Where did Clara go to School as a child?

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Colonel Richard Stone's school
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How can you go to school and still raise a child?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nHigh school? There are special schools for teenage mothers. However if there are none in your area you find a babysitter. Most counties have a child care council where you can get child care paid for if you are poor. You get a hold of them through the welfare offi ( Full Answer )

Where did Clara Barton go to school?

Clara Barton attended a private girl's academy in Clinton, NY. Shewent on September 15 1831. She had 3 other roommates. Some say thatshe was home schooled. If she was, then it was only for a shortperiod of time.

What school did Clara Barton go to?

Clara Barton went to LOiberal Instititute in Clinton Ny and when she was young she was homeschooled by her parents

What school did Richard Nixon go to when he was a child?

Richard Nixon was born on January 9, 1913 and became the 37thpresident of the US. He was in office from January 20, 1969 â??August 9, 1974. He attended East Whittier Elementary School,Fullerton Union High School, Whittier College, and Duke UniversitySchool of Law.

Did Clara Barton go to school?

She did for a while until her brother David got sick and she nursed him. Then she went back to school. also, she learned a lot from her family. Each member of her had a special thing they taught her. Her father, since he was a captain taught her everything there is to know about the battlefield her ( Full Answer )

What schools did Clara Barton go to?

\nshe gained an education by attending local schools (it never says) and home tutoring from older brothers and sisters.

What is good reason for your child to go to school out of her school zone?

I go to a school out of my school zone. My school is a very good school as it gives good resources. I was lucky to get the chance to go to it as it is a selective girls grammar. A good reason for your child to go to a school out of his/her school zone is that it is an excellent opportunity for ( Full Answer )

Why must a child go to school?

Becase somebody made something to make people learn,evrybody thaught it could help people in the future. It is boring as evrybody knows but you nevar had to go to school when it was first invented ut now its against the law not to let a child go to school because lots of lessons there makes people g ( Full Answer )

What school did Kenn Nesbitt go to as a child?

Kenn Nesbitt attended John Muir Elementary School in Fresno, California from kindergarten through third grade. From fourth grade through sixth grade he went to Kirk Elementary School, also in Fresno. He attended Pacific Beach Junior High School in San Diego, California, and went to high school at ( Full Answer )

Did obama go to a muslum school when he was a child?

No that story was proved to be false though Fox TV did a story on this and were made to look a bit silly when another news channel visited Obama's school and it turned out to be a lot of rubbish.

Can a parent stop a child from going to school?

No it is the law that a child has to attend school. You can get cited and fined if you don't send your children to school. The school will make a C.A.R. (Child Abuse Report) and CPS will be involved and an investigation will be conducted. So, it's not a smart thing to do.

Does a child have to go to school?

Yes,its ilegal for you children not going to school,attempting this (if you are in usa) you may be sentenced to death (uk) may be sentenced until your child leaves school.

Did Clara Barton do well in school?

Yes. She was very good in school, but she did have a problem. She was very shy so she didn't make any friends. so her parents took her out of school many times and but her in different schools like boarding school. (:

What kind of school did you go to as a child?

i went to convent school during my childhood.my school was so beautiful...i have great memories of my school time.when ever i visit my birth place where this school is situated...i always visit my school..and freshup my all moments of my life

When did Clara Barton start school?

. Clara barton was taught by her family how to read at an early age . when she was five her brother taught her mathematics . she was sent off to school at age eight

What was Clara Bartons schooling?

Of the schools that Clara Barton went to, she attended a small boarding school in Clinton, New York.

Can your child go to school with ringworm?

A child cannot attend school with ringworm until the affected area has been treated thoroughly with Lamisil (over the counter anti-fungal) for at least 24 hours. This is long enough that it will not be as contagious. Ringworm is a fungus that is HIGHLY contagious in children, but most adults don't c ( Full Answer )

Where did Julia Child go to school?

She attended Westridge School, Polytechnic School from fourth grade to ninth grade and then The Branson School in Ross, California, which was at the time a boarding school. At six feet, two inches (1.88 m) tall, Child played tennis, golf, and basketball as a child and continued to play sports while ( Full Answer )

How can you make a school going child sit for home work?

Bribery. Say, 'If you sit down & do your homework, then you can do this'. Don't let them know your bribing them, though. Say what could happen if they didn't do their homework. Soon, if you bribe them, or the other thing, then they'll start doing their homework on their own. Worked for me when I was ( Full Answer )

Did Clara Barton have child?

NO, and as far as is known she was never married. There was no celibacy requirement for Nurses then or now, except of course in Religious orders, where there are Nursing sisters.

Does every child go to school in Scotland?

Scotland isn't a poor country and by law every child must go to school. I am sure there must be some home schooled pupils. Most schools in Scotland are free so even if the family is poor they can manage to get their child education and not go to prison.

Why should child go to school?

children have a right to an education , if they don't go to school they will not learn and will not get a good job

What school did Clara Barton attended to?

Before she went to school, she was eager to learn, so her family tutored her. Clara's mother also helped, in teaching her how to sew and to cook. Sally and Dorothy, her two sisters, taught Clara how to read before she was four years old! She was very bright. Stephen, her older brother, taught her ar ( Full Answer )

What happens when your child refuses to go to school?

They won't have good grades. You force them too. 90% of the time they will be content there within a day. Else, you take them to a psychologist. After 14 days you may get a call from the authorities regarding absences.

What if a child refuses to go to school?

The legal guardian/s will be held liable and can be charged with neglect and contributing delinquency to a minor among several other charges. Then the child may be removed from the home and placed in foster care or a state ran halfway house where they will be forced to attend school. If they caus ( Full Answer )

When does a child go to school in Australia?

Regular public schools are Mon-Fri from 9:00am to 3:20pm. Terms are 9-11 weeks, with two week holidays between each term, and a six week holiday over summer. This is a regular South Australian schedule; private schools and other states may differ.

Did Cleopatra go to school as a child?

No, the school would have gone to Cleopatra. Although we know nothing of Cleo's childhood, it can be assumed, judging from the customs of royalty, that she would have been educated by tutors along with the other royal children.

How do you go about home schooling a child?

you could utilize the K12 curriculum using a state aligned programthat has the same accreditation as the bricks and mortar schools.Every state has one. It is all online and you are the learningcoach but you have a teacher assigned up until high school whereyour child then gets a teacher for each sub ( Full Answer )