Where did Cleopatra spend most of her life?

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she lived in egypt the most
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Where did Rosa Parks live or spend most of her life?

Rosa Parks spent most of her life in Alabama. Then in 1957, herself, Raymond, and Leona moved to Detroit, Michigan to escape violence and be closer to Sylvester, Daisy, and the kids.

The life of Cleopatra?

Cleopatra II was born in 175 BC. Cleopatra II was the daughter of Ptolemy V and Cleopatra I. After the death of her mother in 175 BC, Cleopatra II was married to her brother, Ptolemy VI in 173 BC, Cleopatra II, Ptolemy VI and their brother, Ptolemy VIII, were co-rulers of Egypt from 171 BC - 16 ( Full Answer )

Where did Jesus spend most of his life?

Answer 1: Jesus spent the majority - 30 years or so - of his life in Nazareth, working as a carpenter and assisting his father Joseph. Answer 2: Jesus spent the majority of his life in Heaven, with his father Jehovah and the angels. For a brief period of approximately 33 years, he was on Ea ( Full Answer )

What are Cleopatra significant life events?

Cleopatra VII was the last Greek Pharaoh and the only one who learned the Egyptian language. She was supported by 2 Roman generals~ Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. When Augustus gained power over the Roman Empire, he declared war on Antony and Cleopatra and defeated them in 31 BC. Augustus arrived i ( Full Answer )

In which phase do cells spend most of their life?

Cell have two major phases: INTER PHASE & MITOTIC/MEOTIC PHASE The inter phase is again divided in three phases: G I : Post mitotic gap period S: synthetic period G 2 : premitotic gap period THE G 1 PHASE IS THE LONGEST PHASE IN CELL CYCLE It is the period between end of mitosis and ( Full Answer )

Where did Rudyard Kipling spend most of his life?

As a young man, he lived in India, and travelled widely. He then lived briefly in London, but spent half the year in America and half in South Africa. Finally, he retired to a country house in Sussex.

A star spends most of its life in what stage?

A star whilst being luminous, will spend most of it's life - about 90% - on the main sequence. However, when a star "dies" they are still refereed to, by many, as stars so one could argue that a star will spend more time "dead" than "alive". So you could say that a star spends most of it's lif ( Full Answer )

Where did Buddha spend most of his life at?

Gautama Buddha , the historical Buddha, lived in northeast India between 563 and 483 BC. As a bodhisattva he had passed through thousands of existences before coming to Earth for his ultimate transmigration. This last lifetime he began as a son of the King of the Sakya , Suddhodana , who ruled a ( Full Answer )

In what stage do cells spend most of their life cycle?

G1 is typically the longest phase of the cell cycle. This can be explained by the fact that G1 follows cell division in mitosis; G1 represents the first chance for new cells have to grow. Cells usually remain in G1 for about 10 hours of the 24 total hours of the cell cycle. The length of S phase var ( Full Answer )

What did Cleopatra do in her life?

she was ruling Egypt the most check on Google.com and type in Cleopatra to look at some of her pictures in images. :)

Where did Tesla spend most his life?

most of his child hood was spent in a small tome in Europe ....when he was in his late 20's he came here to the states and becme a citezen ....he had a lab in NJ for some time and went fromt there to Niagra falls NY and Buffalo NY in 1898-1903 ruffly he was here in Bufflo for the worlds fair in 1901 ( Full Answer )

What tree does a koala bear spend most of its life on?

Koalas spend most of their lives in eucalyptus trees. Of the 300 or so varieties in Australia, there are about 60 species preferred by the koala, and of these, another dozen or so which the koala will favour above others as a food source. Koalas are certainly known to inhabit other native trees, su ( Full Answer )

Did Cleopatra have a life?

Cleopatra had a life. she married 4 people her 2 brothers Julius Caesar and Mark Antony

Where did Laura Ingalls Wilder spend most of her life?

The greatest portion of where Laura Ingalls Wilder's life was spent was the most largely undocumented part.......her many years spent in Missouri. When Laura died, one-half of American history was inside her head, but in her books, she mostly wanted to pass on what it had been like growing up as a " ( Full Answer )

Where did Mary queen of scotts spend most of her life at or originally came from?

Mary, Queen of Scotts was born in Scotland. When she was about 5 years old she was betrothed to King Francis I of France's son Francis and went to live in France with the royal family. She stayed there for about 12 years, was married to and widowed by Francis and shortly after his death when she was ( Full Answer )

Which Places Adolf Hitler spend most of his life?

He spent most of his life in prison and both the wars. he went into the first world war in 1932.Then six years later he got sent into prison for trying to take over Germany.

A cell spends most of its life in?

I believe this question is leaning towards the topic of Mitosis. Between each cycle of mitosis, the cells does all its cellular business during "Interphase" which is a way longer phase than Mitosis

Where does the cell spend most of its life?

The cell spends most of it's life growing and reproducing in the nucleus. The cells reproduce over and over again the produce die and then reproduce. Did you know that a cell takes about 20 minutes spending it's life dividing.

Where did Alexander the Great spend most of his life?

Early on - in Macedonia. For the last ten years (he died at 32)it was in Africa and Asia conducting his conquest of the PersianEmpire, from Asia Minor to Egypt to Persia, to Central Asia andIndia.

How was the love life of Cleopatra?

Very mixed-up and rather confusing. She had three husbands and one lover. Her first husband was her older brother, who died of a fatal wound. Her second husband was her younger brother, who died by drowning in a river because he was wearing gold armor. She then had a lover, Julius Caesar, the dictat ( Full Answer )

Where did Barack Obama spend most of his life?

He lived in Hawaii (where he was born) as a young boy; when his mother re-married, he spent four years of his childhood in Indonesia before returning to Hawaii. As an adult, he lived in California, New York, and Massachusetts, before moving to Chicago, Illinois after getting his law degree from Harv ( Full Answer )

Where did Pharaoh Hatshepsut spend most of her life?

Born circa1508 B.C., Queen Hatshepsut reigned over Egypt for more than 20years. She lived in the Palace of Ma'at. It was rectangularstructure. The capital was Thebes, Amarna, and then againThebes.

Did Cleopatra go to the after life?

Only if she passed the weighing of the heart ceremony. But she wouldn't get past the feather of truth because she lied to mark.

Where did Cleopatra spend her childhood?

Cleopatra spent lots of her childhood in her palace in Egypt with her father and siblings, however for some of her childhood she was in rome with her father to ask for help to reclaim the throne.

What did Cleopatra take to the after life?

We have no idea of what Cleopatra took to the afterlife. Her tomb has not been found and only when it is found will we know what was buried with her. We have no idea of what Cleopatra took to the afterlife. Her tomb has not been found and only when it is found will we know what was buried with her. ( Full Answer )

A event from cleopatras life?

One of the events from Cleo's life was that she was present at the battle of Actium and escaped with her treasure ship. One of the events from Cleo's life was that she was present at the battle of Actium and escaped with her treasure ship. One of the events from Cleo's life was that she was presen ( Full Answer )

What kind of life did Cleopatra live?

she lived a greeat life at first but as her brother went against and started a war with her it all hanged, at the end she commited suicide.

Who did William Shakespeare spend most of his life with?

Shakespeare spent most of his life with his co-workers in the theatre business. Although he spent a few years, no less than three, with his wife before going to London, and the three years between his retirement and death with her as well, the six to nine years he spent with her do not compare to th ( Full Answer )

What was Cleopatras life as a child?

There is no way that your question can be answered factually as we know absolutely nothing about Cleopatra's childhood. Historians assume that she was raised as a child of privilege as she was a princess. There is no way that your question can be answered factually as we know absolutely nothing abo ( Full Answer )

Did j r r tolken spend most of his life in Birmingham England?

No, he spent most of his life in Oxford. He was born in South Africa but came to England aged three and lived in the Birmingham area until he went to Oxford University. After he graduated in 1915 he spent the rest of WW1 in the army and saw action on the Somme but due to medical problems was later ( Full Answer )

Where did shmuel yosef agnon spend most of his life?

1966 Nobel laureate, S.Y. Agnon spent most of his life in Israel. Born in Buczacz, Galicia, in Summer 1887 he arrived in Jaffa in Spring 1908. Between 1912-1924 he "sojourned" in Germany. In 1924 he returned to Jerusalem where he resided until his death in 1970. His house in Jerusalem's Talpiot neig ( Full Answer )