Where did Cleopatra kill herself?

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Cleopatra was under guard in her beautiful Mausoleum in Alexandria when she killed herself.
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Did Cleopatra kill herself?

Legend says that Cleopatra VII committed suicide after her lover; Marcus Antonius (Marc Antony), stabbed himself when he falsely believed that she was dead, by allowing a highly venomous snake called an Asp (also called an Egyptian Cobra) to bite her... However some believe that this is not what hap ( Full Answer )

Why did Phyllis Hyman kill herself?

She killed herself because she continually was getting hurt by men. Men would mislead, use and abuse her in many ways. All she wanted out of life was a good man possibly a husband and children.

What did Cleopatra do to make herself famous?

Cleopatra 51 - 30BC . By the end of her reign Cleopatra bought peace and prosperity to Egypt, a country that had till then been in the throes of civil war and bankruptcy. She was highly intelligent,a shrewd politician and spoke many languages,including Egyptian. She was the only Ptolemy to learn th ( Full Answer )

Does misa amane kill herself?

According to 13: How to Read , Misa loses her memories related to using the Death Note and retains her love for Light. Since it is in the nature of a Death Note user to "suffer misfortune", Misa falls into despair after someone "like Matsuda" "probably let it slip" that Light died. When she regains ( Full Answer )

What sort of snake did cleopatra use to kill herself?

No snake. It is believed that Cleopatra killed herself by the use of a quick acting poison or combination of poisons. The story of her dying by a snakebite is pure fiction. It is a myth actually begun by Octavian in order to placate the Egyptian people.

Who did Cleopatra kill?

CLEOPATRA had killed her 2 sisters and 2 brothers and some people say she killed her father and she did she also had killed her husband but i don't know who else she had killed that's all that i know i hope that my information was help full to you

How Cleopatra was killed?

Cleopatra VII Philopator, Pharaoh of Egypt (with Greek origin) poisoned herself when she placed an asp snake down her shirt to bite her. She did so because her lover, Anthony (or Antony), had stabbed himself after being told Cleopatra was kidnapped or killed.

Why did Cleopatra want to kill herself?

Why does anyone kill themselves? Ancient Egypt was dying, a once-glorious empire losing a war with Octavian (later the emperor Augustus). Her husband (slash lover, because the marriage is doubted and was recognized only in Egypt) Mark Anthony committed suicide and died in her arms just days earlier, ( Full Answer )

Why did Cleopatra kiil herself?

Cleopatra was a very proud woman and simply could not face the certainty of the humiliation she would have to endure by being exhibited in Octavian's triumph in Rome. By her suicide, she redeemed herself in the eyes of some Romans, as suicide was an honorable way for a defeated person to make their ( Full Answer )

Why did Cleopatra Vii kill herself?

She killed herself because when Marc Antony heard a rumor she had died he killed himself and when she heard hed killed himself she killed herself. then her other lover Julius Ceaser was stabbed to death.

Why did Cleopatra killed herself?

because the one she had loved died and she wanted to be with him. NOT TRUE(above) The actual answer is that Cleopatra attempted suicide in shame of her defeat by the Roman.

Why did Cleopatra stab herself?

Cleopatra did not stab herself. She committed suicide by some type of poison. The reason for her suicide was that she could not face the humiliation of being paraded in Rome in Octavian's triumph and either being killed or living the rest of her life in disgrace.

Did Cleopatra kill herself with cobras?

No. That story of Cleo killing herself by snakebite it a pure myth. The ancient writers all say that there was no sign of a snakebite on her body and they agree that she died by some type of poison, but don't know exactly how or what type of poison.

What is the battlefield that Cleopatra killed herself over?

her boy freind commited cuside then so did she Cleopatra killed herself after Octavian's victory at Pelusium, when he entered Egypt. This was actually the last battle of the war, not Actium as is commonly thought.

Why the Cleopatra kill herself?

Cleopatra killed herself because she thought that marc anhonty was dead but he wasnt when i was in school me teacher told me that cleopatra killed herself by an asp (snake) because she didnt what to be killed by the romans. Marc did the same because he was scared and he didnt whant to die he also o ( Full Answer )

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It is not by any means clear that she intentionally drowned herself. Gertrude's account of her death suggests that she may have been unaware of her danger. If it wasn't an accident, it seems from the mad scenes that she was disturbed by her father's death "I cannot choose but weep to think they woul ( Full Answer )

Did Cleopatra poison herself?

It is generally accepted that Cleopatra did use poison to commit suicide. Just what poison and how she did it is still a mystery. Forget the story of her dying by snakebite, its a myth that has grown up around her.

How did Hitler wife kill herself?

Eva Braun WAS NOT Hitler's wife, but his mistress. She ate a cynanide pill, but since only her and Hitler were in the bunker at the time, and the bodies disappeared, the public will never know.

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she did not if you saw online it said everwhere she did not kill herself a boy did.Because it was prom night and boys were making girls drunk to have sex with them so a boy gave mary (bloody mary) a glass of wine mixed with beer so she did not want to drink it so she threw the drink and the boy sma ( Full Answer )

When your friend threatens to kill herself what do you do?

When a friend threatens suicide then everyone around her should take her seriously. She should be seeing a psychologist and on medications prescribed by a doctor, but at this point in her life she is too confused and depressed so she will most likely refuse to do so. The best thing to do is tell her ( Full Answer )

Did Marc antontony kill himself the same day that Cleopatra killed herself?

No, Marc Antony killed himself at least two weeks before Cleopatra killed herself, maybe longer. The ancients give no exact date, but they all agree that Cleopatra made advances to Octavian, tried to starve herself, was ill and recovered, all after Antony's death, and this took time.

When did Cleopatra proclaim herself as queen?

Cleopatra claimed the throne for the first time in 51 BC after the death of her father. She had her brother as co-ruler, tried to squeeze him out, but he squeezed her out instead. She fled into exile and four years later, in 47 BC, Julius Caesar firmly established her on the throne. Caesar had the r ( Full Answer )

What did Cleopatra use to kill herself?

Cleopatra used some type of poison to kill herself. There is a story about her being bitten by a snake, but that is only a myth actually conjured up by Octavian himself.

How did Juliet Capulet kill herself?

First her tried to drink the same poisen that Romeo had but the bottle he used was empty. Then she stabed herself with Romeo's dagger.

Did hatshepsut kill herself?

she had poisoned herself with skin lotion. I am not sure if my answer is accurate but from what i have heard she did. i am not not positive!

Who did Cleopatra ally herself with after caesars death?

After Caesar's death Cleopatra stayed neutral waiting to see how the war between the triumvirates and the assassins would turn out. Once the assassins were defeated, she made her move and allied herself with Marc Antony who was the supreme Roman authority in the east.

How did Cleopatra sacrifice herself?

Cleopatra put a cobra on herself because she couldn not bear to live without Mark Antony . What happened was she ran away and locked herself in a tower so she wouldn't see the battle go on. She told her servant to tell Antony that she was dead. Antony believed it so he stabbed himself because he was ( Full Answer )

How old was Cleopatra when she killed herself?

Cleopatra was 39 years old when she killed herself. Cleopatra was 39 years old when she killed herself. Cleopatra was 39 years old when she killed herself. Cleopatra was 39 years old when she killed herself. Cleopatra was 39 years old when she killed herself. Cleopatra was 39 years old when she ( Full Answer )

Did rebbeca black kill herself?

In a news report she was talking about how Youtube People wanted her dead and death threatss but shes very much alive.

Why did sibyl vane kill herself?

Because her lover, Dorian Gray, broke up with her because she could not fulfill her acting career anymore and that's what he loved most about her--her acting.

Why anja killed herself in maus?

The answer on why Anja killed herself in maus is because the way that she always depended on others. It is actually ironic how she survived the Holocaust to later do suicide. she goes to see Artie and when she asks him if he still loves her and he says "sure", she decides to do suicide.

Did Cleopatra sacrifice herself for her country?

No, Cleopatra did not sacrifice herself for her country. She sacrificed herself, or committed suicide, because she could not take the humiliation of defeat. No, Cleopatra did not sacrifice herself for her country. She sacrificed herself, or committed suicide, because she could not take the humiliat ( Full Answer )

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Well she didn't but I can see why she would want to! She got. 121,708,246 dislikes. To think, some crazy people thought she was the next internet sensation!.

Who captured Cleopatra when she murdered herself?

Cleopatra had been captured by Octavian before she murdered herself. Cleopatra had been captured by Octavian before she murdered herself. Cleopatra had been captured by Octavian before she murdered herself. Cleopatra had been captured by Octavian before she murdered herself. Cleopatra had been c ( Full Answer )

Why does Portia kill herself?

All of the consequences of Brutus's part in the conspiracy were also felt by Portia. She could no longer live with honour in Rome.

Why did Cleopatra choose to kill herself by a snake?

She didn't. That story of her dying by snakebite is a myth, begun by Octavian himself. It's generally believed that she killed herself by some type of quick acting poison and not by the lingering, painful death of a snakebite. She didn't. That story of her dying by snakebite is a myth, begun by Oct ( Full Answer )

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How Cleopatra indentified herself with Egypt?

Cleopatra identified herself with Egypt by learning the language, following the religion, and dressing up as the goddess Isis, either to impress the Egyptian people or because she actually believed she was the "New Isis" as she liked to call herself. Cleopatra identified herself with Egypt by learn ( Full Answer )

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No. Ayn Rand died of heart failure on March 6, 1982, at her home located in New York City, at the age of 77.

How old was queen Cleopatra when she poisoned herself?

Cleopatra was 39 years old when she poisoned herself and died. Cleopatra was 39 years old when she poisoned herself and died. Cleopatra was 39 years old when she poisoned herself and died. Cleopatra was 39 years old when she poisoned herself and died. Cleopatra was 39 years old when she poisoned ( Full Answer )

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No, she died of a heart attack, a natural cause. However, somemight say she worked herself to death.

Why did Whitney Houston kill herself?

It does not appear that Whitney Houston deliberately killed herself, but like too many celebrities, she did indulge in recreational drug use which was harmful to both her physical and mental health. Drug abuse of this type is often fatal.

What would have happened to Cleopatra VII if she did not 'kill herself'?

We don't know for certain. Cleopatra presented a problem for Octavian. Although the Roman people were against Cleopatra and hated her for her relationship with Antony, there was always the possibility that they would feel sorry for her if she were to appear in Octavian's triumph (the way they felt s ( Full Answer )

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Amanda Todd after many years of endless tormenting She hung her self in her own home on the morning of October 10th 2012.