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Q: Where did Love Birds originate from?
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Where do humming birds originate from?


Where do myna birds originate from?

in asia

Where did Angry Birds originate?


Do fool birds live in Canada?

fool birds originate from Canada

What do birds love to do?

most birds love to fly

Is cabbage love birds food?

of course cabbage is love birds food, It has alot of protine and vitamians in it for love birds Therefore the answer is yes.

Why you call love birds only love birds?

lovebirds are called lovebirds because they are a symbol of love.

What causes love birds to die?

Love birds pine for a mate. They getlonely and need a buddy so you need to go get a love bird if one of your love birds is sick.

Where do Love Birds migrate to?

love birds miograte down south, if you know what i mean ;]

Which species do love birds belong to?

Love birds are small members of the parrot family.

Where did the idea of flight originate?

In the heads of anonymous people watching birds.

How much do love birds cost?

how much love birds are.6 love birds are usually $16.73 dollarsone love Bird is usually $5.23 dollars A pair of them usually cost $150.00.

Are love birds omnivores?

No. Love birds, like all other birds in the parrot family, are vegetarians (what is also known as herbivores).

What time of the day does love birds like to mate?

love birds mate in summer and spring

Do love birds get sick?


Do you have to have 2 love birds?


How did music originate?

Some people believe that birds were the first source of music

Where doe an earthquake originate?

they come from angry writting desks that are mocking birds

Are peach faced love birds endangered?

No they aren't. In fact, they are the most popular speces of love birds.

How do you say love birds in Tagalog?

Tagalog translation of LOVE BIRDS: mga ibong nag-iibigan

Do love birds lay eggs?

all birds lay eggs

How many calling birds did your true love give to you?

Your true love gave you four calling birds. How generous!

What are the release dates for Birds in Love - 1936?

Birds in Love - 1936 was released on: USA: 28 October 1936

Where did Parrots originate from?

Some believe birds originated from reptiles millions of years ago.

Where did bird flu originate?

China because of poorly treated birds and bad habitats