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Madame CJ Walker met her husband in Detroit, Michigan. However, her husband had passed away before her in the year of 1887.

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What does cj mean in madame cj walker?

Because her last husband Charles Joseph walker

What is Madame CJ Walker nickname?

walker or cj

How many siblings did madame CJ walker have?

madame cj walker had 6 siblings

What was madame cj walkers goals?

madame cj walker goals

What did cj in madame cj walker stand for?

cj stands for charles joseph walker

What is madame cj walker real name?

madame c.j. walker real name is Sarah Breedlove Mcwilliams Walker. she got her name from her second husband. that later died

When did Madame CJ Walker Die?

Madame cj walker died May 25th 1919 at age 51

What are skills of Madame CJ Walker characteristics?

Madame CJ Walker is a great -Inventor -Entrepreneur -Philanthropist -Businesswoman

How much money does madam c.j walker make than Oprah?

how much money did madame cj walker make? how much money did madame cj walker make? how much money did madame cj walker make?

Did Madame CJ Walker go to college?

No, Madame CJ Walker didn't go to school, she was taught by a woman from her church.

What time period did madame cj walker live in?

what time and period did madame cj walker live

Was Madame CJ Walker married?

Madame CJ Walker was married at the age of 14 to Moses McWilliams. She was remarried in 1906 to Charles Joseph Walker.

When was madame cj walker married?

when did madam cj walker married moses mcwilliams

How long was Madame Cj Walker alive?

Madame CJ Walker lived from December 23, 1867 - May 25, 1919.

How many kids did madame cj walker have?

madame C.J. walker had 1 child a'lelia walker

Madame CJ Walker invention patent?

What did Walker invent?

What is madame cj walker daughter name?

aliea walker

How Did Madame CJ Walker Die?

Madame C.J Walker die from hypertension and failure of the kidney.

When did madame cj walker join NAACP?

Madame Walker joined the NAACP in the 1940's

How many husbands does Madame C.J. Walker have?

Madame cj walker had 3 husbands 1 st husband Moses McWilliams, 2nd John Davis and 3 rd Charles Joseph Walker..

Who created shampoo?

Madame CJ Walker

Did madame cj walker have kids?


Why was madame cj walker interesting?

because she is.

When did madam cj walker become a millionaire?

Madame cj walker became a millionaire in 1922 i think

What is the name of madame CJ walkers company?

madame c.j walker companies

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