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Where did Latin originate?


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June 09, 2010 7:32PM

Latin came to be spoken originally in the province/country of Latium (modern Lazio), hence the name "Latin." It is one of several languages that belong to the Italic branch of the Indo-European family languages. The Italic languages include the now-defunct languages of Oscan, Umbrian, Volscian, Aequian, Latin, Falliscan--and of course the modern Romance languages that evolved from Latin (French, Provencal, Italian, Sicilian, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Ladino, Romansch, Romanian, etc.).

Proto-Italic is the name of the language that linguists have reconstructed from which Latin and its sibling languages descended. Italic was closely related to Celtic and a bit more distantly to Germanic.

Speakers of Proto-Italic split off from the main body of Indo-European speakers perhaps around 3000-2000 BC. It is thought that the Indo-Europeans lived in what is today Ukraine, and the people who migrated from there eventually settled in what is now

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