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Q: Where did cake flour originat from?
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Can I use plain flour instead of cake flour for my angel food cake?

You can use plain flour instead of cake flour for angel food cake.

Where does cake flour come from?

cake flour is another flour greatly sifted

What is the difference between plain flour and cake flour and how does affect your cake?

well, plain flour will stop your cake from rising and cake flour might make it rise.

Functions and Characteristic of cake flour?

Characteristic of cake flour

Can you use pastry flour for cake flour?

yes pastry flour can be baked with cake flour its all flour isn't .

What is half of 1.5 lbs of cake flour?

That is 0.75 pounds of cake flourThat is 0.75 pounds of cake flour

Can you add to flour to make cake flour?

Add corn flour to plain flour to make cake flour. Abt 20%

What is the difference in cake flour and cake mix?

what is cake flour because i havent heard of it or seen it

Is cake flour the same as plain flour?

No, it's not. Cake flour has less gluten in it so that cake is more tender, not as chewy.

Can you mix cake flour with cake mix?

well the cake mix might have flour with it so i think you don't need to add cake flour. Kitten ^.^

Can chocolate chip cookies be made with cake flour?

NO. It specifically says CAKE FLOUR, and NOT cake flour, but you can use it for chocolate chip cookies also flour <3.

Can you substitute plain flour for cake flour?

Yes. To substitute plain flour for cake flour, use 1 Tablespoon LESS all-purpose flour in each cup of cake flour called for in the recipe.

Do you have a recipe for Carrot Cake made with cake flour?

You can substitute cake flour for all purpose flour in any carrot cake recipe, but a carrot cake is so heavy just because of the carrots, cake flour won't give you any advantages.

Can you mix cake flour and all purpose flour running low on cake flour?

Yes you can! I tried doing it on a cake and it turn out great. :)

Is cake flour all purpose flour?

No, cake flour does not have as much gluten in it which makes it more tender.

Can you use regular flour instead of cake flour to make a cake?


What function does flour have in a cake?

The main function of flour in a cake is to provide structure.

Does ice cream cake have flour in it?

of course no its ice cream not flour cake

Does cake rise with flour?

yes without flour the cake wont rise.

Can you substitute enriched flour for all purpose flour in cake?

yes enriched flour can be substituted for all purpose flour in a cake

Is swan down cake flour the same as soft as silk cake flour?

Yes, all cake flour is the same. They are just different brands.

Can you substitute cake flour for semolina flour?


Is cake flour the same as self rising flour?

No, cake flour is different from self rising flour. Cake flour is ground finer than all purpose flour and gives a silkier more desirable finished product.

Do you have to use cake flour in angel food cake?

No, you don't have to, but if you want it lighter you should use cake flour.

Is cake flour different from regular flour?

to make a cake you generally use self raising flour. if you wanted to make your cake a bit healthier you could use wholemeal flour.