Where did Cleveland Brown get his name?

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There is no back story as to Why Cleveland is named Cleveland.
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Why are the Cleveland Browns orange?

The Cleveland Browns used to have their training camp at BowlingGreen College----so to honor it (Bowling Green) the Browns adoptedBowling Colors.

Why are the Cleveland Browns called The Browns?

The Cleveland Browns are named after Paul Brown. While Paul Brown was the first Head Coach of the team, he was not the first owner as many believe. The first owner was Arthur B "Mickey" McBride. Once he was given a franchise in the AAFC he hired Brown to be Head Coach, along with General Manager and ( Full Answer )

Where do the Cleveland Browns play?

Since 1999, the Cleveland Browns have played at ClevelandBrowns Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio. Prior to that the Brownsplayed at Municipal Stadium, which was torn down to have ClevelandBrowns Stadium built in it's place.

What will be the Cleveland Browns record in 2007?

Answer . The Cleveland Browns will finish their regular season at 10-6, finishing second in the AFC North division behind Pittsburgh and missing the playoffs in a tiebreaker. Their improvement will be sparked by the addition of Jamal Lewis, a healthy Kellen Winslow, the improved development of Pr ( Full Answer )

Are the Cleveland Browns named after Paul Brown?

In 1946 when the Cleveland Brown organization became established, Paul Brown was the first coach. However, he preferred to name the team, The Panthers. However, since, Cleveland had had a semi-pro team called the Panthers years earlier, Paul Brown reluctantly had the team named after him. " Ans ( Full Answer )

What is the Cleveland Browns mascot?

"The Browns are represented by a brown dog wearing a Cleveland browns helmet. The true browns' fans can buy tickets to sit in what they call the "Dog Pound", which is right next to the browns' endzone" Actually, the Brown currently have four mascots. CB a bull mastiff; Chomps a Lab; TD a German She ( Full Answer )

What is the Cleveland Browns 2008 schedule?

I don't have the dates yet, but they play the AFC South and the NFC East next year. So their games are: HOME Pittsburgh (Division) Cincinnati (Division) Baltimore (Division) Texans (AFC South) Colts (AFC South) Giants (NFC East) Cowboys (NFC East) Denver (AFC West 2nd place team) ( Full Answer )

Who is the team doctor for the Cleveland Browns?

Anthony Miniaci, M.D., F.R.C.S.C. . Head Team Physician, Cleveland Clinic Sports Health . Executive Director, Cleveland Clinic Sports Health . Anthony (Tony) Miniaci is in his sixth season as Head Team Physician with the Browns. He joined the Cleveland Clinic after serving as Head of the Spor ( Full Answer )

Cleveland Browns record in 1965?

The Browns went 11-3 in the 1965 season and won the Eastern Conference championship. They lost in the NFL championship game to the Green Bay Packers, 23-12.

Why Cleveland Browns always losing?

The Browns have had mediocre drafts and poor coaching. Owner Randy Lerner has had a weird obsession with ex-Browns coach Bill Belichick, hiring former Belchick assistants in Romeo Crennell and Eric Mangini despite weak resumes from both. He recently hired former Seahawks coach Mike Holmgren to overs ( Full Answer )

How did the Cleveland brown get there name?

The Cleveland Browns were named, by choice of the players at that time, after their then coach Jim Brown. Coach Brown at first declined having the team named after him, but then later accepted

Who did the Cleveland Browns draft in 2000?

2000 Cleveland Browns Draft 1 (1, 1) - Courtney Brown, Penn State, DE 2 (1, 32) - Dennis Northcutt, Arizona, WR 3 (1, 63) - Travis Prentice, Miami (OH), RB 3 (17, 79) - JaJuan Dawson, Tulane, WR 4 (1, 95) - Lewis Sanders, Maryland, DB 4 (16, 110) - Aaron Shea, Michigan, RB 5 (1, 130) ( Full Answer )

Who did the Cleveland Browns draft in 2002?

2002 Cleveland Browns Draft 1 (16, 16) - William Green, Boston College, RB 2 (15, 47) - Andre Davis, Virginia Tech, WR 3 (11, 76) - Melvin Fowler, Maryland, C 4 (3, 101) - Kevin Bentley, Northwestern, LB 4 (13, 111) - Ben Taylor, Virginia Tech, LB 4 (24, 122) - Darnell Sanders, Ohio Sta ( Full Answer )

Who did the Cleveland Browns draft in 2003?

2003 Cleveland Browns Draft 1 (21, 21) - Jeff Faine, Notre Dame, C 2 (20, 52) - Chaun Thompson, West Texas A&M, LB 3 (20, 84) - Chris Crocker, Marshall, DB 4 (18, 115) - Lee Suggs, Virginia Tech, RB 5 (7, 142) - Ryan Pontbriand, Rice, C 5 (17, 152) - Michael Lehan, Minnesota, DB 6 (22 ( Full Answer )

Who did the Cleveland Browns draft in 2004?

2004 Cleveland Browns Draft 1 (6, 6) - Kellen Winslow, Miami (FL), TE 2 (27, 59) - Sean Jones, Georgia, DB 4 (10, 106) - Luke McCown, Louisiana Tech, QB 5 (29, 161) - Amon Gordon, Stanford, DE 6 (11, 176) - Kirk Chambers, Stanford, G 7 (7, 208) - Adimchinobe Echemandu, California, RB

Who did the Cleveland Browns draft in 2005?

2005 Cleveland Browns Draft 1 (3, 3) - Braylon Edwards, Michigan, WR 2 (2, 34) - Brodney Pool, Oklahoma, DB 3 (3, 67) - Charlie Frye, Akron, QB 4 (2, 103) - Antonio Perkins, Oklahoma, DB 5 (3, 139) - David McMillan, Kansas, DE 6 (2, 176) - Nick Speegle, New Mexico, LB 6 (29, 203) - An ( Full Answer )

Who did the Cleveland Browns draft in 2007?

2007 Cleveland Browns Draft 1 (3, 3) - Joe Thomas, Wisconsin, OT 1 (22, 22) - Brady Quinn, Notre Dame, QB 2 (21, 53) - Eric Wright, Nevada-Las Vegas, CB 5 (3, 140) - Brandon McDonald, Memphis, DB 6 (26, 200) - Melila Purcell, Hawaii, DE 7 (3, 213) - Chase Pittman, Louisiana State, DE ( Full Answer )

Who did the Cleveland Browns draft in 2008?

2008 Cleveland Browns Draft 4th round (5 of round, 104 overall) - Beau Bell, UNLV, LB 4th round (12 of round, 111 overall) - Martin Rucker, Missouri, TE 6th round (24 of round, 190 overall) - Ahtyba Rubin, Iowa State, DT 6th round (25 of round, 191 overall) - Paul Hubbard, Wisconsin, WR 7 ( Full Answer )

Were the Cleveland Browns in the AFL?

They were in a league called the All-America Football Conference prior to joining the NFL. After the AFL/NFL merger, they were placed into the American Football Conference.

How did the Cleveland Browns get the name?

The Cleveland Browns was started in 1944 by owner Arthur 'Mickey' McBride and head coach (and Ohio coaching legend) Paul Brown. They conducted a team naming contest in 1945. The most popular submission was "Browns" in recognition of Paul Brown, already an established and popular figure in Ohio sport ( Full Answer )

When did the Cleveland Browns get started?

in 1946 they played in a league called the all American football league. AAFL in 1950 they merged with the NFL. They won the first championship they played in 1950. The Cleveland browns were the first team the win all of their games in one season.

Who coached the Cleveland Browns in 1994?

Bill Belichick. Belichick was head coach of the Browns between 1991-1995. His five season record was 36-44 and they made the playoffs once, that in 1994 when they went 11-5. The Browns defeated the New England Patriots in the wildcard round and then lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the divisional ( Full Answer )

Where were the Browns located before they moved to Cleveland and what was the team name?

The current Cleveland Browns are an expansion team that entered the NFL in 1999. They replaced the Cleveland Browns that moved to Baltimore in 1996 and became the Ravens. That team began play in the All American Football Conference in 1946 as the Cleveland Browns and entered the NFL in 1950 as the C ( Full Answer )

Who plays on the Cleveland Browns?

Mike Adams -20 Titus Adams -62 Jake Allen -85 Derek Anderson -3 Eric Barton -50 Marcus Benard -58 David Bowens -96 Thomas Brown -59 Titus Brown -59 Kenyan Coleman -90 Blake Costanzo -54 Josh Cribbs -16 James Davis -28 Phil Dawson -4 Abram Elam -26 Greg Estandia -83 Ha ( Full Answer )

Are the Cleveland Browns good?

Since being reestablished as an expansion team in 1999, no. They were the most dominant team during the 40's and 50's winning 7 championships(4 in the AAFC and 3 in the NFL), strong contenders in the 60's, winning their eighth and last championship in 1964 and once again strong contenders through th ( Full Answer )

How long have the Cleveland Browns played for?

They played 1946-95, then the original version of the team moved to Baltimore and became the Ravens. In 1999 a new Browns organization returned to the league.

Who was the last Cleveland brown to wear?

Who was the last Cleveland brown to wear To wear... to wear what? Jeans? A Green Tank Top? Mismatched Socks? A Members Only Jacket? A Mickey Mouse Wristwatch? You have to finish your question in order for it to be answered properly.

What are the Cleveland Browns colors?

Officially, they're seal brown, burnt orange, white and gray (for the facemask.) The Pantone colors are 412 C (seal brown); 158 C (orange); 423 C (gray); white.

When did Cleveland Browns jion the NFL?

The original Cleveland Browns joined the NFL in 1950, coming from the All-America Football Conference along with the San Francisco 49ers. The current Browns franchise began playing in 1999, after Art Modell moved the original Browns to Baltimore after the 1995 season.

Why were the Cleveland Browns deactivated in NFL?

The Browns moved to Baltimore and became the Ravens after the 1995 season. An expansion team began play in Cleveland in 1999. For 3 seasons, 1996-1998, there was no NFL football in Cleveland.

Who did the Cleveland Browns beat in 2007?

In 2007, the Cleveland Browns finished the season with a 10-6 record. They defeated the following teams: . Baltimore Ravens (twice), Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins, St. Louis Rams, Seattle Seahawks, Houston Texans, New York Jets, Buffalo Bills, San Francisco 49ers

What are some What are facts about the Cleveland Browns?

-The Cleveland Municipal Stadium's demoliton started in what month? November. This stadium was shared by the Indians until 1994 and was torn down in 1996. -Cleveland Browns are notorious for what section of the stadium? dawg pound . This one is a give me for you. -Bernie Kosar joined the ( Full Answer )

What is the brown in Cleveland Browns?

In 1945, boxer Joe Louis a.k.a. the Brown Bomber, was in his prime.The Cleveland Browns voted to adopt a shortened version of hisnickname in order to associate the team with winning.

Will the Cleveland Browns move to La?

No they shouldn't and they won't because they already moved in 1995 at the hands of art modell and they have hopes for the future just like the Indians, and the Cavs ( haven't they suffered enough).

Where do the Cleveland Browns play in?

They play in Cleveland Browns Stadium and have since 1999. There is an agreement to rename the stadium to First Energy Stadium. The agreement is pending approval from the city council.

Why do the Cleveland Browns stink?

They don't, it's just that they are young. In about two years they might even go to the super bowl. They have the best fans too.

What is the use of Cleveland Browns news?

The Cleveland Browns News keeps you up to date on the football team and it players and coaches. There will be news of signings, releases, injuries and suspensions.

Who is the coach of the Cleveland Browns?

The current coach of the Cleveland Browns football team is Rob Chudzinski. Rob Chudzinski was hired as the head coach for Cleveland on January 10, 2013.