Where did Colton Dixon go to high school?

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Middle TN Christian School
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Is their going to be a high school musical3?

yes, there is. It's going to be about Halloween. I'm not sure if Vanessa Hudgens is going to be in it though after what she did...but who knows.

What high school did Hitler go to?

He attended the Realschule in Linz, Upper Austria but dropped out at the age of 16. For a year he was in the same class of Ludwig Wittgenstein, who later became a famous philosopher.

Where Did Elvis Go To High School?

Elvis Presley was born in East Tupelo, Mississippi, but he and hisfamily moved to Memphis, Tennessee when he was 13. He attended andgraduated from Humes High School in Memphis.

Where did Avi go to high school?

\navi went stuyvesant high school but he failed so his parent sent him to a smaller private school called Elisabeth Irwin high school where he studied with a tutor.

Can you go to college when you are in high school?

Some local community colleges partner with high schools to offer "Dual Enrollment." Check with your high school guidance counselor or with the student services office of your local community college.

How old do have to be to go to high school?

The real age is 14-18. But some people are held back or they could skip a grade from before. Mostly the age is starting from 13 or 14 and the endding age is 18 or 19

How do you go about picketing a high school?

Answer: Paint a piece of cardboard with your slogan, then nail it to a stick. Walk back and forth in front of the school. You are picketing. Answer: The first entry is the last step in the process. I'm assuming that the picketing is for the purpose of protesting something that you feel is wro ( Full Answer )

Is colton high school haunted?

yes, in 1898 some classes were use for which craft they also sacrificed kids in the room.

Why do we go to high school?

You go to high school as a step toward learning what you need to know to make your living and be better able to avoid victimization in society. There's plenty that you need to know that's not taught in school, but school is also designed to teach you how to learn on your own. It's up to you wheth ( Full Answer )

Is their going to be a High School Musical?

The newest in the high school musical series is the movie, "Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure" which is about what happens to one of the lead characters, Sharpay, after graduating from high school.

Can go college after high school?

community colleges will usually accept students even if they have yet to complete high school and are not currently attending, universities however are different.

Will high school go quickly?

Yes!!! The farther a long you get the faster it goes. I am a senior in high school right now and it seems like the past 5 months were only 5 minutes!

What high school did FDR go to?

He went to Groton (an all boys school) at the age of 14 when you were supposed to enroll at 12. then he went to Harvard for his college.

Where did FDR go to high school?

FDR attended Groton School for boys in Groton, MA. He entered the 1st Form at age 14 after being schooled at home by tutors and governesses. That was two years after he should have. Normally, boys entered GS at age 12 years. His grades were not much better than a "gentlemanly" C. In 1900 he entered ( Full Answer )

Did kesha go to high school?

Yes she went to Brentwood High School and Woodland Middle School. as a student she planned to drop out of school as soon as everyonein her band could go preform. with 2 weeks left in the school year of her senior year she droppedout

Do you have to go to high school to be an author?

You don't really need to go to high school to be an author. However, certain high school English classes may help you improve your skills, and sometimes you have a better chance at getting your work published if you are a high school graduate. There are lots of authors that didn't graduate high scho ( Full Answer )

Does Pikachu go to high school?

No, Pikachu is a Pokemon. The only school I'm aware of in the Pokemon games is the trainer school, which teaches you that fire is effective to grass, grass to water, and water to fire. There are no high schools in the Pokemon games, and Pikachu is so stupid he'd be in Kindergarten still.

What high school did tyga go to?

he went tooo my school gardena high school which is in gardena,ca and he went to narbonne in harbor city , ca

How can you go to school on Monster High?

yea if you look at the time of your schedual try in the mournig and aftrernoon and night their school starts when our school starts. if you've created your schedule, it will take effect in September how do you go tot class on Monster High

What high school did Poseidon go to?

Poseidon was a Greek god, god of the sea. He had no formal education, but would have become innately omniscient about his realm.

Did Cleopatra go to high school?

No. High school is a modern term. Cleopatra lived over 2,000 years ago and as a royal child would not have gone to any school. She would have had tutors and they would have come to her.

Why should you go to high school?

In the US, it is required to stay in school until you are 16. Besides, without a high school education even manual labor jobs are hard to come by.

Is high school going to be fun?

You'll have loads of fun -be sure to make as many friends as you can and don't be afraid to ask for help on your way to classes - people will understand!

Why go to college after high school?

You need better education to get a decent job. Without a college education, it's very hard to get a very good salary. Just getting an associates degree will increase your income. Furthermore, nowadays with a shortage of jobs, companies are much more likely to hire you if you have a college education ( Full Answer )

Where did Michelangelo go to high school?

At the time there were no schools corresponding to the American high schools of today. His father sent him to the school of a master to learn grammar, or "his letters." At age 13, he began an apprenticeship in the workshop of the painter Domenico Ghirlandaio. After about one year of learning the art ( Full Answer )

What high school you go to be a surgeon?

High school classes do not count towards becoming a surgeon. What makes high school important is that you are setting the foundation for getting into a good college for your freshman year. You need to take the college prep classes, keep a good GPA, do some community service, and become involved in y ( Full Answer )

How do you check what high school you are going to?

Ask your parents. You should already know this when you were enrolled for any high school. If your staying at your current school then you already know what high school your in. If you're asking how to see what high school you would be good for, try visiting some local high schools and talk about ho ( Full Answer )

What time do you have to go to high school?

The hours at high schools vary. Some are more traditional, with classes from around 7.30 AM till around 3.30 PM. But some schools are run like a college campus, and students have certain longer days with many classes, and certain shorter days with fewer classes and time for extra-curricular activiti ( Full Answer )

Do have to go to high school?

yes, depending on your state law you can drop out at a certain age. example: Illinois is 17 to drop out

Can you be forced to go to a high school?

It depends on your age. You can drop out when your 16, but other than that your parent(s) or legal guardian can pretty much make all of the decisions regarding your education.

What high school did nigahiga go to?

Ryan Higa was born in Hilo, Hawaii and went to the Waiakea High School. After attending high school at Waiakea High School, he has since moved on to college at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

What song did Colton Dixon sing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show?

Colton Dixon actually sang on The Ellen DeGeneres Show twice. He first appeared on the show on March 23, 2011, right after the tenth season of American Idol . On his first appearance, he performed the song "What About Now" by Chris Daughtry. He returned to the show for a second time on April 26, ( Full Answer )

Is Colton Dixon Christian?

Yes, Colton Dixon is a Christian. He is a Christian musician, too, having released a few Christian music singles and albums.

Where did Abe go to for high school?

He didn't go to school at all he taught himself. That means basically anyone could make a great president but unfortunately in this day and age it's all about your grades and the letters after your name.

Can you go to high school at10?

it is possible but you must be a brilliant genius , far ahead of your peers so it is unlikely but there is always and exeption

Where did the Beatles go to high school?

They didn't have "High Schools" in the UK in the 1960s. Paul and George went to the Liverpool Institute, John went to Quarry Bank school. Ringo had serious illnesses as a child and barely went to school after the age of 11.