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Where did Gerald of Wales go?


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All around wales searching for people who wanted to go and fight in the Middle East for the crusades


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Gerald of Wales died in 1223.

Gerald did his journey through wales to recruit soldiers for the third crusade, he was requested to do so by the King.

Gerald of Wales was a Welsh scholar who lived in the 12th Century.

Gerald Hamer was born on November 16, 1886, in South Wales, UK.

Ara Gerald was born on March 9, 1893, in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

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Because he is one of our main sources on Welsh life during the Early Middle Ages. In 1188 Gerald toured the country in order to drum up support for the Third Crusade. He wrote a book in Latin about his Journey, where in he described the geography, culture and people of the land. Later on Gerald wrote another book about the country and its people. This book came to be called 'The Description of Wales' and it tells us a lot about everyday life in Medieval Wales; from how people brushed their teeth, to how they dressed, to their eating habits and sleeping arrangements. It is probably the best source on Welsh life for the entire Medieval period, although it isn't a hundred percent reliable. These two books - 'The Journey Through Wales' and 'The Description of Wales' mark Gerald out as an important source for learning about early medieval Wales.

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