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Easter is at the time of the Vernal Equinox in the northern hemisphere and it marks the beginning of Spring. The return of the sunlight and the warm and fertile Earth was celebrated in the ancient world. Like all Christian holy days and holidays, Easter was overlayed on the time of pre-Christian Spring Festivals that celebrated the return of the balance of day and night and fertility of the crops and animals.

There are no Easter bunnies nor brightly colored easter eggs in the biblical literature. Those ancient traditions that are still practiced provide living proof that pagan traditions have left their mark on the modern world.

Spring festivals were widespread in the ancient world. In fact, the return of Spring was one of the most significant times of the year to the ancient cultures along with the harvest. Consider the following:

  • There was an ancient Babylonian holiday that celebrated the resurrection of the god, Tammuz, who was brought back from the underworld by his mother, Ishtar, the goddess of Spring. The pronunciation of her name is very close to the pronunciation of Easter. In Phoenecia she was called Astarte.
  • The ancient Anglo-Saxon goddess of Spring was called Eastre or Ostera or Eostre. Many of our Easter traditions came to us from the Anglo-Saxons, especially bunnies laying eggs in little nests in the grass.
  • Lent, the forty day abstinence period, was also derived from the ancient world and fasting was done to honor several different gods.
  • The egg was the symbol of fertility in the ancient world- the perfect way to welcome the return of Spring. They were dyed and hung in Egyptian temples.
  • The hare was also an ancient world symbol of fertility as it is today.
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Q: Where did Easter originate?
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It is from Pagan religion

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The earliest writings of an Easter bunny were written in Germany in the 1500s, so Germany appears to be where it originated.

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Easter is a 50 day season in the Catholic Calender, that comes after Holy Week and starts on Easter Sunday. Easter is the day Christians celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

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It originates in Egypt. That is where Jesus rose again.

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The Easter Bunny originated in Germany. It was part of a tradition in the Alsace region, which is today part of France.

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Jesus was crosified on a Friday and then resirected on the third day. Friday, Saturday, Sunday. There for the resirection is celibrated on Easter Sunday.

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Easter originates from Old English, which is an ancient Germanic language. According to Old English poet Bede, the word Easter comes from Eastre or Eostre, the name of a Germanic goddess connected to springtime.

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There was no European countries when the Easter bunny began. The celebration of Easter comes from the pagan rites of spring. Easter eggs and bunnies represent rebirth and fertility after the death of winter. When the Catholic Church began to convert the pagan tribes they used the Easter rites and symbols for their purposes. It was easier than trying to change everything to just use what was all ready existed.

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For Jehovah's Witnesses, Easter is not important at all. Never has been; never will be. We just don't think that rabbits, bunnies, and colored eggs, have anything to do with Christ Jesus.In fact it is known that the customs of Easter, originate with ancient pagan peoples; and does NOT originate from Jehovah God, nor his holy word The Bible.Other religions will have to answer for themselves why Easter is important to them.Roman Catholic Answertaken from Catholic Dictionary by Fr. John Hardon, S.J.: Easter. The day commemorating Christ's Resurrection from the dead. It is the greatest of all Christian festivals, having the central place in the liturgical year. It is the Christian feast linked with the Jewish Pasch. The exultant Alleluia is constantly repeated in the Mass and Divine Office, the Vidi Aquamreplaces the Asperges and the Regina Coeli the Angelus. The Easter season continues [fifty days] from Easter Sunday to Trinity Sunday inclusive.

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Easter is celebrated by Christians.Easter is celebrated by Christians.Easter is celebrated by Christians.Easter is celebrated by Christians.Easter is celebrated by Christians.Easter is celebrated by Christians.Easter is celebrated by Christians.Easter is celebrated by Christians.Easter is celebrated by Christians.Easter is celebrated by Christians.Easter is celebrated by Christians.

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The Zoroastrians of Persia were the first known people to decorate eggs. They painted eggs for Nowrooz, a New Year Celebration that occurred in Spring.

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its the bunny of easter