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The first jail he ever went to was in Cook County Jail, 3015 S California Ave, Chicago, IL 60608.

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Why did al Capone go to prison?

tax evasion

Did Al Capone go to Alcatraz prison?


Why did Al Capone go to prison for?

Believe it or not - TAX EVASION.

Why did Al Capone go to Atlanta prison?

tax evasion

Did the ghost adventures team go to Alcatraz?

nope not yet, but they did go to a prison where Al Capone was reported to haunt, although Al Capone is also thought to haunt Alcatraz.

When did Al Capone go to jail?

Alphose Capone was sentenced to 7 years in Alcatraz Prison for Tax Evasion in 1935.

What year did Al Capone go to Prison for Tax Evasion?

he went to jail for tax evasion in the year 1931

What jail did al Capone go to?


Which school did al Capone go to?

Al Capone went to Union Catholic Search FamousPeople.Com and It has all the Information you'll need

What nicknames did Al Capone go by?

Al Capone went by Scarface, Snorky, The Big Fella, King Alphonse, Public Enemy No. 1, and Big Al.

Why did al Capone go to Alcatraz?

for killing people

Did Al Capone go to school?

Yes, yes he did.

Can a person go to jail for not paying taxes?

Al Capone did.

Did al Capone go to hell?

Yes he did he murderd alot of people

Where can you read Al Capone does my shirts?

You can go to your local library and find it there or go to Barnes and Nobles!

What year did al Capone go to Alcatraz?

he went to alcatraz in the year 1931

Where did Al Capone go to school?

Union Catholic

When did al Capone go to prison?

Al Capone was indicted in 1931 for income tax evasion and violations of the Volstead Act. The violations of the Volstead Act were later dropped but he was sent, nevertheless, to Atlanta U.S. Penitentiary in May of 1932 and was later on sent to Lincoln Heights Jail temporarily before being sent to Alcatraz for the remainder of his sentence.

What nicknames did Don Arden go by?

Don Arden went by The Al Capone of pop.

How many times did Al Capone go to jail?

One time but there were two sentences one after the other. Capone was convicted of tax evasion and sentenced to federal prison; he was later released on parole. His jail time included time at the then-new Alcatraz federal prison. In the final years he suffered mental and physical deterioration due to late-stage neurosyphilis, which he had contracted in his youth.

What school does Moose and Piper go to in Al Capone Does My Shirts?

In marina school (Pg.40)

What nicknames does Fred Phelps go by?

Fred Phelps goes by The Al Capone of Christianity, and Freddy.

When did al Capone become mayor of Chicago?

he never was. he made someone go up for election that then turned around and said that he was going to drive al out of town capone then promply pushed him down the steps of the town hall

What nicknames does Johnny Fratto go by?

Johnny Fratto goes by The Orange Al Capone, and Johnny Fraudo.

Did Al Capone go to Alcatxaz?

Yes, he did go to Alcatraz. He was sentenced 7 or 11 years but died before his years finished. :)

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