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Gypsies, mentally impaired, communists, transexuals, homosexuals, Jews, etc--they all went to the death camps. (They all had to wear different symbols: the yellow star for Jews, a pink triangle for Gay, etc)

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What other groups did the Nazis prescute?

Besides the Jews, the Nazis also persecuted gypsies, homosexuals, Soviets and the mentally disabled.

What other groups did the Nazis persecute?

Jews ,homosexuals , gypsies ,tramps and beggars ,Eastern Europeans ,mentally and physically disabled .

What groups did the Nazis single out for examination?


What other groups were targeted by the Nazis for extermination?


What other groups of people did the Nazis persecute besides the Jews?

-Jehovah's Witnesses-Gays and lesbians-People with disabilities-GypsiesHomosexuals, gypsies, mentally and physically disabled, tramps and beggars, and political opponents.

Did the Nazis kill mentally retarded?

Yes they killed the mentally retarded and handicapped along with gypsies, homosexuals, and of course the Jews.

What groups did the Nazis call subhuman?

The Jews, Gypsies and people with deformities.

What other groups of people besides the Jews were persecuted by the Nazis?

Some other persecuted groups include: Slavs, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Physically & Mentally Handicapped Perople, Catholic Leaders, and Political Opponents.people

What are three groups persecuted by the Nazis?

Jews, Gypsies and Cripples/ people with disablilities

Who are Holocaust prisoners?

During the Holocaust, the Nazis targeted seven major groups: Jews, Romas (gypsies), homosexuals, Slavs, mentally and physically handicapped, Jehovah's Witnesses, and Soviet Prisoners of war.

What other groups did the Nazis come for before and during ww2?

Although the Jews were the largest group targeted by Nazis, they also victimised Poles and other Slavic races, gypsies, negroes, homosexuals, the mentally retarded and religious dissidents such as Jehovahs Winesses

Who are some of the people who died during the Holocaust?

Jews, homosexualls, gypsies, mentally handicapped, and other "enemies" of the Nazis

What were 3 other groups of non Jews murdered by the Nazis?

Gypsies,blacks and homosexuals

Which groups were chosen for extermination by the Nazis on the racial grounds?

The Nazis were interested in exterminating groups that they felt were inferior. Jews, disabled people, Slavic people, and gypsies were the groups that were exterminated on racial grounds.

What groups did Nazis deem unfit to belong to the Sryan master race?

The gypsies, freemasons, and jehovahs

What groups were the Nazis against?

The Nazis were against many groups includingPeople of Jewish Faith and originHomosexualsPeople whose beliefs were on the far left of the political spectrum (i.e. a communist)PolesSlavsRussiansRoma ('Gypsies')Mentally ill or DisabledPermanently physically disabledFreemasonsJehovah's Witness

What did the Nazis consider subhumans?

Jews, black people, the mentally disabled, gypsies, or anyone who did'nt fit the mythical "ayrian" stereotype.

What did the Nazis use propaganda for?

the Nazis used propaganda to persuade people to support them/join their army against all Jews, gypsies, homo-sexuals, and the mentally and physically challenged people.

Who did Adolf Hitler and the Nazis persecute?

Non-"aryans":jewsblacksgypsiesmentally illslavic peoplechristianscommunistsetc.

What were 3 major groups persecuted by the Nazi s?

Jews, Gypsies and Homosexuals. Although Slavs died in the largest numbers during the war. The Nazis also killed many physically and mentally handicapped people but not to the same degree.

What are all the groups that were targeted by the Nazis?

Jews, Roma (Gypsies), Second-day Adventists, Homosexuals, residents of institutions for the mentally ill. By far the largest group was the Jews, but in terms of the proportion of the population executed, the Roma suffered as much.

List 8 groups besides Jews that the Nazis wanted to eliminate?

The Nazis wanted to eliminate anyone who did not fit into their vision of a perfect society, (this is different from those who they wanted to kill) these included: 1. some Roma (gypsies), and many other tribes of gypsies. 2. habitual criminals. 3. communists. 4. the mentally handicapped. 5. homosexuals. 6. Jehovah's Witnesses, and other religious groups/leaders who did not support the state. 7. trades unionists. 8. members of opposition/resistance groups.

What groups did the Nazis single out for extermination?

The only groups singled out for extermination rather than enslavement were the Jews and the Romanies ('gypsies'). Please see related question.

Which group of people were never subjected to genocide Jews Nazis Slaves Gypsies or Chinese?

the Gypsies escaped the wrath of the Nazis No, they didn't.

What were not subjected to genocide Jews Nazis slaves Gypsies or the Chinese?

The Nazis