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Ned Kelly write the letters to the police because he thought it would stop the madness and to try free his mum of of the police sells.

Ned Kelly started bushranaging because he wanted free rights for landowners, yes he did rob banks yes he did still stuff and yes he did kill police offence's but Ned Kelly was a nice man he put people in hostages but he looked after them.

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Who did Ned Kelly write the The Jerilderie Letter to?

to the police

Did Ned Kelly write a diary?

yes he did write a letter and it was mostly about his hometown

How many children did ned kelly have?

Ned Kelly had no children.

What is the full name of ned kelly?

Edward "Ned" Kelly

Why was Ned Kelly a hero?

Ned Kelly was not a hero. He was a bushranger and a murderer.

Was ned kelly caught?

Yes, Ned Kelly was caught, and hung.

Why did Ned Kelly challenge authorities?

why did Ned Kelly challenge authorities

What are some famous quotes by ned kelly?

quotes about ned kelly

Did Ned Kelly have a sword?

no ned kelly didn't have a sword he had a gun

How did Ned Kelly get his name?

His name was Edward Kelly, his nickname was Ned.

Does Ned Kelly have anythings named after him?

No. Ned Kelly does not have anything named after him.

Who was in Ned kelly gang?

Ned Kelly, Dan Kelly, Joseph Byrne and Steve Hart.

What is Ned Kellys full name?

Ned kelly full name is: Edward Kelly!

Was Ned Kelly born in Wallan?

No. Ned Kelly was born in Beveridge, Victoria.

Who did Ned Kelly live with?

Ned Kelly lived with his mother, his sister and his brother

How did ned kelly die?

Australian bushranger Ned Kelly died by hanging.

Did Ned Kelly go school?

diid ned kelly go to school?

Why was Ned Kelly wanted?

ned kelly was wanted for his many numbered crimes

Did Ned Kelly have a wife?

There are no records to indicate that Ned Kelly ever married.

In what town was Ned Kelly captured?

Ned Kelly was captured in the town of Glenrowan.

When did Ned Kelly born and what year?

Ned Kelly was born June 1855.

How old was Ned Kelly when he was transported?

Ned Kelly was not transported. He was born in Australia.

When was Ned Kelly Awards created?

Ned Kelly Awards was created in 1996.

Was ned kelly an australian bushranger?

Yes. Ned Kelly was a famous bushranger.

Where did Ned Kelly get imprisoned?

After his arrest, Ned Kelly was interred in Melbourne Gaol.