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Hitler's youth took place in Austria.

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Did girls in Hitler Youth allowed to take the same course as the boys?

Hitler Youth was only for boys. BDM was for girls.

How long did Hitler Youth last?

Hitler Youth fell when Hitler fell.

When did the Hitler youth begin?

The Hitler Youth started in 1922.

What is the motto of Hitler Youth?

The motto of Hitler Youth is 'Blood and Honor'.

What are facts about Hitler Youth?

Some facts on Hitler youth: balder von shirach was the overseer of the Hitler youth movement - In 1936 the total number of boys and girls in the Hitler youth was 4 million

Why was Hitler youth created?

The Hitler Youth was created because Hitler belived and said that "if you control the young you control the future" and to control the young he created the Hitler Youth.

What were the greatest complaints against Hitler youth?

There were a few things the Hitler youth did. The one thing that that Hitler youth did was go against their parents.

Who is the protagonist in the book Hitler Youth by susan campbell bartoletti?

There was no protagonist. Hitler Youth profiled multiple former-members of the Hitler Youth.

How old was the Hitler youth?

Hitler youth must beteween 13 to 19

When was Hitler Youth Quex created?

Hitler Youth Quex was created in 1933.

What were the responsibilities given to the kids in Hitler Youth?

they had to take out the garbage every day

What do children do in the Hitler youth?

Hitler stuff

What did Adolph Hitler expect of the Adolph Hitler Youth?

Hitler created the Hitler Youth in order to indoctrinate the youth of Germany into believeing Nazi Ideals like Jewish people are bad. It is easy to get young children to believe anything if you tell them the same thing over and over again, that is why he created the Hitler Youth. Hitler expected that from his Hitler Youth the children would grow up with his ideals and therefore not rebel against him. He also was training the young boys in the Hitler youth for the military.

How old were the children in Hitler youth?

The children that were in "The Hitler Youth" program were from ages 13-18

What actors and actresses appeared in The Hitler Youth - 1999?

The cast of The Hitler Youth - 1999 includes: Adolf Hitler as himself

What was the lasting effect of Hitler's youth?

do you mean "Hitler Youth" or when Hitler was young, please be more specific

What age did a German boy required to join the Hitler youth?

By the age of 10, little boys joined Hitler Youth or Hitler Jugend.

What place did Hitler take over?

Hitler took over lots of places the first place was Poland.

Was it Hitler that made youth go to school to learn about Hitler?

Hitler created what is known as the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) in which young people were taught about Nazi ideals etc. If this is what you meant then yes, it was Hitler.

Who were the youth of Hitler?

he has none

What was the the Hitler youth?

Hitler youth was a club. the boys were taught how to be good fighters and the girls were taught how to be good housewives

Where did the Election of Adolf Hitler take place?

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21 in Hitler youth?

Why did hitler try to conquer the world?

Did the Hitler Youth sing songs praising Hitler?


What did Hitler do to get boys to join Hitler youth?

he preusaded the with sex