Where did Columbia orbit in space?

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The spaceshuttle Columbia was orbiting the earth in a low earth orbit. Because its mission was not to the International Space Station (Columbia never went to the ISS on a docking mission) it was lower than most, which would have excluded a rescue scenario involving the ISS. Columbia did not have sufficient fuel to boost to the height of the ISS.
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Where did the space shuttle Columbia crash?

Did Not Actually Land . It didn't actually crash, but was pulled apart by lack of aerodynamic stability above Texas. The debris path was over Texas and Louisiana.

Why is the space shuttle Columbia important?

Columbia was the first of the shuttle fleet to go into space. This mission, STS-1, was commanded by John Young, a veteran of the Gemini and Apollo missions. It was also the orbiter that disintegrated during re-entry in 2003.

Who flew the Columbia space shuttle?

Columbia's Pilots . On STS-107, Columbia's final flight on which it disintegrated during re-entry, the commander was Rick Husband and the pilot was William McCool. Note that neither of them were in any way at fault in the disaster, and the re-entry was and is largely automatic.

How does a space station stay in orbit?

Like any other satellite, including the Moon, it stays up by centripetal force. Like a weight being whirled around your head on a string it would fly off in straight line if the force holding it in were to disappear. With the weight, this force is the tug of the string. With the space station it's g ( Full Answer )

When was the Columbia space shuttle accident?

Date of Columbia Disaster . The space shuttle Columbia broke apart and partially burned up while re-entering earth's atmosphere over Texas on February 1, 2003. The entire seven member crew were killed.

What is the Columbia space shuttle?

Columbia Space Shuttle . Columbia was a space shuttle that disintigrated upon re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere during its 28th mission on February 1, 2003, killing all seven crew members on board.

How do space shuttles get into orbit?

To lift the 4.5 million pound shuttle from the pad to orbit (115 to 400 miles) above the Earth, the shuttle uses two solid rocket boosters, three main engines of the orbiter, the external fuel tank and the orbital maneuvering system on the orbiter. The solid rockets provide most of the main force or ( Full Answer )

Why did the space shuttle Columbia crash?

On blast off, a small piece of foam hit the wing, creating a small hole. On re-entry to the atmosphere the wing began to burn at that location due to hot gases getting in and a fire spread. This is what eventually destroyed Columbia

What happened to the space shuttle Columbia?

During the launch of Columbia, foam from the external fuel tank had hit the orbiter's underside. Unknown to anyone at the time, it had punctured a hole in one of the insulating tiles on the wing. Although it was known that foam had hit Colombia, it was deemed to not have been sufficient to cause ser ( Full Answer )

What is a orbit in space?

An orbit is just to go around.The sun orbits the moon and the moon orbits the earth,so basically they are both orbiting each other

What happened to Columbia space shuttle?

While space shuttle Columbia was lifting off, a piece of Styrofoam the\nsize of a briefcase fell on its wing. It made a hole in it. While reentering\nEarth's atmosphere, heat got inside the wing. It started making engines offline\nat mission control and the space shuttle disintegrated over Texas. Ev ( Full Answer )

What was the space shuttle Columbia named after?

The space shuttle Columbia was named for a Boston-based sloop (a type of sailboat) captained by Robert Gray, which was the first American vessel to circumnavigate the globe. It was also named after the Apollo 11 Command Module, the first manned craft to land on another celestial body.

Geo space orbit?

It is a little strange that things in higher orbits actually travel more slowly than things in lower orbits. The Space Shuttle and the International Space Station both orbit in about 90 minutes, while the Moon - 250,000 miles away - take a whole month to orbit the earth. There is one kind of orbi ( Full Answer )

How big was space shuttle Columbia?

Columbia was a Space Shuttle Orbiter. . Space Shuttle Orbiters are 37.23 meters (122.17 feet) long, 17.27 meters (56.67 feet) high, with a wingspan of 23.79 meters (78.06 feet) and maximum weight of 2,041,166 kilograms (4.5 million pounds) at liftoff and 104,326 kilograms (230,000 pounds) at the e ( Full Answer )

How many space shuttles orbiters were there?

6 in total were produced, 3 are still operational today:. Enterprise - was a prototype designed to test Space Shuttle behavior in atmospheric flight.. Columbia - first launched on April 12, 1981. On February 1, 2003, Columbia disintergrated during re-entry on its 28th mission.. Challenger - fir ( Full Answer )

How many orbits in space?

Basically, each object has its own orbit. Also, such orbits tend tochange over time. The combination of mass and momentum, when in balance, can producean orbit. Small objects such as Pluto can have even smaller objectsorbiting around them. At the center of galaxies are huge masseswith thousands or ( Full Answer )

How is a orbit in space formed?

an object that moves fast enough can orbit another body in space. As a minimum, to orbit the Earth you need to travel 30,000 kph at 100 km altitude.

What did space shuttle Columbia do in space?

Columbia was the first operational US Space Shuttle, and the firstinto space on April 12, 1981. It completed 28 missions between 1981and 2003. The shuttle was destroyed and the 7-man crew killedduring reentry on February 1, 2003, after one wing was damaged byfalling ice and foam insulation during it ( Full Answer )

Can a space ship orbit Jupiter?

I've been searching for a definitive answer for that as well. But I think I seen somewhere that in order for us to orbit Jupiter our ship would need some serious shielding since the radiation from Jupiter's enormous magnetic field would kill us instantly.

How does a satellite maintain its orbit in space?

As the satellite orbits a planet, its centripetal acceleration and the gravitational acceleration balance each other out to keep it in orbit.\n. \nThe height of its orbit depends on its speed.

Is there gravity where space shuttles orbit?

A very low level, called microgravity, that's a small fraction ofnormal gravity. Astronauts feel weightless, by comparison. Spaceshuttles orbit at a distance of 100-200 miles above the Earth. Theshuttle is actually falling toward the Earth all the time, but thespeed of its orbit keeps it from fallin ( Full Answer )

When did the Space Ship Columbia crash?

The space ship Columbia disintegrated on reentry into the earth'satmosphere on February 1, 2003. The disaster occurred over Texasand Louisiana and seven crew members perished.

What is a body in space that orbits the sun?

All of the following bodies orbit the sun: -- All of the planets on our solar system, including the earth -- All the natural satellites of all the planets, including earth's moon -- The body of every human being, alive or dead, ever born on earth -- All of the asteroids -- All of the members of pe ( Full Answer )

What orbit is the Hubble space telescope in?

The Hubble Space Telescope is in a near-circular Low Earth Orbit about 347 miles (559 km) above the Earth. (See related link for more information.)

Space orbiting telescopes are found where?

Usually orbiting Earth, that is, in an orbit around Earth, but fairly close to Earth - a few 100 km. distance from Earth's surface, at most. Usually orbiting Earth, that is, in an orbit around Earth, but fairly close to Earth - a few 100 km. distance from Earth's surface, at most. Usually orbiting ( Full Answer )

Why do the things in space orbit the sun?

The great mass of the Sun distorts space around it so that things moving in a "straight line" circle around the massive star. Answer2 Firstly, re the above answer, the Sun may distort space by vitue of its gravity but things that get near it orbit it because its gravity keeps them there, not becau ( Full Answer )

Where do space telescopes orbit?

Like all satellites, the orbit depends on the purpose of the telescope. The Hubble Space Telescope orbits in "low Earth orbit", a little higher than the International Space Station does but still within range of the Shuttle. This is because the Hubble was designed for easy maintenance and parts r ( Full Answer )

How do space shuttles move in orbit?

due to the gravitational force the space shuttle get rest on its positioned the installation of satellite or any transponders,etc., the shuttle got fixed in the orbit generation of the zero gravity motor which is an stepper motor with zero resistive flexibility moves the shuttle with the orbit path ( Full Answer )

What American made it into space but not the orbit?

Several Americans have flown on sub-orbital spaceflights. A sub-orbital spaceflight is a flight that takes aspacecraft into space (Over 100 km or 62 miles above sea level) but not into orbit. Because the spacecraft doesn't achieve orbit, it falls back to Earth. In the United States, 3 different type ( Full Answer )

When was Space Shuttle Columbia made?

Construction began in 1975 after it was done it arrived at KSC March 25,1979. It was prepared for flight starting March 19,1981 when it started ground testing. It made it's first flight April 12,1981.

Reason for Space Shuttle Columbia disaster?

Frozen chunk of insulating foam about the size of a small suitcase broke off tank and struck wing just after liftoff, shattering several leading edge carbon/ceramic high temperature tiles. On reentry the frictional heat with the air was able to get in this hole, melt the wing off, causing the shuttl ( Full Answer )

Does the space station orbit or is geostationary?

It orbits the Earth. However, even communications satellites in geosynchronous orbits are in orbit around the Earth; it's just that each orbit takes exactly one day, and so the satellite appears to be stationary above a point on the Earth. We can use this fact to our advantage; instead of build ( Full Answer )

What happened with the Columbia space shuttle?

the space shuttle Columbia exploded as it was entering earth's atmosphere. it got up to a normal temperature of 2800 degrees F (1300 C) but the wheels got much to hot just around Texas about 15 minutes to landing and eventually burnt up. unfortunately all 7 astronauts died.

Where is space shuttle Columbia buried?

Space Shuttle Columbia is not buried. I think you mean Space Shuttle Challenger, which in buried in two minutemen missile silos on the abandoned Launch complex 31. Space Shuttle Columbia remains are stored on the 16th floor of the Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center.

How Long Was Columbia Space Shuttle?

The Columbia orbiter was 122.17 feet long. The entire Space Shuttle (which includes the external fuel tank and solid rocket boosters) is184 feet long. All space shuttles and orbitals seem to be the same length.

How did Columbia orbiter crashed?

In some top secret files of the government, it said extraterrestrial life had apparentyle used some kind of weapon or something that caused the Columbia to offbalance on orbit

How does spacecraft exit orbit into space?

Spacecraft do not exit orbit in order to enter space. When a space craft is launched, once it is going fast enough to not fall back down, it is now in orbit. It's the same principle as spinning a yo-yo around your hand. At this point, if the space craft speeds up even faster, it could eventually rea ( Full Answer )

What is an orbit in outer space?

pathway that a celestial body follows. Planets, comets, asteroids orbit the Sun. Moons orbit their planets. The Solar System orbits the Galactic Center. It is the imaginary pathway that a body in space follows as it moves around another body. The earth and the other planets orbit the sun, and variou ( Full Answer )

How did space shuttle Columbia blast?

Apparently a hole was formed in one of the wings of the spacecraft. During re-entry, intense heat penetrated the interior of the wing, destroying the support structure and finally disintegrating the whole structure of the space shuttle.

How tall is is the space shuttle orbiter?

it is eater 37 millimeters 37 centimeters 37 meters or 37 kilometers. . ps sorry i don't even know the answer. but i think it is 37 millimeters.

Who flew in the Columbia Space Shuttle?

As the first spaceworthy craft of NASA's orbital fleet, Columbia (OV-102) completed 27 missions, and was destoyed near the end of her 28th mission, STS-107. Links to all her missions are to be found in the Related Link listed below: The crew for the fated STS-107 mission were: Rick D. Husba ( Full Answer )

Why did the Columbia Space Disaster happen?

The Columbia space disaster happened because of the failure of a part of the shuttle. During the launch sequence, this failure was disregarded and unfortunately that led to the deaths of the crew.

Is the International Space Station in orbit?

Yes it is. It is possible to see it from Earth, if you know whenand where to look. There are lots of tracking sites that show whereit is and can give you an indication of if you can see it fromwhere you are. See the related question below. Yes it is. It is possible to see it from Earth, if you know ( Full Answer )

Why did Columbia go into space?

He whent to space to descover more and more.Studeing the moon is like the best inportent thing some people say there is a creasher on the moon.