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i really love this sport!! and yes i consider this a sport.. with all my heart! i love it and i wish that i knew about it sooner than i did, and i just love to do it and be out there and express myself and do what i love to do! its awesome!! =]
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Where did the names of color guard tricks come from?

most of the tosses are just named by what they look like or how they are done for example in order to do a strip toss you have to strip your flag and pegie spins were created by someone named pegi and a parallel toss is parallel to the to the ground so that's basically how they get most of the names ( Full Answer )

Is color guard for boys?

Yes! Colorguard isn't gender specific, if its the flag twirling, rifle tossing, Sabre spinning color guard I'm thinking of. Honestly, i wish there were boys in my guard, I'm always really jealous of the guards that have even like one boy, straight or gay. Color Guard is absolutely for guys!!!! I am ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between color guard and honor guard?

Depending on how far back you go, they are the same thing - color guard has its origins in the military, literally being there to guard the "colors" (aka the flag). Over time it evolved, and you have the modern color guard activity associated with marching bands and winterguards. However, as far as ( Full Answer )

Where did colors come from?

Colors are the names that humans with their languages have given to a the phenomenon of electromagnetic radiation in the frequency range 420 nm (red) to 730 nm (violet). the electromagnetic radiation (light) would exist without anyone to observe it but calling the various wavelengths "colors2 is a p ( Full Answer )

Were can you get a color guard flag poles?

McCormicks thebandroom bandmans bandshoppe northeastbandsupply fjmiller styleplus All of these are really good sources for guard equipment, including poles, flags, uniforms, etc.

How do you write color guard work?

It generally starts with variations on basics, so you can try that for a start. Or variations on work you've learned in the past. Try watching other guards for inspiration, too - there are TONS of videos on YouTube. You can even just pick up some equipment and start messing around. If it's set to co ( Full Answer )

Is there a different in color guard an flag line?

Depends on where you are. If the color guard only spins flags, then the terms are interchangeable. Where the line is drawn is when weapons are added - then it is definitely a color guard.

What arethings to have for color guard?

Hmm...well, that's a pretty broad question. For starters, you need people! You need someone to choreograph as well - hopefully someone with experience. As far as equipment, you need flag poles and flag "silks" (the actual flags) - poles can vary in length from 5 to 6 feet (6-footers are the most com ( Full Answer )

What are things to have for color guard?

you first need to have a dedicated team. then you will need flag poles,flags, electical tape, uniforms, shoes, music(to your show), a coach, you may also need rifles and sabres.

Is Color Guard fun?

Color guard is way fun! But, it's difficult and time consuming.I'd recommend it if you have lots of free time and want to be partof a team. It's not for everyone though. You never know until yougive it a try. . Its a commitment thing for sure. if you cant be committed thencolor guard is not for you ( Full Answer )

Does Ohio State have Color guard?

No, they do not. Ohio State is one of the few bands left that is extremely rooted in their traditions, and they never added one (they are still an awesome band, though!) As far as the rest of the Big Ten, Michigan State, Michigan, Minnesota, Northwestern, Purdue, Penn State, and Illinois have guards ( Full Answer )

How many people are required in a color guard?

There is not a required amount of people but a good guard contains about 12 peole. usually around 8 would be fine to. And also u can have up to 30 people in a guard

What colors does 'SPLAT Color' come in?

Pink,Purple, Blue, Red, and a Box with a Mix of all of them. I just recently discovered these beautiful colors and the store that is in my area also offers a deep forrest green...thats the one i went with :D

What is the difference between color guard and winter guard?

Color guard is an auxiliary of the marching band and performs with the band in the half time show. Winter guard has students perform to chosen music with all the equipment but in large ensemble, small ensemble, trios, duets, solos. They are judged on their own merits with out band input.

Color guard what is the purpose of the color guard?

The purpose is to spin flags or dance to music in a way that tellsa story (in some cases). The guard's show basically goes along withthe music in a creative way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUKw1cvsNz0 Here's my color guard if you want to see a guard show. --It can also be used in presenting the ( Full Answer )

What can an Air Force color guard do with the rifles?

The main purpose for the rifles is to protect the flags. As a riflemen, you can port arms (march with a rifle), carry the rifle on the right or left shoulder, or present arms(present the rifle while the national anthem, or military honors are being presented for the diseased) -Air Force Base Honor ( Full Answer )

What are the us coast guards official colors?

Our Tartan is based on red, white and blue. The design of the United States Coast Guard Tartan was inspired by the family Tartan of Alexander Hamilton, the founder of the Revenue-Marine, and the 'father' of the modern day U.S. Coast Guard. Each color of the Tartan signifies the following: Red: S ( Full Answer )

How do you do color guard tricks?

There are a lot of great YouTube videos on color guard skills. Youcan find a lot of tricks there to practice.

Where do you buy color guard flags?

You can find color guard silks at any marching band website like: http://www.bandshoppe.com/catalog/index.jsp Or http://www.worldtwirling.com/html/practice_flags.html (Practice silks) http://www.worldtwirling.com/html/performance_flags__colorguard_.html (Performance silks) Now, you can't buy jus ( Full Answer )

What are the parts of a color guard flag?

"Tip"- The top piece of the flag "Silk"- The fabric/flag "Butt"- The bottom of the flag "Tab"- Where the bottom of the "Silk" is taped to the poll "1/2"- A tape half way between the "Tab" and the "Butt" "3/4"- A tape half way between the "1/2" and the "Butt" (I Hope that helped)

What colors did they come in?

The lion come in lots of shades of brown this is the most common color for a lion some also come in Albino white.

How does color guard relate to physics?

force of gravity pulls flags sabres and riffles down into your hand. the motion of color guard is related to velocity and free fall. equipment when thrown in the air is using a projectile motion and everything in guard has momentum

How do you tape a color guard flag?

Step 1: Slide the silk onto the poll. Step 2: Hold the top of the flag where the flag and poll meet. Step 3: Pull the side opposite of the seam (In that spot) till it's tight around the poll. Step 4: Fold this "extra" fabric so that it's laying against the poll. Step 5: Take electrical tape and ( Full Answer )

What is Difference of color guard and honor guard?

Honor guard is used in the military and in some special occasions as graduations). It usually includes the American flag, rifle, state flag?, and some others. Color guard usually works with a marching band. They dance, use different colored flags, sometimes rifle and Sabre looking objects( not real) ( Full Answer )

What are the best college color or winter guard programs?

Michigan State has an excellent colorguard program. The Spartan Marching Band colorguard is easily the best in the Big Ten and one of the best in the country. MSU's winterguard, State of Art, won Independent A at WGI in 2009 and has been an Independent Open finalist every year since (2010-present).

What is the color guard in the military?

It's the element responsible for the display, raising, lowering, and general maintenance of the colours (typically, flags), both national and as pertaining to that specific unit.

Is color-guard a sport?

Technically, it is not classified as one, but it should be because it is harder than anything else.

What do you paint color guard flag poles with?

I use wide tape length wise down the pole. Adds some weight, but will last longer than chipping paint. Seal the ends with a single diameter wrapping of tape. It depends on what your pole is made of... for painting.

What colleges have a color guard?

Most colleges with a marching band have a colorguard. The only big schools I can think of who don't have a guard are Notre Dame and Ohio State. You just need to do some research on the school's band site.

What colors does the NOOK color come in?

The nook color comes in only one color! But don't worry many designer cases are available and a cheap silicone case that comes in Black, Pink, and blue. Check out SkinIt.com if you want a cool solid or a designer thingy!

Is color guard an Olympic sport?

Unfortunately, no it is not currently. There has been some talk of it being in the future though and i sure hope it is!

Is color guard considered a career?

Overall, it is more of a hobby or interest, but some people do makeit into a career. You can instruct or you can perform in worldclass independent guards as an adult.

What are some really cool flag moves for color guard?

The Tori The arms are in a low V and the pole is tucked under your right arm. Raise your right arm till it is parallel to the ground. While doing this, flick your wrist, gently releasing the flag. The flag goes behind your right shoulder. Catch the flag at a 45 degree angle from the ground, about ( Full Answer )

Does university of southern Mississippi have a color-guard?

The University of Southern Mississippi DOES in fact have a color guard. This past year they were a 30 piece section, making them the second largest section within the 400 member Pride of Mississippi. Auditions are normally held sometime in mid March to early April and all auditionees, including vete ( Full Answer )

Is color guard an elective?

It depends on what school you are doing color guard for. Someschools have it as an elective and only practice 2-3 times a weekoutside of school, while other schools practice about 5 times aweek after school because it isn't an elective.

Can homeschoolers do color guard?

It depends on the laws in your state. For instance, in Florida ahomeschooled child is allowed to participate in any group, club,sport, or class that they choose, as long as it is available at theschool that normally be their assigned public school.

What is the purpose of a Color Guard?

The color guard is the visual of what the marching band isplaying. yes we may twirl flag but we also toss them and use morethan flags. we use chains, streamers, rifles, swords, bungees,pompoms, wings, and batons. there may be other things but itdepends on the guard. . I only know this because my co ( Full Answer )

Where does the spelling error guard come from?

Originally in the English language, the word 'guard' was spelled like the French word 'garde', however, the current spelling of G-U-A-R-D won out. The word has never been spelled G-A-U-R-D, but that is a common spelling error due to the phonetics of the word.

How to make color guard?

Bright sequines can help, but make the uniform more expensive andharder to clean. I'd stay away from white as a base color.

How to make the color guard team?

The only way to make the color guard team or any other team is to practice. Put yourself in front of the mirror and practice your smile and your eye contact. Be sure to be polite and speak loud and clear when addressed by the judges.