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He went to Dooley Elementary in Los Rios (Plano) and Armstrong Middle school with Beth Seymour(his girlfriend in 7th grade..possibly 8th)... Donna Gandara, Lisa Tubbs, Crissa Bearden, Amy Hoagland, Debbi Johnson, Steve Lewis, Kyle Jeffers... Ironically, the middle school is same as his name. He was bad at football, but the class clown.. All the way through Williams H.S. In Plano. He discovered track and cycling (obviously)
carpenter middle school

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Yeah he went to Armstrong Junior High. My dad happened to be good friends with him and has a yearbook Where they are right next to each other. Bauer and Armstrong

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Did Armstrong go to school at all?

Yes, Lance Armstrong went to high school at Plano East Senior High. He left the school to train with the Junior National Cycling Team. Lance Armstrong did not attend college.

Where did Lance Armstrong go to school?

Lance Armstrong attended Plano East Senior High School in Plano, Texas. He did not attend college because his professional career started soon after high school.

What middle school did neil armstrong go to?

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What High School did Lance Armstrong go to?

Plano East Sr. High

Did neil armstrong go to middle school?


When and why did Lance Armstrong go to College?

he didnt he just did high school and then became a pro triathlete

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Lance Armstrong was born in Plano, Texas on September 18, 1971. He attended Plano East Senior High. Armstrong has sons named Luke and Max, and a daughter named Olivia Marie.

Where did Lance Armstrong go to elementary school?

he origanlly went to Dallas Elementry school and had to move because of his parents splitting up so he then went to Plano Elementry school Texas and found it very hard ot fit in Plano being the Footy crazy twn and lance not knowing anything about football.

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