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As a young child he lived in a Georgia, Gori

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Who was Joesph Stalin?

Joesph (Uncle Joe) Stalin: A mentally unstable and paranoid leader of the Soviet Union prior to and during WWII

Who orderd Trotsky's assassanation?

Joesph stalin

Important people in the Russian revolution?

Joesph stalin

How long did joesph Stalin lead?

until he died

What country did joesph Stalin represent?

Soviet Union

What joesph Stalin dads name?

your moms tit is larger

Joesph Stalin and Adolf Hitler were both?

Mass murderers.

When did Joesph Stalin gain control of the Soviet Union?

After the death of Lenin

Whom did Churchill blame for building the Iron Curtain?

Joesph Stalin

Who ruled russia during World War 2?

The great Joesph Stalin ^^

Who controlled Eastern Europe fllowing World War 2?

joesph Stalin

How did Joesph Stalin die?

high blood pressure was the main problem that killed him

Where did joesph Stalin get educated?

A Seminary (religous school) in Gori, Georgia (Europe).

When did Joesph Stalin give Hitler half of Poland?

1939 on the River Bug

Who lead the Soviet Union in the World War 2?

Joesph Stalin and the communist party.

What is the mountainous region that was the birthplace of Joesph Stalin?

Joseph Stalin was born in Georgia in the Caucusis a Mountain range between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

Which leaders were known as the big three?

Joesph Stalin, Winston Churchill, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Did joesph Stalin create the proletariat?

no... Proletariat is created from class disparity it existed at the time of the Tsar

Who was Hitler in Animal Farm?

nobody, this book is about the Russian revolution involving Joesph Stalin etc.

WHO WAS one of the first religious leaders to use radio to reach a mass audience?

Joesph D. Stalin

Why was joesph Stalin an important person during the cold war?

He was important because he was the leader of Soviet Russia

Where did joesph and Mary live after the marriage?


What are 5 crimes Joesph Stalin is known for?

Kidnapping, murder, and counterfeiting are some of the crimes Joseph Stalin is known for. Stalin also made labor camps and forced millions of people to work against their will. He was convicted of bank robbery and exiled.

Where did joesph live in what city was it in?

I could have helped u but u didn't write the last name of Joesph because there are many in the world

When was Live to be Stalin created?

Live to be Stalin was created on 1991-12-21.

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