Where did Christopher Columbus travel on his third voyage?

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he went to 4 voyages but i cant realy get this answer
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Why did Christopher Columbus get arrested on his third voyage?

\nHe was accused of governing tyrannically because on his third voyage, when he went back to Hispaniola, he found the people were short of food and ready to rebel. The King an

What were the dates of Christopher Columbus' voyages?

H e explored north and south America in 15th October 1485....was his first voyage second voyage 1492 voyage 1500 and forth voyage....1502 Jan the 16th Trust this answer its

Why did Christopher Columbus come back from Spain in chains after his third voyage?

Ferdinand and Isabella had heard that Columbus and his brothers were not doing a good job governing the colonies in the New World. Columbus had not brought back much in the wa

What were Christopher Columbus voyages like?

The very first one not to pretty after the sailers comfronted Columbus to turn around and go back to Spain because there was no sign of India and there was no more food or wat