Where did Cleopatra get the poisend hairpen?

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If you are asking about the theory that Cleo scratched herself with a poisoned hairpin, she was known to carry poisons around with her. There was a time that she could have killed Marc Antony with a poisoned leaf that she was wearing in her dinner crown. However, as logical that this scratch/poison theory sounds, it does not explain the deaths of her two slaves. Remember, when Cleopatra died others died with her presumably by the same means.
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Who was Cleopatra?

Cleopatra was the name of several women of the Ptolemaic dynasty ofancient Egypt. The Cleopatra that we are discussing here isCleopatra VII, who was the last queen (pharaoh) of her dynasty.Over the years she has become an icon of beauty, feminineperfection, intellectual brilliance and any other supe ( Full Answer )

What did Cleopatra do?

She married many men and spoke 9 languages. She was an Egyptian ruler who lived from 69 BC to 30 BC. She sometimes was called the "Queen of the Nile." She was the subject of a Shakespeare play and had many movies.

Where was Cleopatra from?

By origin she was from Greek, her great grandfather was a generalin Alexander the Great's army and when he died his empire was splitup Ptolemy got Egypt. Also Cleopatra was the only one in her familyline who bothered to learn the Egyptian tongue.

Did Cleopatra have a pyramid?

If you mean as a burial chamber , the answer is no. In her period and she was really a Greek Regent, a provincial governor of a Greek Province, The pyramids were not actively used as current tombs or temples though it is of course conceivable they had landmark status like , to give a very rough anal ( Full Answer )

Did Cleopatra have a brother?

Cleopatra had brothers, two brothers. One is and was Ptolemy XIII, the other Ptolemy XIV. They were many years younger.

Was Cleopatra pretty?

Cleopatra is depicted on the silver screen as a great beauty. We hear that Cleopatra seduced the great Roman leaders Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, and we assume that Cleopatra used her great beauty as a diplomatic aid in putting Egypt on a more favorable footing with Rome. However, we don't know wh ( Full Answer )

Who was queen Cleopatra?

to start it off I know she was more than just a pretty face.She was born in Alexandria, Egypt 69 B.C.E but her ancestry was Greek. Cleopatra grew up in a beautiful palace; she was looked after by tons of servants. Cleopatra didn't go to but she was very clever, and quick at learning. She learned to ( Full Answer )

When was Cleopatras birthday?

Cleopatra was born either in December of 60 BC or January of 59 BC. Most historians believe it was 69 BC.

Who were Cleopatras parents?

Her father was Ptolemy XII, but we don't know who her mother was. We know who Ptolemy XII was married to, but that does not necessarily mean that she was Cleopatra's mother.

Who influenced Cleopatra?

She was really an individual who did her own way of things. She probably was influenced some by the powers of Rome though... they were veryy powerful Even though Cleopatra preferred to do things her own way, she wasmost influenced by the powers of Rome.

Cleopatra did what?

It was not all Cleopatra's fault to bring down her Ptolemaic dynasty. Throughout the genealogy of Ptolemaic history, Alexander the Great who died left his successors to fight for the game of thrones leaving Alexander's family dead in position. Ptolemy one of Alexander's companion sneakingly took the ( Full Answer )

Is Cleopatra Egyptian?

She was part Macedonian Greek and part Egyptian yes and no. Cleopatra was ethically a Greek, but she lived and ruled in Egypt and she followed the Egyptian religion and customs. We don't know who her mother was or her mother's ethnicity, so we can only say for certain that she was Greek on her fat ( Full Answer )

Why Cleopatra was famous?

Cleopatra became famous or infamous because of the misconceptions about her. In her own time she was a minor queen of a crumbling dynasty. She gained notoriety as the seducer of Marc Antony in Octavian's propaganda against Antony. William Shakespeare took up the story and exaggerated it into a passi ( Full Answer )

How was Cleopatras childhood?

We know nothing of Cleopatra's childhood. It is assumed that she was raised in luxury as were all the royal children of her time.

Where is Cleopatra now?

The tomb that she was said to have hid and died in has not been found to my knowledge.

WHAT were cleopatras accomplishments?

Cleopatra VII was the last Greek Pharaoh and the only one who learned the Egyptian language. She was supported by 2 Roman generals~ Julious Caesar and Mark Antony. When Augustus gained power over the Roman Empire, he declared war on Antony and Cleopatra and defeated them in 31 BC. Augustus arrived ( Full Answer )

Was Cleopatra mummified?

We don't know as her tomb has not been found. However because she followed the Egyptian religion, its a good bet that she was mummified. We will just have to wait until they find her tomb before we know for certain.

How rich was Cleopatra?

she had a million dollars. But not enough because king tut had a billion dollars

Was Cleopatra smart?

Answer 1: Smart meaning clever. Her let her heart ruled rather than her head. Choosing Mark Anthony over Caeser was not a smart move. Mark Anthony was implicated in the assasination of Caesar in 44BC. He was wanted man persuaed all over the empire and beyond by Octavian, Caeser's nephew and the fi ( Full Answer )

Who and what did Cleopatra do?

Cleopatra Tryphaena (VII)was born into the Ptolomy (tol-o-mee) family, a desendant of one of Alexander the great's generals which he left in charge of Egypt. She was the 3rd child, with 2 older sisters (Cleopatra VI, Berenice), a little sister (Arsinoe) and 2 little brothers (Ptolomy and Ptolomy). H ( Full Answer )

Why was Cleopatra named Cleopatra?

it was her mother's, grandmother's, great grandmother's, great great grandmother's, and great great great grandmother's name. Also, she was her Fathers favorite child, and the name Cleopatra in greek means favoirite of her father.

Did farlap die of gett6ing poisend?

Many people believe he was poisoned some people believe he died in pain some people believe he died because he was getting old

What did cleopatra where?

Cleopatra VII was the last monarch of Ancient Egypt. She reigned from 70 BC to 30 BC.

Where did Cleopatras family from?

all i know is that she came from a family of Macedonian Greeks. there family was ruling Egypt so she must be from Egypt. that's why she she is the queen of Egypt.

Who were Cleopatras family?

Cleopatra's family was descendant from Ptolemy one of Alexander the Great's generals. That's why all the males in the dynasty had the name Ptolemy. Her immediate family consisted of her father, Ptolemy XII, Cleopatra V, who may or may not have been her mother, three sisters and two brothers. Her sis ( Full Answer )

Was Cleopatra fat?

Cleopatra is always shown as beautiful not short and fat, but youhave to remember that the statues of all Egyptian rulers werestylized and only the face gives us clues as to who they were, ifthere is no inscription. However there is some evidence that shewas a bit on the hefty side. A Dr. Martin Wea ( Full Answer )

Was Cleopatra assassinated?

Actually yes she was assassinated by the creed is assassins. The assassins took an asp snake and held it to Cleopatra and the snake killed her from venom toxins.

How was Cleopatra as a leader?

Unfortunately for her and for Egypt, Cleopatra was not a very good leader. She inherited a weak but wealthy country which, at least in Alexandria, did not want her as their queen. It was only through the intervention of Julius Caesar that she reigned. She needed the Roman troops Caesar left in Egypt ( Full Answer )

What bad did Cleopatra do?

Cleopatra was a typical eastern ruler. She was authoritian, arrogant and according to Cicero, indolent. She imposed heavy taxes on her people while appropriating the entire share of the papyrus trade for herself., in addition to the other royal shares of import and export taxes. Even though she had ( Full Answer )

Who was Cleopatra successor?

Cleopatra's successor was Octavian, who, as sole ruler of the Roman empire, turned Egypt into an imperial province. This meant that the province of Egypt was under direct control of the "first citizen". Because of Egypt's wealth and geographical position, it had the potential to be a place where rev ( Full Answer )

What did Cleopatra were?

Cleopatra was queen of Egypt from Ptolemy dynasty (dynasty established by one of the Alexander the Great generals). Cleopatra lived in 1st century before Christ. Cleopatra is famous by her beauty and by her relations to powerful men of Rome (G.I. Caesar and Antonius).

What was Cleopatra nationality?

Cleopatra was Greek by blood but followed the Egyptian culture. You could loosely call her Greco-Egyptian.

Who where Cleopatras parents?

- Well Cleopatra's Parents Are Ptolemy XII Auletes (Father) & Believed To Be The Mother : Cleopatra V Of Egypt . .

Who was cleopatras mentor?

She didn't have a mentor, she did not even go to school. So, no. She was born a queen, she did not have time for school or mentors. But Confucianism could have been an option.

Would you do Cleopatra?

The Elizabeth Taylor version in her prime? Any heterosexual would be all over her like a wet blanket.

Was Cleopatra cruel?

To our way of thinking and by our present day standards, yes, Cleopatra could be considered cruel. However, we should not judge the ancients by our standards as they did not live by them. In reality Cleopatra was no more cruel than any other ruler of her time.

When did Cleopatra have a baby?

Cleopatra gave birth at the age of 22year old the baby was a girl she named her batizia for a reason that she did not tell anyone she held it a secret for 1year but people found out.

Why did Cleopatra susid?

because her husband Ceasar died and she was heart broken... she did it by a snake That's the popular misconception of her reasons. In reality, she was never married to Caesar, in fact, he had died years before she did. The reason Cleopatra committed suicide was because she couldn't face the fact tha ( Full Answer )

Who is looking for Cleopatra?

At the present time there is an active search going on for Cleopatra's tomb. Dr. Zahi Hawass, the head of Egyptian Antiquities Department has two "maybe" locations that they are searching. Very little information is being released, as their findings must be studied and analyzed before they can be ma ( Full Answer )

Is Cleopatra a mummy?

Yes, she had several children. Her mummy disappeared - the old part of Alexandria has sunk beneaththe Nile River - the mummies of Alexander the Great, Cleopatra andothers have not yet been found.

What was Cleopatras ancestry?

Cleopatra was a descendant of Ptolemy I Soter, one of Alexander the Great's generals. She was a Macadonian Greek.

Where was Cleopatra biered?

Cleopatra was buried somewhere in Egypt, possibly close to Alexandria. I know this is not a clear answer, but they haven't found her tomb, although right now, there's an active search for it.

What did Cleopatras mother do?

We don't know. In fact we don't even know who Cleopatra's mother was. We know that her father was married to Cleopatra V, but we don't know if she were Cleopatra VII's mother. Egyptian rulers had lesser wives or concubines, and Cleo VII could have been the daughter of one of them. The only way we'll ( Full Answer )

Was napolean bonapart poisend?

Napoleon is spelt wrong in your question and starts with a capital letter. As does Bonaparte. You also spelt poisioned wrong. For these reasons, I will not answer your question. Go and look it up in an encyclopedia or something not dissimilar and stop wasting my time.

What do poisend attacks do in warhammer?

Instead of wounding on a number decided by comparing the strength of the weapon vs the toughness of the target, poisen weapons wound on a given number regardless of the numbers. Poisen weapons also get to re-roll the damage roll if the strength of the weapon is equal or higher than the toughness of ( Full Answer )

Which Cleopatra built Cleopatra needle?

No Cleopatra built the obelisks called "Cleopatra's Needles". They were built by Thutmose III in about 1450 BC. and they stood before a temple in Heliopolis. When the Ptolemies conquered Egypt, they had them moved to Alexandria. The only connection they have with Cleopatra, is that they stood before ( Full Answer )

What is she Cleopatra?

Cleopatra is the Queen of Egypt in 500BC. She is a successful queen, but the last queen of Egypt.

Who is Cleopatra and how did Cleopatra die?

Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh of Egypt but she actually wasn't Egyptian. One of her direct ancestors was Alexander the Great and he invaded Egypt and declared himself king or 'Pharaoh' but was not Egyptian but Greek, so Cleopatra VII was actually Greek with a little bit of Egyptian blood from past ( Full Answer )

When Cleopatra was Cleopatra holding when she died?

Cleopatra held nothing in her hand when she died, except possibly the crook and flail which were symbols of an Egyptian ruler's power. This is only assumed, as one of her slaves who died with her was adjusting Cleo's diadem when she was overcome. If the queen was wearing her crown, then it is assume ( Full Answer )