Where did Colorado shooter get his Napalm?

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He probably made it. It is not hard to make napalm, but I'm not going to tell you how.
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What is napalm?

Napalm is a powdered aluminum soap or similar compound used to gelatin oil or gasoline for use in napalm bombs or flame throwers, or the resultant gelatinous substance. Napalm was developed by the U.S. in World War II by a team of Harvard chemists led by Louis Fieser. . Napalm was not invented b ( Full Answer )

What is a napalm bomb?

Napalm is a flammable substance (originally it was gasoline) mixed with a gelling agent to make it adhere to surfaces when spread. It was developed in the US for use in incendiary bombs and flame throwers.

How do you make napalm?

take a of container some sort, i find a sandwich box works well then take some gasoline fill you'r container with the gasoline, then disolve styrofome in the gasoline, after this take a long stick/pole dunk it in, do not get it on you'r self, then light it up and enjoy ! ( Napalm can also melt thro ( Full Answer )

When was napalm first used in Vietnam?

In Vietnam, napalm was first used against buildings. Later on, thiswas used as an anti-personnel weapon that sticks to skin and causedsevere burns.

How do you create napalm?

if you want to make a cheap knock off of it its 1/2 gasoline and 1/2 styrofoam. napalm-b the milatary grade one its not to be public. just saying creating is illegal dont try it.

Is napalm a chemical weapon?

No. Napalm is the name given to any of a number of flammable liquids used in warfare, often jellied gasoline (as by Wikipedia's definition).. A chemical weapon is one that does not cause physical damage from blast or fire. Instead it releases a chemical agent that is harmful to humans.

What is the chemical formula for napalm?

Napalm is the name given to any of a number of flammable liquidLiquid Liquid is one of the principal states of matter. A liquid is a fluid that has the particles loose and can freely form a distinct surface at the boundaries of its bulk material.... s used in warWar ... fare, often jellied ( Full Answer )

What is the primary purpose of Napalm?

The purpose of a napalm is pshycological and physical damage seeing your buddies burned alive can take a toll on your brain and its not very fun to be burned alive either oh and to burn forest for instance in vietnam they would burn entire forest with this bomb

Why was napalm used in Vietnam?

Napalm and Agent Orange was used mainly to kill the jungle vegetation so the Viet Cong couldn't hide and made it impossible for people to live or grow cops in the areas where they were dropped.

How many people did napalm kill?

Historians prefer to use the term INCENDIARY devices or INCENDIARY bombs; Especially when referring to WW2 in Europe. Napalm bombs/devices are INCENDIARY bombs, but contain another category of chemicals in them such as "Naphthenic & Palmitic" chemicals.. During WW2, cities such as Dresden and Tokyo ( Full Answer )

When was the first napalm attack?

July 17, 1944, target:fuel depot; Saint Lo, France. Mission flown by US Army Air Force P-38 Lightnings.

How do you get napalm on Mafia Wars?

The way you get napalm is to fight other mafias and win it as a loot item. You can get Napalm by doing the job..."Exterminate a rival family". It will take a little bit to get it though. It is a lotted item.

What does napalm do to vegetation?

naplam burns the land and the plants turns to ashs its the opposite of liquide nitrogen naplam is a extremely hot substances that burns and kills thnigs in other words thas what it does

Where was napalm used?

napalm was used in Germany and japan, vietnam, and Korea. napalm was not used in enduring freedom or in modern warfare due to being to lethal and inflicting unnecessary punishment on civilian who would come into contact with napalm

Is napalm illegal?

Yes it is illegal in the USA. You can make it and use it in your backyard or something but don't get caught! I just made napalm and searched up on it and find many people saying it's illegal.

How do you get napalm in Mafia Wars?

by the job called "Exterminate A Rival Family" on Hitman category(lvl 18-24), it has low chance so you should be patient if you do this, and it cost 38 energies... but you can also get one by defeating some other mafias..

How do you get napalm Wars do?

first you have to be level 18-24 then you do the job called exterminate rival family, however this may take some persistance so just keep doing the job over and over

Why was napalm used in Vietnam war?

napalm was used in Vietnam because Vietnam's forests were thick and would not burn with regular fire. cutting down forests would take months on end. the solution..the military killed viet cong and there forests with napalm.

What were Agent Orange and napalm?

Agent orange was a defoliating chemical used to clear jungle. Later, research proved it had horrible effects on the people exposed to it. Napalm is a sticky and extremely flammable substance often used by military forces. Its original intent was to clear brush destroy wooden structures. Unfortuna ( Full Answer )

How deadly is napalm?

It is deadly. It is a tactical weapon to remove vegetation and to instill fear and bring death

Where do you get napalm on special forces?

From Victory Dance in Eastern Europe, or sometimes your fellow crew members can "Back you up" and "go into their armory" and you gain one.

Where was napalm used in the Vietnam war?

USN riverine battleships (Monitors) dispersed (shot) napalm from their vessels turrets along the rivers in South Vietnam. USN, USMC, USAF jets dropped napalm (incendiary) bombs all over South Vietnam.

Napalm and nuclear weapon are illegal?

No, both are legal weapons for nations to use in war. Only chemicaland biological weapons are prohibited by international law(although that has not stopped certain countries from using them).

What is Napalm and how was it used?

Napalm is a highly flammable sticky jelly used in fire-starting bombs and flamethrowers, consisting of gasoline thickened with special soaps.

Can you mix Thermite and Napalm?

yes, you can mix napalm with thermite, though EXTREMELY dangerous it makes for a much bigger flame, much more destructive, and a hell of a lot more delicate. so make sure that when it gets ignited, to be plenty far away. Napalm isn't an explosive, the explosive in napalm devices is jellied gasolin ( Full Answer )

What is a sexual napalm?

it's like, the same effect a woman has on you that's like the effects of drugs. it can be a good effect or a bad one. hope this helps :)

Was napalm used in the Korean War?

Napalm, (a jellied gasoline air dropped bomb that sticks to objects and people and burns them), was used in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq.

Where can you buy napalm?

It is easily made, but being in the US, it is illegal for you to buy.

What rhymes with napalm?

Words that rhyme with napalm are alm, calm, guam, psalm, tom, aplomb, embalm, imam, qualm, noncom, salaam, wherefrom, balm, islam, wigwam, islam, palm, becalm, from, maelstrom, pogrom, sitcom, yom, bomb, mom, prom, therefrom, genome.

Why was napalm such a deadly weapon?

It stuck to anything it touched (combination wax and gasoline). Itis a feared fireball in combat. In the Pacific, napalm wasinstrumental in clearing the caves and emplacements on Iwo Jima. Itwas an infantry weapon (flame thrower) and bomb that spread on thebattlefield. Napalm explosions covered larg ( Full Answer )

Who plays in the rock band Napalm?

The following play in Napalm: Balraj (Electric guitarist/ Main vocalist) Haroon (Electric Guitarist) Tavleen (Lead Electric Guitarist/Acoustic Guitarist) Arthie (Keyboard/Piano/Backing Vocals) Vinay (Drummer) Gaurav (Bassist/Screamer/Lyricist) Joshua (Rhythm Guitarist)

Who put Polystyrene in the napalm bomb?

Napalm is a mixture of a thickening gelling agent and petroleum or a similar fuel for use in an incendiary device. It consist on polystyrene (46 parts), gasoline (33 parts) and benzene (21 parts). Napalm was first developed in 1942 by Harvard researchers cooperating with the U.S. army and used in bo ( Full Answer )

How do you make napalm mixture?

This is my mixture it may take alot to light it but. Just use. A blowtorch . Take nail polish removal or acetone. And. Magnesium iron oxide and aluminum And alchohol and gasoline. Put it in a bottle shake it up. And pour it on your target. And Set it on fire. Have fun. Also add Styrofoam or polyethy ( Full Answer )

What if napalm stuck on you?

It sticks to you, can be hardly removed or put out if it was inflamed. This will cause serious injury or death, depending on how much it is.

What Japanese city was napalmed?

None were napalmed, But during World War II, most of the major cities (except Kyoto) were firebombed.

How do you stop napalm?

The only thing that will stop napalm or White Phosporus (WP=Willie Pete) is mud. This element will smother it.

What were napalm side effects?

Not sure what you mean by side effects. Napalm is/was a jellied fuel. It is spread across the target area. and ignited. It burns with great heat for a few minutes. Being close to or inside the flame area can be fatal- not just from the heat, but the oxygen being burned out of the air.

Did Colorado Movie shooter use a Title II weapon?

no he used a Remington 12 gauge shotgun one of the most common weapons on the planet but he had a glock 22 in 40. caliber smith Wesson and a AR15 type weapon he was not a criminal and had no history of mental illness so he was able to buy of this legit at any place that sells firearms because he was ( Full Answer )

What is napalm in Forrest Gump?

When Gump was carrying his wounded comrads from the jungle, you can see the flames behind him. Those planes were using napalm to de-nude the jungle foilage for better visablity.

What is the ingreatients in Napalm?

Originally it was a petroleum fuel with a thickening or jellingagent- a mix of napthenic and palmitic acids (napalm). Napalm todayis a mix of benzene, gasoline, and polystyrene thickener.

When did the Americans develop napalm?

Napalm is an incendiary device that is commonly used as a military weapon. The first known usage of napalm by the U.S. was in World World II in Germany and Japan.