Where did Cleopatra grow up?

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When will I grow up?

People basically never grow up, your body will constantly be changing. At some point in your life yes you will stop getting taller but you are not done growing up.

Who was Cleopatra?

Cleopatra was the name of several women of the Ptolemaic dynasty ofancient Egypt. The Cleopatra that we are discussing here isCleopatra VII, who was the last queen (pharaoh) of her dynasty.Over the years she has become an icon of beauty, feminineperfection, intellectual brilliance and any other supe ( Full Answer )

What will I be when I grow up?

Well it all depends on what you like to do so set a goal in life and try to reach it. Never stop following your dreams. A road sweeper. A vet or a singer. An astronaut or a vet. Bigger. Less inclined to ask silly questions. Anything you put your mind to.

What do you do when you grow up?

That question is entirely up to you. When we are younger we say that we want to be all kinds of different things! But you never really know until you are older. When you are older you can chose what you want to be. Or chose something that you know you will really like. I hope that this answer helps! ( Full Answer )

What can you be when you grow up?

If u wanna be famous here is Famous jobs: Singer,Actor,Actress,Lawer,Doctor,Model,Super Model. If u wanna be less Famous than here some jobs: Farmer,Banker,Marketer,CN worker,Paster,Teacher,Office person,Principal,Raise animals,Art person,Truck driver,Cook.

What did Cleopatra do?

She married many men and spoke 9 languages. She was an Egyptian ruler who lived from 69 BC to 30 BC. She sometimes was called the "Queen of the Nile." She was the subject of a Shakespeare play and had many movies.

Where was Cleopatra from?

By origin she was from Greek, her great grandfather was a generalin Alexander the Great's army and when he died his empire was splitup Ptolemy got Egypt. Also Cleopatra was the only one in her familyline who bothered to learn the Egyptian tongue.

Difference between grow up and grow?

The differences between grow up and grow is that "grow up" usually means to grow older and "grow" can be used as telling someone they need to grow. For example, "You need to grow in order to be taller than me." It can also be used as for plants and flowers and things that grow bigger (get bigger.) I ( Full Answer )

Where did William Harrison grow up?

Harrison lived on the family plantation along the James River in Virginia until he was 14, when he went away to school in hopes of becoming a doctor. He father died when was 18 so short of money he had to drop out of school and join the army,

How can you get your tamagotchi to grow up faster?

All you have to do is feed it when its hungry, praise it when its sad, give is a time out when it gives a bad present to a friend, and play alot of games. OR A baby - 1 hour - toddler Toddler - 2 days - teen Teen - 2 days - adult Adult - can now mate and have babies Hope this helps!!

Where did Nelson Mandela grow up?

Nelson Mandela was born on 18 July 1918, at Mvezo, a tiny village on the banks of the Mbashe River in the district of Umtata, South Africa. His father named him Rolihlahla, which means in Xhosa (Mandela's tribal language) 'pulling the branch of a tree'.

Where did Beyonce grow up?

Houston Texas, and she spent her summers in Louisiana where her mother, Tina Knowles grew up.

Where did Annie Sullivan grow up?

Johanna Sullivan, nicknamed Annie, was born April 14, 1866 in Feeding Hills, Massachusetts. 1866-1936, American educator, friend and teacher of Helen Keller, b. Feeding Hills, Mass. Placed in Tewksbury almshouse (1876), she was later admitted (1880) to Perkins Institution for the Blind, since her ( Full Answer )

Where did Edwin binney grow up?

Edwin Binney invented the Crayola crayon along with his cousin. Hewas born in Westchester County, New York. He grew up in Peekskilland attended public schools in Peekskill and New York City.

Where did Roger Staubach grow up?

He was born in Cincinnati, Ohio and grew up in Silverton, Ohio where he graduated from Purcell High School.

Cleopatra did what?

It was not all Cleopatra's fault to bring down her Ptolemaic dynasty. Throughout the genealogy of Ptolemaic history, Alexander the Great who died left his successors to fight for the game of thrones leaving Alexander's family dead in position. Ptolemy one of Alexander's companion sneakingly took the ( Full Answer )

Who and what did Cleopatra do?

Cleopatra Tryphaena (VII)was born into the Ptolomy (tol-o-mee) family, a desendant of one of Alexander the great's generals which he left in charge of Egypt. She was the 3rd child, with 2 older sisters (Cleopatra VI, Berenice), a little sister (Arsinoe) and 2 little brothers (Ptolomy and Ptolomy). H ( Full Answer )

Why do you have to grow up?

We have to grow up so we can experience life and learn lots of stuffs and live your life .. Fyi Enjoy your life!

What was life like when Cleopatra was growing up?

Very scary because - 'The palace was filled with Ptolemy's children and they all were very ambitious. This was not safe because they all wanted to be in power and no one could be trusted. Cleopatra knew that many of her family members were killed by relatives so she had to make sure that she kept a ( Full Answer )

Did Cleopatra have anything to do with make up?

Only in the fact that she wore it, just as all ancient women of status did. I believe that there is/was a present day make up line called Cleopatra or had Cleopatra in it's name, but this was a modern marketing tactic, having nothing to do with the actual Cleopatra.

What did Cleopatra grow up to be?

Cleopatra was a queen or servant in India.... Cleopatra was a queen or servant in India.... Cleopatra was a queen or servant in India...

What is the story of Cleopatra wrapping herself up in a rug?

she was wrapped in a rug because people wanted her dead an she was trying to get back into Rome Caesar had summoned Cleopatra to Alexandria in order to mediate the dispute between her and her brother. However, Cleopatra as the enemy of her brother, would have been killed on sight, so she devised a ( Full Answer )

What did cleopatra where?

Cleopatra VII was the last monarch of Ancient Egypt. She reigned from 70 BC to 30 BC.

Where did the Mythbusters grow up?

Adam Savage was born in New York and raised in Westchester County.Jamie Hyneman was born in Marshall, Michigan and raised inColumbus, Indiana.

What sort of jobs are there to be when you grow up?

There are tons of jobs out there for you to be when you grow up. You can become a doctor - if you really are interested in medicine. If not, a nurse - helping doctors and patients. Or maybe you're into the medical tech jobs? If not health/medicine: You could specialize in the sciences? Become a sci ( Full Answer )

Where did Nat Turner grow up?

Nat Turner grew up on his masters farm. Though he had no resentment for his master, he still was one of the worst mad men ever killing all white farmers, trying to get away from slavery. He was later hung, and had his wrist tied to a rope wich was tied to a horse. His other wrist was tied to some ( Full Answer )

Where did Philip Emeagwali grow up?

Philip had grow up in a care home at least dat wat i think cuz im da 1 asking the question but cnt find an answer but look me up on facebook

Do glowworms grow up to be fireflies?

While the larvae of the Firefly are often referred to as "glowworms", and they do have a bio-luminescent quality similar to theadult, they are not actually glow worms, or rather, not "true" glowworms. Many bio-luminescent insect larvae (not actually true worms at all)are now referred to as glow wor ( Full Answer )

Where did Douglas Mawson grow up?

Sir Douglas Mawson was born in England, and moved with his familyat the age of two, to Australia, where he grew up.

Where did Debby Ryan grow up?

i'm pretty sure she grew up in the south but i'm not completely sure i was wondering that myself .

Where did Nellie Bly grow up in?

Until the age of 16 she lived with her family in what is now partof a suburb of Pittsburgh known as Cochran Mills. More informationis available in her article on wikipedia.

Where did Wilhelm Roentgen grow up?

Roentgen was born in Lennep which is now called Lennep-Remscheid and lived there until he was three. His family them moved to Apeldorn in the Netherlands until he was 15. He then went to school in Utrecht, Netherlands until he was 18.

What did Cleopatra were?

Cleopatra was queen of Egypt from Ptolemy dynasty (dynasty established by one of the Alexander the Great generals). Cleopatra lived in 1st century before Christ. Cleopatra is famous by her beauty and by her relations to powerful men of Rome (G.I. Caesar and Antonius).

Does mark Antony give up everything to be with Cleopatra?

Well, maybe in romantic novels and plays he does, but in the real world, no. Marc Antony and Cleopatra were political allies. Cleopatra needed Antony to keep her dynasty in power, she lured him with sex and luxury. Antony needed Cleopatra's money to finance his military campaigns, which, if he were ( Full Answer )

What is she Cleopatra?

Cleopatra is the Queen of Egypt in 500BC. She is a successful queen, but the last queen of Egypt.

When did Cleopatra give up power over Octavian?

Cleopatra never, ever, had power over Octavian. Octavian had the power over her. That's why she killed herself. Cleopatra never, ever, had power over Octavian. Octavian had the power over her. That's why she killed herself. Cleopatra never, ever, had power over Octavian. Octavian had the power ove ( Full Answer )

What did Cleopatra use as make up?

Some say she was ssoo beautiful, that make-up wasn't needed, otherwise, our blush was the red dry egyption soil.

What is right daughter grow up or daughter grows up?

The word "daughter" is a noun, and it requires the third person singular for the verb. The verb "to grow" is a regular verb and forms its third person by adding an -s. So: "When Barack Obama's daughter Malia grows up, she wants to go to college." In the past tense, it would be "His daughter Malia gr ( Full Answer )

Why did Cleopatra dress up as Isis?

Cleopatra wanted the public to think of her as Divine and worship her; she dressed like the goddess Isis to reinforce the message that she was the reincarnation of one of Egypt's most popular female deities.

Did Cleopatra grow up with her parents?

Probably not. As a royal child she would have more contact with her tutors and slaves than her own parents. Of course we don't know who her mother was so we have no information as to how close they were. We do know, though, that her father was in exile and had to leave the country so she was separat ( Full Answer )

How did the town Cleopatra grew up in affect her life?

It is assumed that Cleopatra grew up in Alexandria, although we don't know for certain. At any rate, no matter where she grew up, the place would not have affected her to any large extent. She was a royal child and because of her status she was isolated from the "average" people of the city. Her sch ( Full Answer )