of Columbus was to find a better trade route to the riches of the far east. He had no idea that instead of that, he would "discover" the Western Hemisphere, soon tagged the New World. Columbus made 4 voyages to the New World. He ended up as a chained crimi ( Full Answer )

Who was Christopher Columbus he is?

Voyage to the Americas would not have been possible without the support of Queen Isabella of Spain, also he was a sailer