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Q: Where did Jane c wright live?
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What is Jane C Wright birthday?

November 30

Who Is Jane C Wright?

She was an African American Doctor who worked with cancer

Who is Jane cooke wright?

Dr. Jane Cooke Wright was a cancer Doctor Who discovered chemotherapy.

Who is Dr. Jane cooke wright?

Dr. Jane Cooke Wright was a cancer doctor who discovered chemotherapy.

Where is the Smith College that Jane Cooke wright went to?

The Smith College Jane Cooke Wright graduated from is located in Northampton, Massachusetts.

What has the author John C Wright written?

John C. Wright has written: 'John C. Wright papers'

Who are the Wright brothers prarents?

Bob and jane

Is Jane c wright still living?

Yes she is please see the below web address

Who created Chemotherapy?

That would be Jane Cooke Wright.

When was C. S. Wright born?

C. S. Wright was born in 1887.

When did Lenoir C. Wright die?

Lenoir C. Wright died in 2003.

When was Lenoir C. Wright born?

Lenoir C. Wright was born in 1911.