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He didn't write it.

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Q: Where did John Adams write the Massachusetts state constitution?
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Which man influenced Massachusetts Revolutionary War politics by encouraging the colonies to withdraw from Great Britain and helped write the Massachusetts Constitution?

Samuel Adams

Massachusetts delegate who helped write the declaration of independence?

John Adams is the Massachusetts delegate who helped write the Declaration of Independence. Adams later became President of the United States.

Why did Massachusetts provide that a special convention write the state's constitution?

it wanted to avoid having it be written by the legislature

What was John Adams political background like before he became president?

John Adams was a Harvard educated lawyer and one of the founding fathers. He served in the Massachusetts legislature, helping to write the state constitution. He was active in the Continental Congress and signed the Declaration of Independence. He served as a diplomat to France and then to the Netherlands during the Revolutionary War. He helped write the US Constitution and was the first vice-president of the United States for eight years under Washington.

Why did the town of Concord object to having the legislature write a constitution for Massachusetts?

The town of Concord objected because they felt that the state legislature would be able to make changes to the Constitution rather easily. The Constitution was eventually drafted and accepted in 1783.

What state did they write the Constitution in?


What did John Adams write?

If you think that john Adams wrot the Monroe Doctrine your wrong and stupid James monroe did.Now why you would you think john Adams did when his last name is Adams so now how u feelin. let me guess pretty stupid (Edit: Actually, it was John Quincy Adams who wrote the Monroe Doctrine. Adams was Secretary of State at the time. It is only named the Monroe Doctrine because he was President. John Adams wrote much of the Massachusetts Constitution, and "Thoughts on Government." Much of his writings come in the form of personal letters.)

Why did Missourians write a constitution in 1820?

They needed a constitution to become a state.

What was unique about the constitution drawn up by Massachusetts?

At that time Massachusetts was the colony that acted like a state. So, their constitution was set up a different way. Today the Massachusetts constitution is the oldest one. They have not came up with a new constitution since the first.

When did New Hampshire write its State Constitution?


What Continental Congress suggested that each state write a?

a constitution

Why did colonies write state constitutions beginning in 1776?

To Boston tea party