Where did Colorado gunman buy his semiautomatic weapon?

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The rifle came from Dick's Sporting Goods. The dealer of the handguns was not named.
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Where does China buy military weapons?

China has bought military equipment from Russia since the 1960, they then reverse engineered the equipment to gain knowledge about how it works and to be able to produce the weaponry themselves. China is now one of very few countries than is capable of producing quality and sophisticated weaponr ( Full Answer )

Can marines choose their weapon buy a weapon and use it?

In Vietnam the Marines, like the Army, used what they were issued. Although there were times in which some of the men appropriated (got a hold of) civilian shotguns, revolvers, and some WWII Tommy Guns (.45 caliber Thompson Submachine guns) and even some WWII M1 Carbines and M1 Garands. US Marines ( Full Answer )

Why do people buy weapons?

People buy weapons because they might have a hobby that includes a certain type of weapon. But then some people are creeps and like to murder people.

Where in Colorado can you buy toe socks?

You can buy toe socks at several of the large chain departmentstores in Colorado. Look in the women's department in the fall andwinter to find them.

Can a civilian buy a military weapon?

Unfortunately not legally. a Civilian can buy a weapon similar to one that is issued to soldiers. For example: The equivalent of the M-16 is the AR-15. some differences is that the AR-15 is not fully automatic and dosent have a 3 round burst option. it wont be specially customized like military does ( Full Answer )

What states buy Colorado crops?

Colorado produce has a wide market following and Rocky Ford Melons have a brand name attraction. Colorado Lamb has an International appeal as does the Rainbow Trout.

Where to buy Colorado white marble?

In the town of Marble, Colorado. Marble from Marble, CO. was used to build the Lincoln Memorial In Washington D.C.

Where do you buy doom weapons in DF?

u can by the normal doom weapons from da mysterious stranger on falconreach. if u want to get da heartless reaper weapons then u need to go to yulgers shop in falconreach in da weapon shop next to twilly. if you wan 2 get da destiny weapons den u go to artix.of u wan to get da dark doom weapon den u ( Full Answer )

How do you buy weapons on combat arms?

In order to purchase weapons, first join a channel. On the top of your screen, you will see "Shop/Storage". In there, it will show your weapons. Then, towards the top right corner, you will see a SHOP. Click on that and it will show weapons. Then, click a weapon and toward the bottom right corner, y ( Full Answer )

Were can you buy naruto weapons?

If you want to buy weapons from naruto or any other anime stuff you can go to kingofswords.com then there will be a search place on the left. Type in what kind weapons you want. or type in anime or the name of the show like naruto,bleach,etc. then they will show different weapons.

Where can you buy mood rings in Colorado?

you can't people in Colorado thought that it was morally wrong so the government band it in the late eighties and they find no reason to change it now. thank you .....thats a lie you can get them in colorado!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you buy weapons in dragon fabel?

You find them at stores check the level and price if you are high enough on level and gold hit the red oval that says"buy" and click it it will ask you if your sure you want to buy it if you hit yes check your bag or inventory and hit it and equip and battle!

How do you buy weapons on Roblox?

You must buy them in the catalog. They are known as Gear. You can take gear into places with you as long as they meet the requirements of the place. i.e. Brigand's Sword. It's genre is Fantasy. It's attribute is Melee Weapon. If you want to take it into a place, the place must allow Melee Weapons. H ( Full Answer )

Where do you buy auxiliary weapons on epicduel?

It varies, which Auxillary weapon you would prefer to have. For example you can get a range of Non-Varium zookas from Hank: Located at Fortune City, one other good place where you can get Credit only bazookas, it is at Mirv: Located at Barren Outpost. Underneath Fortune (Old) City there is an NPC na ( Full Answer )

Where do you buy weapons on RuneScape?

1. at the grand exchange 2. at any kind of weapons shop (sword, mace, sceptimar, etc.) 3. trade from another player 4. pickaxes and hatchets may be able to be wield if you have the req. attack lvl.

Where can you buy weapons in dragonfable?

Go to falconreach and talk to lim, or go to your quest log and click go to battleon, also talk to serinity, the mysterious stranger, the two knight's in oaklore (east from rolith) with the two swords hitting each other, talk to the guy in amityvale right from thursday, and traveling around the world ( Full Answer )

How old do you have to be to buy a liter in Colorado?

it depends on where you buy it. i don't think there is a legal age. some gas stations will sell it to you if you are under 18. i just bought a zippo at a oriental store and i asked if you have to be 18 and they said no. but you have to be 18 to buy the fluid for it. i know you can buy bic lighters a ( Full Answer )

How do you get licenses to buy automatic weapons?

You find a Class III licenced dealer, and they'll go through the paperwork with you. You'll have to go through an extensive background check, and you'll need to be approved at both federal and state level (and, in several states, county, as well).

How do you buy weapons in pocket legends?

You can get weapons using plat from in the Plat store, or go to Ozzie the Merchant in Forest Haven to buy weapons from level 1-10 using Gold. There is different guys in different townes that u can buy weapons and armour from using gold. hope this helps :)

How can you buy weapons in Crossfire?

you can buy weapons in Crossfire, by going to the item shop(or black market) and look for a weapon that you can afford, and like.. Then click 'buy" then voila! happy gaming!

What store does WWE buy there weapons from?

They probably have their own company that makes the items for them and sell them to them. They may get their chairs, ladders and tables from Home Depot though.

On runescape where do you buy armor and weapons?

Usually I would use the Grand Exchange. Some items are hard to get (especially black armour); in this case, you can go to specialized armour shop. There is one for platelegs, one for plateskirts, etc. Look it up on the World Map - it has a key that shows you the different shops, among other things.

Can you buy a fully automatic weapon in Colorado?

Yes. Fully automatic firearms (machine guns) are permitted under Colorado law. They are stringently regulated under Federal law in the 1934 National Firearms Act. Transfer of ownership is taxed ($200) by the Federal BATFE, and registration is required. Due to changes in Federal law, only those machi ( Full Answer )

Where to buy a faygo in Colorado?

Faygo is available at the Pilot Travel Center located at 4640Steele St. Denver , CO US 80216http://pilotflyingj.com/view-location?id=316 Also, in Blackhawk in a gas station called Conoco.

How do you buy a fully automatic weapon?

In the US- you must be 21, reside in a state where State law permits private ownership of a machinegun, and be legally able to purchase a firearm. Next, find a Class III dealer in your home state- transfer of the gun to you will be through that dealer. The dealer should help guide you through the pr ( Full Answer )

Where can you buy weapons grade uranium?

You can't, I can't. Some reactor facilities that require it for fuel can lease it, but must account for every gram at all times.

Where do you buy doom weapons in dragonfable?

To aquire Doom Weapons in dragon fable go left untill u exit falconreach, (be sure to have at least 30000 gold) go up and go to the man/orb and select *gulp* Shop

Where can you buy rabbits in Colorado?

A breeder is a source. Or a nice fair with 4-H rabbits for sale. I highly suggest that you don't buy one from a pet store. If you want one from the pound it will be spayed our neutered. The seller will tell you if it is pet quality or show quality.

Do you have to have your weapons permit to buy a gun?

Depends on the law where you are. We get questions from all 50 US States and at least a dozen other countries. The laws are different in different places. And YOU did not tell us where you are. Sorry-

What is a semiautomatic weapon?

A semiautomatic weapon is one in which one bullet is firedeach time the trigger is pulled, until the magazine is out ofbullets.. These types of weapons are often called "auto loaders" because partof their functioning is to load a fresh round into the chamber forthe next shot.. A typical semiauto ( Full Answer )

Where can someone buy chemical weapons?

One may not buy any form of chemical weapons through any legal channels. Only a government's military operations may possess chemical weapons legally.

Where to buy h2o2 in Colorado?

That's hydrogen peroxide. You can buy it at most grocery stores,drug stores, even some gas stations and truck stops.