Where did Cleopatra and her family live?

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Cleo and family lived in Alexandria.
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Where in Egypt did Cleopatra live?

Cleopatra was originally from Macedonia Greece but had left Greece to live in Alexandria Egypt cleopatra was born in macedonia greece. she eventually moved to alexandria egypt, then moved again, to rome.

Where did Cleopatra live?

Cleopatra lived in Alexandria Egypt then later moved to rome with her companion Julius Caesar. She had children and eventually died

What did Cleopatra do for a living?

She was the Queen of Egypt. . She was a QueenCleopatra VII Philopator, known to historysimply as Cleopatra, was the last active pharaoh of Ancient Egypt,only shortly survived by her son, Caesarion as pharaoh. . Cleopatra was a member of the Ptolemaic dynasty, a family ofMacedonian Greek origin th ( Full Answer )

Was Cleopatra the oldest in her family?

Cleopatra VII Philopator was the third daughter of Ptolemy XII and Cleopatra V and was born in January 69 BCE. Her elder sisters were Berenice IV and Tryphaena and a younger brother Ptolemy XIII who was also her husband.

Who was Cleopatras family?

Back in their religion she was the suns god daughter of the great Ices a god that they use to believe in. She had a brother they would always be fighting about who would rule eygt .Cleopatra was ruler of Egypt for a while but a group of Cleopatra's brothers friend kicked her out of the spot ,after C ( Full Answer )

Who where Cleopatras family members?

Cleopatra had two brothers and three sisters. Her brothers were Ptolemy XIII and Ptolemy XIV, her sisters were Cleopatra VI, Berenice IV, and Arsinoe IV.

Did Cleopatra live in the old kingdom?

No, the Old Kingdom period in Egyptian history was way, way before Cleopatra's time. Cleopatra ruled in the Hellinistic or Ptolemaic period of Egyptian history.

What was Cleopatras family like?

Cleopatra's family was probably the original dysfunctional family. They kept up the tradition of the Ptolemies by killing each other off and usurping power. Cleopatra was no different. She killed off her brother/husband as soon as she returned to Egypt after Caesar's death and had Marc Antony kill o ( Full Answer )

Who were in Cleopatras family?

Cleopatra's immediate family were her four children, her two brothers and her one remaining sister.

What castle did Cleopatra live in?

Cleopatra never lived in a castle. She lived in a royal palace in Alexandria. Castles did not come into existence until Medieval times.

Who did Cleopatra live with?

Cleopatra lived with her father sister her pet lion her maid\friend in Alexandra. Then she lived with Antony

Who was the oldest out of the siblings in cleopatras family?

She herself, Cleopatra, was the oldest out of all the other siblings in her family. She was about 17/18 at the time she came into power, her two sisters were around the ages of 13-15, and her two brothers were around the ages of 7-12. So, she was the oldest out of all the siblings. . By: ? Anonymou ( Full Answer )

Where did Cleopatra of Egypt live?

Cleopatra's palace was discovered a few years ago at the bottom of Alexandria Harbor where it has been preserved for centuries as the result of an earthquake. When Alexander the Great died, his generals divided the Macedonian Empire, and Ptolemy ruled Egypt from Alexandria, the first and greatest of ( Full Answer )

What is cleopatras family history?

Cleopatra's family was descendant from Ptolemy, a general (and some say an uncle) of Alexander the Great. The Ptolemies were ruthless and cruel among themselves and it seems as if the family sport was to kill each other off.

Did Cleopatra VII's family rule with her?

Absolutely not. Cleopatra and her family were bitter enemies with each one trying to usurp the other. When Cleopatra gained power she lost no time in killing off her brother and sister.

Did Cleopatra had family?

She killed 3 of her siblings.She had 2 brothers and 2 sisters.Her older sister was killed, and then she finished the job by killing her other brothers and sister for the throne.

Where did Cleopatras family from?

all i know is that she came from a family of Macedonian Greeks. there family was ruling Egypt so she must be from Egypt. that's why she she is the queen of Egypt.

Who were Cleopatras family?

Cleopatra's family was descendant from Ptolemy one of Alexander the Great's generals. That's why all the males in the dynasty had the name Ptolemy. Her immediate family consisted of her father, Ptolemy XII, Cleopatra V, who may or may not have been her mother, three sisters and two brothers. Her sis ( Full Answer )

What was Cleopatra personal live?

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What did Cleopatras mother do for a living?

We don't know because we don't know for certain who Cleopatra's mother was. She could have been a queen or she could have been a priestess or she could have been a minor wife of Ptolemy XII.

Why did Cleopatra assainat people in her family?

It seemed to be a family tradition among the Ptolemies. The people in Cleopatra's family would have assassinated her, if given the chance. She was merely taking defensive action.

Did Cleopatra live in rome?

No, Cleopatra did not live in Rome. She lived in Alexandria, the capital of Egypt. However she did visit Rome,some historians think twice and she was at Rome when Caesar was killed.

What kind of family did queen Cleopatra have?

Cleopatra had the ultimate dysfunctional family. They seemed to have spent most of their time usurping power (or trying to) and killing each other off.

When did cleopatra the seventh live?

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How did Cleopatra live in the afterlife?

Actually, no one here has ever been in the afterlife so we can't answer your question. However according to the Egyptian beliefs, she would have lived the same as she lived while on earth. That's the reason that her slaves, Iras and Charmion, killed themselves along with her, so they could serve her ( Full Answer )

Did Cleopatra get on with her family?

There was pure hatred between Cleopatra and her family. Each member was trying to usurp the other for power. Cleopatra was the one who won out after murdering her brother-husband and her sister. But don't judge her too harshly for this, they would have done the same to Cleo if given the chance.

What was Cleopatra family like?

To put it kindly, it was dysfunctional. The Ptolemies were killers---of each other. One of her ancestors even killed his wife's son and presented his chopped up body to her on their wedding night. Cleopatra's father killed his daughter, Berenice (Cleo's sister) and Cleopatra herself killed her broth ( Full Answer )

Where did Cleopatra live when she ruled?

She lived in Alexandria, the capitol of Egypt at the time. She lived in Alexandria, the capitol of Egypt at the time. She lived in Alexandria, the capitol of Egypt at the time. She lived in Alexandria, the capitol of Egypt at the time. She lived in Alexandria, the capitol of Egypt at the time. ( Full Answer )

When did Cleopatra live in rome?

The times that Cleopatra was in Rome, she stayed as a guest in Caesar's villa across the Tiber. She was summoned to Rome in 46 BC. She was also there in 44 BC. It's the general thinking that she made two trips to Rome, as it would not make sense for her to stay away from her new kingdom for almost t ( Full Answer )

How did Cleopatras family affect her?

Cleopatra came from a long line of murderers. The Ptolemies never hesitated to kill off one another if they had the slightest reason to believe that their power was threatened. Cleopatra was no different. By killing off her brother and sister she was following the family tradition. Cleopatra came f ( Full Answer )

What is Cleopatras families names?

The ancient Egyptians did not have family names as we know them. In the case of Cleopatra's family, they were named after their dynasty, the Ptolemaic dynasty. The women's names were Cleopatra, Arsinoe, and Berenice. The men were all named Ptolemy with the exception of two Alexanders. Historians giv ( Full Answer )

What ruling family is Cleopatra a part of?

Cleopatra was part of the ruling family of the Ptolemies. She was from the Ptolemaic dynasty. Cleopatra was part of the ruling family of the Ptolemies. She was from the Ptolemaic dynasty. Cleopatra was part of the ruling family of the Ptolemies. She was from the Ptolemaic dynasty. Cleopatra was p ( Full Answer )

Where did Cleopatra and Mark Anthony live?

Cleopatra and Mark Antony lived in Alexandria. Cleopatra and Mark Antony lived in Alexandria. Cleopatra and Mark Antony lived in Alexandria. Cleopatra and Mark Antony lived in Alexandria. Cleopatra and Mark Antony lived in Alexandria. Cleopatra and Mark Antony lived in Alexandria. Cleopatra an ( Full Answer )

What kind of life did Cleopatra live?

she lived a greeat life at first but as her brother went against and started a war with her it all hanged, at the end she commited suicide.

What was Cleopatra family background?

Cleopatra came from a family of killers. It was the original dysfunctional family. The Ptolemies seemed to have a family tradition of killing each other off and not in pretty ways. Cleopatra's own father did not hesitate to kill his daughter and Cleopatra followed the tradition by killing both her b ( Full Answer )

What period did the first Cleopatra live in?

We don't know for certain because we don't know who the first Cleopatra was. Cleopatra was a very common Macedonian name. The first Cleopatra of Egypt, though, was the wife of Ptolemy V. However she was a Syrian princess, the daughter of Antiochus of Syria. We know that she had two sons and a daught ( Full Answer )

Cleopatra and Julius Caesar family?

Cleopatra and Julius Caesar were not related or part of the same family. Cleopatra had an illegitimate son that she claimed was fathered by Julius Caesar. That's as far as "family" goes between the pair. Cleopatra and Julius Caesar were not related or part of the same family. Cleopatra had an illeg ( Full Answer )

Did Cleopatra lived in Egypt?

No she lived in Fairytopia. OF COURSE SHE LIVED IN EGYPT! she was the friking queen of the nile! or do u think the nile is in france or something?

Did Cleopatra ever live it Italy?

Cleopatra lived briefly in Rome. Let's just say that Cleopatra visited Rome, actually with her brother/husband. There is no historical record of her ever having a child with her when she visited Rome. Not one ancient writer mentions it and certainly someone with the possible impact of a child of Cae ( Full Answer )

How did Cleopatras family die?

Cleopatra's father died of natural causes. We don't know how her mother or her sister also named Cleopatra died. We do know that her sister Berenice was executed by their father and Cleopatra had Mark Antony kill her younger sister, Arsinoe. Her brother/husband died by drowning in the Nile and her s ( Full Answer )

How long ago did Cleopatra live?

Queen Cleopatra was born in 69 BC and died at the age of 39, which means that she lived approximately 2080 years ago.

Did Cleopatra have a family life?

Yes, Cleopatra VII (the seventh) had a family! Her brothers were: Ptolemy XIII, and Ptolemy XIV, who were married to Cleopatra and also were Kings. Her sisters were: Berenice (eldest sister), Cleopatra Tryphaena, and Arsinoe! Her parents were engaged and their names were: Ptolemy XI Auletes and ( Full Answer )

Did Cleopatra and her family get along?

No, remember they were Ptolemies and the Ptolemies were notorious for killing each other off. Cleo's father killed his own daughter and Cleopatra herself caused one brother and one sister to be murdered. There was no way that they got along.

Why did Cleopatra live in Egypt?

Cleopatra lived in Egypt because she was an Egyptian (of Greek descent), was born there and ruled there. Egypt was her native country.

Where did Cleopatra live and when?

In Egypt in the city of Alexandria founded by Alexander the great 2000 years ago at the time of Julius Cesar and Mark Anthony who she had affairs with. She was very intelligent and well educated and a direct descendant of one of Alexander the greats Generals Ptolemy who founded a line of Pharaohs af ( Full Answer )

What places has Cleopatra lived?

As far as we know, she only lived in Alexandria, with perhaps a brief stay at or around Thebes. Any other city, such as Antioch, Jerusalem or Rome was merely visited by Cleopatra, she did not live there.

Did Cleopatra or her family suffer any hardships?

For the most part, no, neither Cleopatra nor her family suffered any hardships, at least not externally. Internally, however, they were typical Ptolemies, vying for power and trying their best to kill off any member of their family who stood in their way.