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I was told this was from the Creek Indians rising up. I am trying to find this trivia question answer.

Was a reference to the Creek Indians ever found?

Colonel Benjamin Hawkins, (b 1754 - d 1816) is credited with the phrase, correctly written as 'God willing and the Creek don't rise'. He wrote it in response to a request from President Washington to return to our Nation's Capital and the reference is to The Creek Indian Nation. If the Creek "rose", Hawkins would have to be present to quell the rebellion. The phrase might be preserved in his writings.

Look into more if you like.

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I am surprised at that answer. I was told a different story by my father who started life on an Idaho potato farm by Irish potato farmers. He thought it came from Irish potato farmers back of the 1700s and mid 1800's during the famines from flooding of the potato crops that produced crop rot. He was pretty sure that the "creek" in this phrase referred to the small river-lets that often ran by the farms in both Ireland and in Idaho did not over flow over their banks and flood the fields either washing away the plant-lings or causing crop rot. Idaho had some bad floods when he was a kid in the 1920s and 30s. hawcman
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Q: Where did The Lord willing and the creeks don't rise come from?
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