Where did Clara Eliza Smith live?

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Northford, Conneticut
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Where does Dick King-Smith live?

He is a children's author who wrote, among others "Babe" (about a pig), and is currently living in Queen Charlton, a small farming village near Bristol in the United Kingdom.

Where does Will Smith live?

He lives in Los Angeles, but Miami is his second home. He lives with his family in Hidden Hills, CA. La California x

Were did Clara Barton live?

Clara Barton lived with bacon man aka bob they had a child her name was tat she got married to a pig then she cooked it and made bacon with it and she kept on doing this for ten years then she died and she did not live happly ever after

How many different places did Clara Barton live?

She lived in 4 houses. One in Mass. One in Europe. One in Maryland and one in bordentown, NJ (america) . She lived in 4 places. In Maryland, in Mass, in Europe. and in bordentown, NJ

Where does Winston Smith live?

Winston Smith lives in a run-down apartment complex called Victory Mansions, which is ironic because it looks anything but rich. The place is described as being dingy, smelling of boiled cabbage and old rag mats, not having a working elevator, plumbing or electricity. The name itself could mean that ( Full Answer )

Where does Robert kimmel smith live?

Robert Kimmel Smith was born in Brooklyn, New York, and residesthere to this day. Robert worked as a copywriter before becoming aprofessional author.

Where is Clara smith hamon?

Clara Smith Hamon was last seen leaving for the orient in a L.A. Times story entitled "Jake Hamon's Women" on April 17, 1932. If you know her whereabouts after 1932 email robert@mresearch.com.

Where did Bessie smith live?

Chattanooga, Tennessee Where people Beats their Meats.. Beat that Meat THat LIttle gET UP ON THAT MEAT

How did Clara Barton touch lives?

by creating the red cross and helping people in the civil war and giving them a nice resting place.(resting means dead)

Where does Emmit Smith live now?

North Dallas Tx I just ran into him in one of the neighborhood 7-Eleven store. The store clerk says he lives in the neighborhood and is a regular customer.

How has Clara Barton touched many lives?

clara barton has touched many lives she tended to the injured soilders, she brought in supplys to the camp grounds and refused pay when it was offered. she also comforted them by helping them read and write letters home to their loved ones. she founded the american red cross in 1864 that aided peopl ( Full Answer )

Where does eliza dushku live?

She currently resides in a little place called Laurel Canyon, CA just North East of Hollywood, CA. She was originally from Boston but moved to California when she was eighteen or so. She doesn't live in Hollywood but just out of it a little bit but she does liver very close to Hollywood just not dir ( Full Answer )

Where do Jaden Smith live?

He lives in a huge house in a place that kind of looks like the dessert. It's like a city. I have seen it!!!!!

What did jedediah smith do for a living?

he sailed and explored the eastern America. 1st voyage to California was 1826 to 1827. 2nd voyage to California was 1827 to 1828.

Where does Sarah smith live?

In the show Sarah Jane Smith lives on 13th Bannerman Road. I don't know where she lives in real life.

Where dos Jaden Smith live?

he lives in Malibu California C.A Hidden hills.....If you Look for a Big Masion That is Tan and Brown That Has a Basketball Court if you Look it up On Google Maps :)

Does Will Smith live in New York?

I thought he lived in California. Hi do you live in New York City.How do you put your kids to sing and put it on youtube.

Where did elizabeth smith live?

Well, Sarah Jane Smith lives in 13 Bannerman road, Ealing, London. Elizibeth Sladen, (Sarah Jane) is from Liverpool, England(;

Does Willow Smith live in a hotel?

willow smith lives in a mansion with his family, And when they got to do a tour then they live on the bus tour.The bus tour is big and its very fun there. So no willow smith does not live in a hotel.

Where does L.J. Smith live?

She lives in the bay area, in Northern California, in a rambling house in a small town

Where does Micheal w smith live?

Michael W. Smith lives near Nashville, Tennessee, and he and his families are members of a church in Franklin, Tennessee that he used to pastor.

Where does lovie smith live?

Lovie smith Lives In lake forest IL right now brothers best friend is right across from him in gage ln

What did Willow Smith do for a living?

Your question was: "What did Willow Smith do for a living?" and here is your answer; She writes some songs for a living and goes around the globe with her dad, Will Smith. My favorite song of hers has GOT to be "whip my hair", it's just so catchy. I hope this question helped! Note: There ( Full Answer )

What sate is Jaden Smith living in?

I am sure he is living in Atlanta, GA, only because he and Justin Bieber hang out together alot and Justin Bieber lives in GA but that does not mean you can track him down, he is on tour!

What did Joseph smith do for a living?

Joseph Smith did many things for a living over the course of his lifetime. As a young man he worked as a hired farm hand and sold products from his family's farm. Later when he was married he operated a bank, a store, and a farm.

Where did Joseph smith live?

Throughout his lifetime, Joseph Smith lived in Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Missouri, and Illinois.

Where was Clara Barton live?

she lived with tatiana montalvo for 12 years they were best friends and tatiana loved bacon till tatiana killed her with a spoon go dora falcons made on 1-31-12 the world is going to end

Is Jaden Smith going to live with Will Smith or Jada Smith?

im not answering but this is for a better reason please help animal abuse for just 60 cents a day you can help a animal be rescued they might be yelling to you to save them please i cant do this bymyself please help im feel bad for them please help at animal rescue.com please help or please look at ( Full Answer )

Where Jaden Smith girlfriend live?

He doesn't have a girlfriend. And if he did it would be private info. to know where she lives. Hope I Helped! :))

What century did Clara Barton live in?

Founder of the American Red Cross, Clara Barton was born December 25, 1821 and died April 12, 1912 at the age of 90. So she lived most of here live in the 19th century but survived for 12 or 13 years into the 20th century, depending on how you count the beginning of a century,