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French Canadians came up with french toast and named it after themselves.


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French Toast was made by Romans in Italy!!! And it's called French Toast!!!

French toast is 'du pain perdu' in French.

By a frenchmen named loucky toasut

Yes, French toast is a traditional French food, but the simplicity of the recipe helped it spread and become popular elsewhere. The first written mention of French toast, under its French name, "pain perdu" ("lost bread") is from a French recipe book of the 1300s. In the 1400s a mention of it is found in an English recipe book, but still under the French name.

Yes French toast is fried.

yes the french canadians made french toast

We call it French Toast or Eggy Bread or Gypsy Toast

French toast is a English-speaking name for a recipe. It is known as "pain perdu" (literally: lost bread) in France. As a simple and inexpensive recipe, French toast was probably common in all European countries. It is cited in a French recipe book of the 1300s, and a century later in an English book, but still under the original French name.

Technically yes but the term "french Toast" was developed in America French toast is no more French, than fortune cookies are Chinese. The recipe dates back to medieval times. The English might have learned it from the French, and called it "french toast", but in France the name is "Pain perdu" (lost bread). Originally it was a dish made by poor people, to eat the stale bread.

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two pieces of french toast with egg and sausage in the middle and there's french toast sandwich

who started calling it French toast? Not the French. I think either the Brits or Americans came up with the name because they were using French-style bread. *To answer the question i will say that i is believed that what we call' French toast' in America is believed to date back to medieval times.

comment épeler toast en français that is how you say how to spell toast in french

there is cinnimon in a french toast bagel

French toast was not invented in France. In fact, French toast was around long before France even existed as a country.

french toast is not typically french .but the french bread called banquette was often served in such a manner.soon many people followed this recipe with all other popular breads available in their region.this is how it got its name

A delicious calculator french toast sandwich

maybe u r thinking french toast

French Toast Crunch was created in 1995.

French toast actually did originate in France, the French peasants used leftover baguettes to make it. Of course, it's been Americanized, so the French toast you're used to probably isn't the same as the original French toast.

they are given those names because the owner is french and he likes that name.

French toast, french fries, french dressing, and french animals and people! "French" fries actually came from belguim

A recipe for banana French toast includes making your French toast as usual and then making a brown sugar and banana sauce.

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