Where did Coldplay perform for Highspeed?

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Big Day out in 2001
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How do you hook up a laptop to your highspeed internet?

Answer . depends on vartious things, what information i would need to know is : do u mean setting up a network with ur laptop and another PC?, what OS r u using? what type of broadband connection do you have?

What is coldplay new songviolet hill about?

Its about the war. its a soldier saying if you love me why did u let me go to war. in the song he make many references listen to it. Violene t hill could be seen as capital hill.

Who is better Coldplay or Lil Wayne?

They're two different genres so you can't compare them, but by how much each artist is liked the most, so the answer to your question is Coldplay

What do you think of coldplay?

I think that coldplay is a extremely good band. The genre is more of alternative, but the band makes many different styles of music. Overall coldplay is one of my favorite bands.

Is coldplay Christian?

Christianity certainly comes out of a majority of their songs, but they aren't Christian. The lead singer of Coldplay definitely believes in God, he just doesn't know who God is. Like in one of Coldplay's songs Cemetries of London "I see God in my garden, but I don't know what he said. For my heart ( Full Answer )

What is Coldplay?

coldplay is a British rock band they are 4 men (chris martin,jonny buckland,will champion,guy berryman) made hot singles like...clocks,yellow,viva la vida? they are my favorite band! my myspace:www.myspace.com/spongebobnesha8

Who is in Coldplay?

Coldplay consists of four members. They are as follows: Chris Martin - Lead vocals, piano, rhythm guitarist. Jonny Buckland - Lead guitar, backing vocals. Guy Berryman - Bass guitar, backing vocals . Will Champion - Drums, backing vocals, occasional guitar.

Is Coldplay good?

As one of the biggest freaks of this band, I say that they are themost talented people ever! They are good!

Who will open for coldplay?

There are different bands at every tour. I recently one to one near Detroit, and the opening band was called Sleeper Car. I'm not sure who else there has been.

What genre is coldplay?

Coldplay considers themselves a soft rock band and they're music is also said to be alternative rock.

What is coldplay worth?

Coldplay is worth something! They are a great great band! They are true artists meaning they are dedicated to their music. Many other bands are not into what they do like coldplay......

When did Coldplay form?

The short answer: London, England in 1998 From Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coldplay): . Coldplay are a British rock band formed in 1996 by lead vocalist Chris Martin and lead guitarist Jonny Buckland at University College London. After they formed Pectoralz, Guy Berryman joined t ( Full Answer )

Is the coldplay is Jew?

No...the lead singer, Chris Martin, does believe in God, but no, he is not a Jew.

What are facts about coldplay?

15 Facts about Coldplay: \n . THEY'RE AWESOME!!\n . They're a British band\n . Chris Martin: doesn't just sing, he plays piano and guitar for coldplay\n . Jonny Buckland: lead guitarist\n . Guy Berryman: bass guitar\n . Will Champion: drums, backing vocals, and a bunch of other instruments\n . ( Full Answer )

Can you convert USB into a highspeed USB?

No, you will have to replace the parts.. I'm afraid it's true. As the USB 1.0 controllers are part of your motherboard there's only two options available to you:. Replace the motherboard (and probably the CPU and RAM and maybe even the graphics card too - if you're using USB 1.0 it's probably pret ( Full Answer )

How did coldplay form?

Chis Martin met the lead guitarist in college. Chris saw him playing the guitar, and the band was formed. The other two people in the band, the drummer and the person who plays the bass, where later added to the band. It was originally called "Starfish" (no joke) But it was later changed to "the col ( Full Answer )

Can you hook up your PS3 to the internet without a wireless router you have highspeed broadband?

The PS3 has a high speed gigabit ethernet connection in the back for hard wiring into your LAN/router/modem. You'll need a Cat5e or better, ethernet cable of suitable length to plug into both pieces of equipment.. Enter the appropriate details in the network section of the PS3 setup menu and off yo ( Full Answer )

How did Coldplay get their name?

Coldplay was actually the name Keane used before they changed it to Cherry Keane, which then became Keane. They rejected the name Coldplay because they thought it was too depressing and the pianist ended up giving it to Chris Martin because he knew him in college.

Is coldplay manufactured?

I wouldn't say so at all, if you mean "manufactured" in the sense that a band/artist has very little talent (except for looks and a voice), acts according to a contract, makes none of their own decisions, etc. It is true that Coldplay's music has become more electronic (take "Every Teardrop Is A Wa ( Full Answer )

Why highspeed LAN is needed?

Basically, the faster the LAN the faster you get information from one system to another. It all comes down to how much data you are transferring (internally) and how quickly you want to get it there. In most companies, even internal communications seem slow to users at times. Most users want the ( Full Answer )

What inspired coldplay?

There are many people who will incorrectly state coldplay is influenced by bands such as radiohead and U2. Chris Martin, during an interview in 2004, stated the band was formed when the group all got handled innapropriately a large black man. This inspired them to form the band that now leads the ho ( Full Answer )

What is the song sparks about by coldplay?

I think he's talking about how he was in a relationship, and he left her to pursue his dreams of music. She asks him to sing one we know, she supports him but doesn't want him to leave because she loves him. He gives her his heart, and is will think about her when she's gone but knows he was wrong i ( Full Answer )

Will coldplay ever be on rock band?

No, they don't like to label themselves. In an interview they said they didn't categorize in "rock" band because they didn't wear the "proper pants".

What are the names of the people in coldplay?

chris martin - lead vocalist jonny buckland - lead guitarist guy berryman - bassist will champion - drummer, backing vocalist, multi instrumentalist

Highspeed railway in us?

There are several high speed railway line proposed in US. The most developed are the one in Florida and the one in California.

Coldplay on the cello?

i am a twelve year old cellist, in 6th grade, and I've been playing since 3rd. my advice is to go to music and arts, or register to smartmusic. smartmusic is this cool site in which people can search music to play. when you click on a piece, you can play it straight fromyour computer, and even play ( Full Answer )

What is coldplays biggest hit ever?

That would be difficult to answer...but guessing it would be one of the following: Yellow, The Scientist, Clocks, or Viva La Vida

Are coldplay pop?

Coldplay are probably best described as "alternative." However, their work spans several genres - from alternative rock to electropop (though their rock influences are most predominant.) Coldplay's pop influences are most obvious on their 2011 album Mylo Xyloto , in songs such as "Princess of China ( Full Answer )

Do coldplay still have concerts?

No they don't, seeing as they finished their touring in March. But I'm sure they do have small gigs, that are unexpected and unplanned. But as in a "real" concert, no.

Do Coldplay curse?

Yup, pretty much all the time. If you listen back to live concerts or television shows, Chris will often say 'f*ck.'

Is coldplay Mormon?

Coldplay consists of Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, and Will Champion. None of these men has ever been baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church). Frontman Chris Martin has said that he believes in God but does not belong to any particular rel ( Full Answer )

What is the meaning of clocks by coldplay?

The home part is about getting to heaven. The apple part is how the apple represents sin and only God can take away our sin. I am is what God's name is and we would respond you are

What is the genre to coldplay?

I would say that Coldplay is a Softrock, Alternative band. That's at least what they say about themselves

What are the lyrics to trouble by coldplay?

Oh no, I see, A spider web, it's tangled up with me, And I lost my head, The thought of all the stupid things I said, Oh no what's this? A spider web, and I'm caught in the middle, Oh I turned to run, The thought of all the stupid things I've done, And oh, I never meant to cause you ( Full Answer )

Do coldplay swear?

No. There's only one song by Coldplay that has swearing in it, and that's Lost+ (Lost! with a rap from Jay-Z, who said the word). Word of advice: If you like Coldplay, you'll HATE Lost+. That doesn't mean Lost! and Lost? aren't great songs, though.

Where is coldplay now?

They are on tour and constantly moving On June 25th and 26th they will be in houston then it florida ect

Are coldplay Irish?

No. They are british. Three of them are from England. The bassist is from Scotland.

What is paradise by Coldplay about?

it is about a girl who is growing up and maturing as her life goes on but she still dreams about being a kid and having an imagination like paradise only she eventually finds out that life has obstacles and once you get around them life can be paradise

What are coldplays albums?

Parachutes (famous songs Shiver, Yellow) Released 2000 A Rush of Blood to the Head (famous songs God Put A Smile Upon Your Face, Clocks, The Scientist) Released 2002 X&Y (famous songs Fix You, Talk) Released 2005 Viva la Vida or Death and all his Friends (famous songs Violet Hill ( Full Answer )

How famous are coldplay?

They are one of the most popular bands in the world so we can sayyes they are very famous. They sold a lot of albums and they have alot of hits. For example a lot of people all around the world wentto Mylo Xyloto tour.