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In Smallville and Metropolis.
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Who were Lewis and Clark?

In 1803, Thomas Jefferson commissioned Capt. Meriwether Lewis and Lt. William Clark to explore what is now the northwest United States. The party of nearly thirty men including Lewis and Clark, three sergeants, twenty two enlisted men, volunteers, interpreters, departed St. Louis in May 1804 heading ( Full Answer )

Who is Clark Robertson?

Clark Robertson is a Scottish professional footballer who currentlyplays as a left back for Blackpool.

Who is Torchy Clark?

Eugene "Torchy" Clark was the men's basketball coach at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, from 1969-1983. Compiled a career record of 274-89 (.754). Member of the Florida Sports Hall of Fame and Sunshine State Conference Hall of Fame, in addition to the Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Hall ( Full Answer )

What country did Lewis and Clark live in?

Answer . The United States. Our third President - Jefferson, bought the Louisiana Purchase from France and sent Lewis and Clark to explore the new land.

Where did George Rogers Clark live?

George Rogers Clark was born in Charlottesville, Virginia, in 1752.His family moved to Caroline County, Virginia, after the French andIndian War began. In 1772, he made his way to Kentucky. After theend of the Revolutionary War, Clark moved to Indiana. He returnedto Kentucky in 1809 after suffering ( Full Answer )

Where did William Clark live?

In the beginning, William Clark lived in St. Louis, Missouri. Then in March 1785, they moved to Kentucky having traveled overland to Redstone Landing before completing the journey down the Ohio River by flatboat. The Clark family settled at "Mulberry Hill", a plantation along Beargrass Creek near Lo ( Full Answer )

Who is Ron Clark?

Ron Clarke was in the Olympics for track and field. His intelligent BIG mind holds him at the top of one of the best track runners!

How old did William Clark live to be?

William Clark died at age 69 on September 1, 1838, while at the home of his son, Meriwether Lewis Clark. His cause of death is unknown and is only described as a "brief illness.".

What did Willam Clark do?

William Clark served in the U.S. Army as an artillery officer and eventually rose to the rank of lieutenant. Clark had red hair and was a popular leader, which proved an asset during the Expedition. During the Lewis and Clark expedition, Clark was the one in charge of taking care of the supplies, gu ( Full Answer )

Where are the clarks headquarters?

The Clark's headquarters is located in the United Kingdom. Thiscompany was founded in 1825 and is a well known shoemaker.

Where did clark die?

Clark would serve as governor of the Missouri Territory (from 1813-1820) and he continued to lead Native American affairs for 30 years, enjoying a high reputation as an authority on the West. Many hunters, adventurers and explorers would visit him in St. Louis for advice. He died at age 69 on Septem ( Full Answer )

Where were Lewis and Clark from?

William Clark was from Caroline County, Virginia, and Meriwhether Lewis was born in in Charlottesville, Albemarle County, Virginia. wow!

Is the great 'eurospy' actor Ken Clark still living?

Ken Clark appeared on an Italian TV show called "Stracult" (a talk show) in June of 2009. I do not know when it was recorded. At the time, he was living just outside Rome, Italy.

Where does twinkie clark live?

Twinkie Clark is located in Detroit, Michigan. In 2008, Twinkie wontwo Grammy awards and the BMI Trailblazer Award.

Who is Nathan clark?

Nathan Clark is a mid-field professional soccer player who presently plays for Huddersfield Town. He also likes to scooter!!!!!

Where does Petula Clark live?

if you are trying to commit a murder, it wont work. too many people already tried silly.

Who is Clark Vanderheyden?

Clark is a wide receiver at wayzata high school with a 4.6 second 40 he is unstoppable on the football field. He also has some of the best catching abillities in the state of minnesota

What did Lewis and clark have to do?

America just bought the great Louisiana purchase was a massive huge purchase. Lewis and Clark were trying to travel and explore there new land. they tried to get to the pacific with using rivers just water they almost completed that (I think try bing.com) But the basics of what they had to do is tra ( Full Answer )

How long did William Clark live?

William Clark was an American soldier and explorer that was bornthe 17th of September of 1770 and died the 1st of September of1838. By doing the math, the result is he lived 68 years. Duringhis lifetime he also served as a territorial governor of his nativeVirginia.

Who is travis clark?

Travis Clark is the lead singer of the band, We the Kings . He is also their main guitar player. He grew up in Bradentown, FL and still resides there. HE ROCKS! . he is an awesome sexy singer who grew up in BRADENTON not BRADENTOWN where i lived for the first 11 years of my life.

Who is clark vaughn?

clarck vaughn is a guy who visited quito Ecuador with his wife and kids and was touched by the kids the visited they soon realized that god was calling them to open and orphanage called For his children or ara sus ninos

What is a TLA clark?

TLA Clark is a very large reciprocating two stroke engine, either straight six or eight. Our pump natural gas on a pipeline. The compressors are bolted to the crankcase and the connecting rods connect to the same crankshaft as the power connecting rods. The engines stand ten foot from the floor to t ( Full Answer )

Who is clark?

The most famous "Clark" of WW2 was Lt-Gen Mark W. Clark. During most of the war he as commanding general of the US 5th Army in Italy. In December 1944, he was promoted to CG of 15 Army Group which was in command of all American and British troops in Italy. Clark was a graduate of West Point ( Full Answer )

Where did Sacagawea live after the Lewis and Clark expedition?

She was with the Corps of Discovery until they arrived back in St. Louis on September 23, 1806. After the expedition, William Clark offered Toussaint and Sacajawea a place in St. Louis and a proper education for Jean-Baptiste (at a time where there was no opportunity for Native Americans to receive ( Full Answer )

Is john clarke from the tv show Days of Our Lives still alive?

As of March 2011, John Clarke, the actor who played Mickey Horton for several years on Days of our Lives, is still alive. Mr. Clarke announced his retirement from acting in 2004. The writers of DOOL decided to kill his character off so they could create more storylines for Maggie Horton involving a ( Full Answer )

Did John Clarke from Days of Our Lives die?

As of January 2011, John Clarke, the actor who played Mickey Horton for several years on Days of our Lives, is still alive. Mr. Clarke announced his retirement from acting in 2004. The writers of DOOL decided to kill his character off so they could create more storylines for Maggie Horton involving ( Full Answer )

How did did the Lewis and Clark expedition change Americans' lives?

Considering the Lewis and Clark expedition, the fact that they were part of a scientific expedition was extremely important, especially during the Age of Enlightenment. The new knowledge they obtained about the Northwest's geography, natural resources, and native inhabitants sparked American interes ( Full Answer )

How old is Will Clark?

Ex-MLB player Will Clark Jr. is 54 years old (birthdate: March 13,1964). (*Adult movie actor "Will Clark" was born March 9, 1968.)

How old is Will Clarke?

Will Clarke (novelist) is 46 years old (birthdate: August 13, 1970). William Clarke Jr. (NFL) is 26 years old (birthdate May 4, 1991). William Clarke (triathlete) is 32 years old (birthdate January 31, 1985) Will Clarke (Australian cyclist) is 32 years old (birthdate April 11, 1985). (* For the ( Full Answer )

What does clark do for a living in national lampoons Christmas vacation?

He is the Sr advertiser in his Advertisement firm. He was expecting a $30K Christmas bonus to pay for his swimming pool and was hoping to get possibly $40K bonus to fly his family for the unveil and so he probably makes around $150K a year in order to expect a 30K bonus.

Where did Clark Kent and Lois Lane live?

In Metropolis. I'm not sure if their "address" was ever specified or not. At one point, Clark Kent was living in a building owned (indirectly) by Bruce Wayne; he casually mentioned to Batman that he liked the apartment but wasn't sure he would get it. He got it.

Did Clark Gable ever work for the power company in Portland Oregon or at least live in Portland?

Clark Gable, then known as Billy, moved to Oregon to work as a logger in Bend and then lived in Portland and Astoria as a young man between 1920 and 1923. While in Portland, he lived in a rooming house off of Burnside and SW 13th avenue and worked at The Oregonian in the advertising department and l ( Full Answer )

Did Clark Gable ever live in Portland Oregon?

Clark Gable, then known as Billy Gable, moved to Oregon to work as a logger in Bend and then lived in Portland and Astoria as a young man between 1920 and 1923. While in Portland, he lived in a rooming house off of W Burnside and SW 13th avenue and worked at The Oregonian in the advertising departme ( Full Answer )

Who is in the Clark family?

The Clark Family members are - Chris, Marjorie, Truman, and Ruthie Clark - and so many more!

Who is Jemma Clarke?

Gemma Clarke is a professional musician who was previously the drummer for The Suffrajets, The Krak and Babyshambles.

Did petula clark ever live in wales?

Yes, she did. She is actually half-Welsh, her mother being Doris Phillips, who worked as a nurse at Long Grove Hospital in Epsom, Surrey. Petula was evacuated to Wales in 1942 to stay with her grandparents during WW2, at the age of ten- even back then she had established a reputation as a child star ( Full Answer )

What did Lewis and Clark had?

As the leaders of the Corps of Discovery, along with other members of the exploration team, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark had purchased a large stock of supplies, including guns, ammunition, food, clothing, horses, candles, paper and pens for taking account of things and writing journals, navig ( Full Answer )

How did The Louisiana Purchase and the Lewis and Clark expedition and how will change lives?

The Lewis and Clark expedition, 1803–1806, was a U.S. expedition that explored the territory of the Louisiana Purchase and the country beyond as far as the Pacific Ocean. . Thomas Jefferson had long considered the project of a western expedition, and as president he contemplated the m ( Full Answer )

Who is Acacia Clark?

Acacia Clark is a blond 15 year old model. Her birthday is October 22, 1995. You can follow her on social networks; Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Who is Julie Clark and what does she do?

Julie Clark is an aerobatic and former commercial pilot, with over forty years of flight experience and 30,000 hours of accident-free flying. Starting her career with Golden West Airlines, she is recognized as being a pioneer for woman pilots, being among the first to fly for a major commercial airl ( Full Answer )

What does Richard 'Oz' Clarke do for a living?

Oz Clarke dedicates his time to a number of things some of which he does for a living. He is a actor, broadcaster, television presenter and a wine writer.

Who is Ciaran Clark?

Ciaran Clark (born September 26, 1989 in Harrow) is an Englishfootballer who as of February 2014 plays for Aston Villa. Clark has played for Aston Villa for his entire career, since his2009-10 debut season. Clark plays as a central defender, but canalso be used as a midfielder or left back.