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in the shell oil company

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Q: Where did Roald Dahl work after he left school?
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What company did Roald Dahl work for immediately after he left school?

After Roald Dahl graduated and left school, he took a job with the Shell Oil Company in Tanzania, Africa, where he remained until 1939.

What were Roald Dahl's goals?

Some goals Roald Dahl had were to work in different countries.

What was Roald Dahl's las book he wrote?

Roald Dahl's last published work was Roald Dahl: Collected Stories - circa 2006

What was Roald Dahl's favourite fruit?

It is not known what Roald Dahl's favorite fruit is. Roald Dahl is a writer and his most known work is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Where did Roald Dahl work?

In 1934, Roald Dahl started working at Shell Oil Company. He worked there until 1938.

What is the summary of the story two voices by Roald Dahl?

Roald Dahl never released a work titled "Two Voices."

Why did Quinten Blake work for Roald Dahl?


How old was Roald Dahl when he become an author?

Roald Dahl's first published work, at the age of 25, in the 1 August 1942 issue of The Saturday Evening Post, was "Shot Down Over Libya".Roald Dahl's first book was published in 1943, when Roald was 26 years old.

What is Roald Dahls family tree?

at the age of 18 Roald dahl went to work at a shell compony in AfricaDaisy33

Did Roald Dahl Illustrate any books?

quentian Blake did all the work

Where did Roahl Dahl go to college?

Roald Dahl didn't go to college or an university. Instead he went to work for Shell.

Did Walt Disney have any favorite among his figures?

I'm not quite sure what you mean, but if you mean who he made, then i don't know. But if you mean people he based some of his ideas on then, Walt Disney and Roald Dahl, where good friends and roald dahl worked with Disney for a while. But dahl wanted to make his own work so he left.

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