Where did Col Potter get his horse Sophie from?

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Sophie was found wounded and was going to be shot. Radar rescued her and gave her to Col. Potter as an anniversary gift.
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Who was Col John Crane?

Answer . \nI am a 9th generation decendant directly from Col. John Crane, and have complied an extensive history on my grandfather(x9). Some of it is here for your education, knowledge, and enjoyment. Share it with your family. scrane212@msn.com.\n. \n . \n For the fol ( Full Answer )

Who is Sophie Simmons?

Sophie Simmons (actress born July 7, 1992) is the daughter of GeneSimmons (bass guitarist and vocalist for the rock band Kiss).

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Who is col. apis?

Apis was the code name for Col. Dragutin Dimitrijevic, head of the Serbian military intelligence, who hatched the plot to assassinate Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

Entitlements of col hackworth?

There was a big flap a few years ago between Colonel David Hackworth and CBS News about his awards. They said he falsely claimed a Ranger Tab. Later, CBS learned that a Ranger Tab WAS erroneously issued to Hackworth, and they apologized. Hackworth removed the Ranger Tab reference from his website. H ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of the prefix col?

The prefix "col" or "colo" refers to the fact that a word which possesses the term has has something to do with the intestinal system. The Greek word "kolon", upon broad translation, means "large intestines". So the English word colon is a direct use of the Greek word for large intestines.. Here is ( Full Answer )

What is a col?

It can be one of two things, 1. A high pass, 2. A ridge between two high peaks. This is only in terms of mountains.

What is does Col. mean?

Gen.= General. Col. = Colonel. Ltc= Lieutenant Colonel. Maj= Major. Cpt= Captain. 1Lt=1st Lieutenant. 2Lt=2nd Lieutenant. Sgt=Sergeant. Spc=Specialist. Cpl=Corporal. Pvt=Private

What are the col?

The lowest point of a ridge or saddle between two peaks, typically affording a pass from one side of a mountain range to another. . A region of slightly elevated pressure between two anticyclones these are the two definitions of col

What is Sophie in Spanish?

Sofia is the Spanish spelling. the name of the current Spanish Reina ( Queen) and also the actress Sofia Loren. Spanish Magazines, natch, use the Spanish spelling.

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you mean Costa del sol... it's a beach in El salvador .I've been there a few times myself

What rhymes with Sophie?

trophy Words that rhyme with sophie: Dophie {As in a dope} Trophy Cozy ..... That about it. trophy

Where did Cristopher Col umbus died?

On May 20, 1506, at about the age of 55, Columbus died in Valladolid , fairly wealthy from the gold his men had accumulated in Hispaniola. When he died he was still convinced that his journeys had been along the east coast of Asia. According to a study, published in February 2007, by Antonio Rodrig ( Full Answer )

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It is spelled as you have spelled it. Sophie is a proper name and not a nickname, as it is in English, for Sophia. Sophia was the goddess of wisdom in Greek mythology- there really never was a St. Sophia, it is an adjectival phrase the ( Holy Wisdom) and a personification of the idea- like Grace or ( Full Answer )

Who was Lt Col Eileen Collins?

Collins became an astronaut in July 1991. Collins has logged over 537 hours in space. She served as pilot on STS-63 (February 3-11, 1995) Collins was the first woman pilot of a Space Shuttle. On STS-93, Collins was the first woman Shuttle Commander. (She has logged over 5,000 hours in 30 different t ( Full Answer )

What is col span and row span?

Colspan and rowspan are computer terms related to creation of columns and or cells in a program for spreadsheets or things of that nature. The colspan meaning "how many across" and the rowspan meaning "how many down" indicate how many columns or rows a cell should take up.

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He is Lt. Col. Victor Ferenbach, an Air Force fighter pilot with 18 years of service who appeared on the Rachel Maddow show on May 19th, 2009 to discuss his impending discharge on the basis of his sexuality, in accordance with the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy. President Barack Obama stated his inte ( Full Answer )

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The "Ch" stands for Chaplain and "Lt Col" means Lieutenant Colonel. The military has Chaplains from numerous religious backgrounds serving the needs of todays soldier. Rank is extremely important in the military, but Chaplains hold a special place in the military. The Chaplain is there to support ( Full Answer )

What does Col. fitzwilliam tell Elizabeth?

Colonel Fitzwilliam tells Elizabeth that Mr Darcy ended his friend's relationship as Darcy thought the family just wanted to marry for the money and that the woman in this relationship didnt't feel the same way as Darcy's friend. Darcy's friend is Mr Bingley and the other person in the relationship ( Full Answer )

What happened to Col Mann?

She moved to a Hawaiian Island after retiring Source: Season 5 Episode 9 (Lost and Found) , Jenny Shepard is reading a article about the Colonel when Gibbs walks in.

What is pay of col in US Army?

If varies on the time of service but on average according to the 2010 US Army pay scale an O-6 COL with 14 years on service makes $7,537.80 a month.

What is 'col' when translated from French to English?

"Collar" is an English equivalent of the French word col . The pronunciation of the masculine singular noun -- which also translates as "collar, neck" or, in terms of the passage between two mountains, "pass, saddle" -- will be "kuhl" in French.

What happened to col Henry Blake?

Col. Henry Blake was killed on his plane ride stateside when his plane was shot down over the Sea of Japan. He had just been discharged from his military tour and was returning home.

What does Hawkeye leave to Col Potter in his will?

As is mentioned many times in the show, Last of the Mohicans is Hawkeye's father's favourite book. In his will Hawkeye leaves Colonel Potter the copy that Hawkeye's father gave to Hawkeye.

What is Col Cuauhtémoc in Mexico City?

It is a borough or urban district (Spanish: colonia ) within Mexico City. It has a roughly triangular shape and is delimited by the Melchor Ocampo, Paseo de la Reforma and Insurgentes avenues. It is one of the most important districts in Mexico city, as many important buildings and landmarks are lo ( Full Answer )

Who is higher in rank a Col or a Lt Col?

Colonel is higher. Lieutenant is a modifier that can be applied to colonel, general and governor and indicates an inferior rank to the rank it modifies.

Is col Qaddafi in his country now?

The foreign secretary William Hague says there is no positive evidence that he has fled but he has seen sources that may say he has.

Who is Col Moammar Gadhafi?

The president of Libya who is now being protested against by basically the whole world.

Is Sophie a nickname for Sophie?

It depends- it can be if you want but it can be somthing completely different it depends on what your friends and family call you really! (I think)

What is Sophie about?

Sophie is a young happy person who likes cheese! she lives in Newcastle and loves cats... shes a cat lady... she loves kabeer with all her heart!

How many son's does Col Gaddafi have?

Colonel Muammar Gaddafi's has 10 children (8 biological - 7 son's and 1 daughter) - Mohammed, Saif al-Islam, Al-Saadi, Hannibal, Moatessem-Billal, Saif al-Arab (dead), Khamis (could be dead), Milad (adopted), Ayesha, Hanna (adopted - could be dead).

Is cols diet better then cola?

Is cols better than cola ? did you mean: coal ? did you mean: coal ? i wouldn't recomend eating coal on a diet. And coal is not better than coal. Sorry. Coca-Cola isn't as good as Dr.Pepper

Who is Sophie patching?

companion of katherine lee (see wiki answer for details) who loves to whip her tit out and squirt nutrients in any direction. u will see her on the ground in your local neighbourhood sucking crumbs into her vagina

Is col a prefix of collaborate?

No, not at all. The prefix in "collaborate" is "co", and the "ll" is there merely for ease in pronunciatiation. "col" is never the prefix of anything. It simply does not exist. You need to watch out for such additional letters, or doubled letters, that are there merely for the sake of pronunciatio ( Full Answer )

Why is Sophie here?

Because she is your friend or sister which ever one if sister your parents decided to have her.

What does Col stand for in Mexico?

It depends on the context, but I guess you mean as part of anaddress. That means it is a "Colonia" or neighborhood. For example,the American Embassy in Mexico City is on the "Cuahutemoc"neighborhood or colonia. Mexico addresses include Street + number, Colonia, Zip Code, City,State, Country. For ex ( Full Answer )

What col er is a black hole?

A black hole is colorless. In order for something to have "color," it has to be hit by photons and fly back to the observer. Black holes trap photons within, where they are they are unable to be absorbed and reflect color. It's impossible to know what black holes really look like with our current un ( Full Answer )

What is col plasmid?

A plasmid (free bit of DNA) in bacteria that produces colicin tokill other strains of bacteria.

What has the author Col Stringer written?

Col Stringer has written: 'The way it was' -- subject(s): History '800 Horsemen' 'Wildlife of tropical Australia' -- subject(s): Zoology

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This could be an abbreviation or acronym for quite a few differentthings: Abbreviations: Clan Collision (Runescape game) Colfax (Amtrak station code; Colfax, CA) Colima (postcode, Mexico) Coliseum Collagen Collateral Collected Collections College Colombia Colonel Colonial Colorado (old style) Colo ( Full Answer )